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Sahara: Arabic origin, meaning/significance; Desert...

Sahara Emilee Higarashi was birthed on May 5th, 2251, at 5:50 A.M to parents; Security Officer;Jackson Carmen and Ambassador;Faseni Higarashi. But this was the one day aside from present day that Jackson missed of his daughter's life, he being stuck in his ship helping his sister-in-law with the engines when the news came about... "Ambassador Higarashi is about to give birth to her baby girl...". That was when Jackson hauled off to his wife's location, where he first met his and his wife's first and only born child; Sahara Emilee Higarashi. Sahara having the memory she owns, remembers the exact words her father spoke aloud to her, "My desert flower, I welcome you to our world...". It was this day the strongest family bond had started, and it will last for eternity.

As Sahara grew, she had learned that her favorite baby food-dish was the mushed bananas, and that the family dog would always pick her infantself up with the use of the mouth as if she was the family dog's own puppy. She also had learned that no matter what, her mother's heartbeat would be the key to making her infant and future self easily calm from frustration and sadness.

By the time Sahara started crawling, her parents were more than ecstatically proud of her, and that she knew inside her parents didn't want her to grow up. At 9 months sahara was an infant who was nearly running, but she wasn't a talker. At first her parents grew concern, but in reality, Sahara wasn't ready to yet speak... After specialists, her parents finally discovered through an exam that their miracle baby had been born with vocal chords that were not fully developed, making Sahara an even bigger gift of life. It took time, but Sahara at the age of 16 months finally spoke her first word, the one word that makes all mothers drool and squeal, "Mama." It was then at 16 months, Sahara became a talker of just her own little babbles and mammas and dadas.

By Sahara's second birthday, Sahara had picked up on the skills of running, talking, and getting her way. At night, sahara slept through the nights, and she was a gentle toddler. Sahara didn't want trouble, and she was the kind hearted child. Though she did some unacceptable acts, she knew how to treat others, and how to show manners and respect early on.

By the age of three, Sahara was enrolled in daycare, for both parents were working parents wanting to make ends meet. Though Faseni didn't want her daughter to grow up fast, the daycare admin had enrolled Sahara into a preschooling class, where Sahara breezed through with confusion and mix ups. Though she learned her colors and letters faster than the other children of the class, Sahara struggled with her colors and letters...mixing the color blue up with purple, and the color red up with orange. She also confused the letters M and W up, and couldn't tell her D's and B's apart. Though no one thought of these signs, Sahara went on to a higher rank of preschool, later that year being pulled for her knowledge she caught onto from her parents.

By five, Sahara started to attend actual school, dropping from daycare Sahara attended half days at the local kindergarten center, learning that she could sing and play piano,leading to her parents enrolling her in piano. The young child playing simple pieces such as Christmas tunes and other favorites of childhoods, impressed her mother and aunt with what she could at the least always attempt.

By the time Sahara was seven years old, she was the youngest of the second grade, and she was one who was struggling. She refused to touch her books, let alone her homework, and she showed no interest into trying. Her father asking why her work would appear too hard, for the stories were the favorited classic of 'Junie B. Jones' containing simple sentences and terms. Faseni started to recognize the struggle in her daughter as well, and decided a physical exam with the family doctor was ideal. In the result of the appointment, mother Faseni had received the news of her daughter showing signs of dyslexia; a common yet unwanted mind confusion that mixes anything the eyes see that the brain must translate into something else. Taking time, Faseni and Jackson worked hard to help keep the positive in their daughter, for they knew it would be a frustration for all.

By the time Sahara turned nine, Jackson was departed to the Battle of Vulcan. Little did the girls know, it was to be the last time they were to ever see Jackson, beloved spouse and father, safely alive.

In today's world, Sahara is newly eighteen, and is working on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) as a cadet. She has a boyfriend, and she still visits her father's grave, but she isn't into everything. She isn't one who makes friends, or play sports. She never was one who would attend school forever, for she was later on by the fifth grade home schooled. Sahara is a horse girl, and a mommy's girl, and she sees the positive in life. Sahara is happy for being herself, and she can't wait for her future steps.

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