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  1. Best in my opinion is that Scotty clip, but absolute second for me is ... (McCoy and Kirk in the bunk-beds on Rura Penthe) McCoy: "What IS it with you, anyway?"
  2. You got: Deanna Troi Really??? Shenanigans! I call shenanigans!
  3. I wonder if anyone has heard The Seatbelts or Steve Conte in holoconcert?

  4. Oh. My. God. My kitteh is CUTE! :D

  5. Hi! My name is Dana, a returning past player but it feels like my first day anyway. Leaving wasn't my choice, but I'm glad to see 118's thrived and that so many faces and names I remember are still here. About me, then. I'm 39, in the USA up in Northern Minnesota. Originally from St. Louis (miss me some toasted ravioli). Bit of a homemaker and have been fiending for collaberative writing of quality for a while. I've been part of two other groups that matched my experience here, from differing IPs, so I'm greatly looking forward to the coming days and hope that I can...at the very least...help to support that very quality. I've worked as a freelance journalist, endeavor to be one of the last people on Earth able to say "Let's step into the library" at my home and mean it, and generally hop about from subject matter to subject matter following the trail of stuff I don't already know (you can't know it all, but that doesn't keep you from trying). Of course, I also look forward to meeting/remeeting everyone and sharing the fun!
  6. Stepping from the airlock to the runabout, Eileen's mood was ever apparent on her features. To describe it as "happliy apprehensive"...would be accurate if not an understatement. Brushing her thick mop of dark auburn hair back from her eyes, she took in the arrival section around her. Uncertainty outlined by a sort of familiarity she'd not felt in a while. Her eyebrows crinkled a little as she glanced around, her duffle over her shoulder as if she'd been carrying it there for quite some time. Her left hand came up before her and she made a conscious effort to exhale deeply, her hand seeming to drive the motion of the act before intaking the next breath equally as purposefully. It felt familiar. Alive and bustling. She'd worried about that. Dodging a crewman making a beeline somewhere she nearly tripped over another kneeling over a broken down subsystem pulled from a bulkhead nearby. Smiling awkwardly at the crewman she'd nearly stumbled over, she managed an apology and turned thankful that the doorway out of the bay was merely steps away. Nearing the portal, she shifted her duffle to her left shoulder and in nervous affectation tugged at her collar with her now free index finger. She tugged a little, feeling like the material had been constricting...threatening to choke her in that moment. Smooth material met her finger where she still subconciously expected to feel a rank pip that'd given her such joy upon recieving. They told her not to worry about that..."So I just won't worry about it. Good luck with that, girl. What do I tell anyone that asks?" An new worry of late slipped out of her unconscious, tantalizing in it's anxiety. "No...no. No, I'm not doing that now. I'm gonna enjoy this, Eileen, so leave the baggage at the airlock." she chided herself. This was now. This was the promise of returning to where she should be. She'd had enough anxiety, at least about that so this was a new beginning. Looking around herself again, her features figuratively melted back to her habitual default expression of calm contentment. A smile crept up and found it's comfortable place therein. A paraphrase of an old Earth song started in the back of her mind, nearly threatening to make her want to vocalize it to the arrival officer heading the line she approached as her mood bouyed and her step lightened. "On the road again...just so glad I'm on the road again...the life I love is fixing starships with some friends...and I'm just glad to be on the road again." Well, maybe she'd hum a few bars. "Hmm Mmm Mmm MmMmmmm. MmmMmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm MmMmmm." The person ahead of her glanced back at the seemingly far too energetic woman with the kind of expression one would expect of a tired traveller at a port suddenly having the person behind them almost break into song before turning to meet the arrival officer. Eileen McCleran smile brightened like a reinforced shield. "At least I still don't need a bucket to carry a tune..."
  7. I'm partial to the present uniforms. Ever since I saw them debut in FC (fave movie btw) they just strike me.
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