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  1. Hmm, I don't think the class sims are kept anywhere but e-mail. I can forward them if you like. Oh.. I'd like to read your progress so far, could you send it to: gor.udgutta@yahoo.com? Thanx! And Admiral Wolf, thank you too. Now I'm a little bit less lost.
  2. I really need to brush up my navigation skills... @Marks: Where can I read how your class is going? I'm sure I've read the stories that took place on the Vigilant a couple days ago, but it seems I can't return to those 'simmings'. (Is that the correct way of using the word?) My class will start at academy1 this Monday, right? What's the difference between those academies? Oh, and could someone give me the directions to the topic where I should ask those kind of questions? Ty.
  3. Hi! I'm Jasper form the Netherlands. I was googling for a startrek RPG and ended up at this site. I've got high expectations, I just hope you come up to them, but what I've seen and read so far.. it's fascinating! I'd like to play Gor ud Gutta, a grumpy Tellarite engineer. I hope he can engage on one of those amazing ships of yours. Oh, I'm a student and a mailman. And my main goal is to improve my English by writing and reading here. And having a good time. I'm glad you are willing to share the star trek experience with me.
  4. ((Docking Bay)) The last part of the journey had been quite pleasant, but maybe Gors fellow passenger had another opinion about it. The Andorian medic turned quiet at the end of their conversation, which actually was a dispute about the location of StarBase 118. The Andorian had noticed that the location of the starbase was well chosen and although Gor actually agreed with it, he started pointing out how unstable this region was and how dangerous it was to be stationed here. As any Tellarite, Gor liked a good argument. Gor grabbed his bag once the shuttle craft landed, greeted the Andorian friendly as if they haven't been arguing the last hour and he took his own road. Because his arrival was early, he could spend a couple hours exploring the starbase. He had checked the schematics before, so he knew there were 2765 decks and although he were a stranger on this starbase, he went resolutely to the turbolifts. The Tellarite was smaller than most starfleet personal, so he never really liked crowds. His bag was more than half his own size and filled with his personal stuff, mainly electronics, but he carried it like it weren't heavy at all. Gor liked sports like velocity and Parisses squares, however he didn't played the last one anymore. He was almost thirty, time to slow down and play some less dangerous sport. But he tried to retain his current state of body. His destination were the holodekcs, a thousand meter trip with the turbolifts with their average speed... Gor calculated it would take him six minutes to get there. The doors of the turbolift closed and the man was on his way to his fifth year and his final tests.
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