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  1. It's Saturday... trying to study French so I can add my sixth language to my language titles....blah! c:

  2. *Sahara walks in she being fascinated by her new life looks around, her inner-child instinct somewhat emerging from inside and she shimmers a bright smile of excitement. She sets her backpack, lacrosse stick, and vera-bradley duffel bag down and speaks aloud to herself.* "Wow, so this is my new adulthood?! This is just an amazing lifestyle, I won't be able to do all I want in a couple of hours! Oh I'm just thankful that I'll have like a lifetime to explore this place." *She then blinks and composes herself.* *Sahara being fresh from under Captain Kirk's wings then gathers her luggage and begins to walk. Her lacrosse stick in one hand, her duffel bag on a shoulder, and her backpack being supported by both shoulders. She wonders, keeping to herself, and she comes across the small desk with the cabin assignments. She opens the unsupervised 5" binder and finds her name.* "Higarashi, Sahara...Cabin 137...." *Sahara then looks up towards the long halls and then speaks aloud to herself once more. "Okay, so it shouldn't be that hard....maybe..." *Her hazel(green-gold and blue mixed) eyes grow only wider and she walks down the hallway with the sign of "Cabins 100-200" on the right side of the wall. She finally finds her cabin after what seems to be hours, but are only minutes of looking, and she then enters, putting her things neatly away.* *After her things are neat, she grabs the cabin key and leaves to go scavenging for a place to snack at. She wonders through the main area in search for a place that could catch her eye. The place that did catch her eye was a cute little lunch place with a salad and pasta bar. She smiles walking towards it. When she walks up into the line, she stands behind a young man, Cadet Landon Briggs. This cadet has a dark, sandy blonde, almost full brunette hair color/texture, and beautiful blue eyes. His smile is a white pearly smile, and he turns towards Sahara and speaks.* "Are you new too?" *Sahara nods confused but she speaks anyways.* "Yes, what about you? Any rank?" *Landon chuckles* "Calm down, I am new as well. But I must hurry, you know the briefing thing...Good luck, and talk soon." *The cadet gathers his food, and then journeys off into the crowd of people and it was then Sahara turns back towards the sales counter to pay for her tray of plain noodles with the topping option of powdered Parmesan cheese, and a side cup of butter along with a water to drink. She pays the cashier and then gathers her food, returning to her cabin to eat in peace.* *Later that evening, Sahara prepares herself for the reporting to the holodeck for the briefing. She stands in front of her mirror curling her hair and she applies natural, earth toned make up. She smiles once more and once she is fully ready, she leaves her cabin heading for the briefing.* ~ Cadet Sahara E. Higarashi
  3. Hey Y'all I'm Hadley-Grace, I prefer to be called Haddi... I live in two areas, My mom's in Los. Angeles California, and my dad's in Charleston, SC... I found this group through google.com I'm an activist, I sing and act... My character is Sahara Emilee Higarashi Thanks for letting me join!
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