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  1. It's Saturday... trying to study French so I can add my sixth language to my language titles....blah! c:

  2. *Sahara walks in she being fascinated by her new life looks around, her inner-child instinct somewhat emerging from inside and she shimmers a bright smile of excitement. She sets her backpack, lacrosse stick, and vera-bradley duffel bag down and speaks aloud to herself.* "Wow, so this is my new adulthood?! This is just an amazing lifestyle, I won't be able to do all I want in a couple of hours! Oh I'm just thankful that I'll have like a lifetime to explore this place." *She then blinks and composes herself.* *Sahara being fresh from under Captain Kirk's wings then gathers her luggage and b
  3. Hey Y'all I'm Hadley-Grace, I prefer to be called Haddi... I live in two areas, My mom's in Los. Angeles California, and my dad's in Charleston, SC... I found this group through google.com I'm an activist, I sing and act... My character is Sahara Emilee Higarashi Thanks for letting me join!
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