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  1. Finn rubbed the undersides of his hands on the back of his freshly pressed uniform from a mixture of anxiety and excitement. He had made it through the, 'Yes Sir's,' and, 'No Sirs' accompanied by the stringent studies of what it took to be a StarFleet officer. God, he couldn't believe he was doing this. Finn flicked his tongue out across his lower and upper lips to moisten them feeling the scar that he had received in a small training incident that didn't heal quite right and caused him to look into the shiny metallic reflection of himself from a nearby shuttle. Staring back at him was a man he didn’t recognize, as his face had squared out a bit more, having matured, and he now had a strong jaw. Even his medium cut and lightly tousled dark blond hair seemed different as he gazed into his almond shaped, grey colored eyes. Determinedly seeking that semblance of his prior self that still remained under all the training that he had under gone to join the ranks of StarFleet... all of it, to impress and simultaneously gain the admiration and possible love of Nathaniel Thatcher. A great friend who inspired him to go with him and together left to join the Marines. God they were such great friends, he could only wonder if they would be stationed aboard the same vessel now as their transport pulled up in front of them and came to a halt, his peers clamored excitedly about him as they stepped into their ride and began filling the empty seats. However, the person he was, if he was still there, was being elusive. Truth be told, he didn’t opt in for the same courses, and instead applied himself towards Tactical and Operations leaving him with a toned and athletic physique and the boy that had entered the academy four years ago had vanished. “Murphy, Murphy,” bellowed a big voice from the crowd, “hey!” Suddenly a large hand landed on his right shoulder and turned him about from the foggy reflection of the person that stood behind him, “Hey man. Didn’t you hear us calling you?” It was Lowery, another cadet that he had become acquainted with during their training at the academy, “I was thinking.” Out from behind Lowery in the boisterous crowd stepped Wallin and Rice, “Come on or we will miss the best seats!” With a slight shrug of his shoulders, Finn dismissed their excitement, “Even so; you really want to sit in a pill box, packed shoulder to shoulder, waiting a few hours before heading out,” Finn quirked his right eyebrow for extra emphasis as he looked about one eighteen. “Besides, this could be the last time in a while that we have to relax.”
  2. Hello Everyone, My name is John and I currently live in Ohio for the time being. I happened to find your group through a google search and look forward to roleplaying with everyone. As for what kind of work I perform? For now I will just say it's customer service related and just leave it at that. I will be playing a Terran Cadet by the name of Finn Murphy and can't wait to get underway. I wish everyone a good day and happy roleplaying! John
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