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  1. You're certainly more than welcome. I've learnt several foreign languages in my time and I'd say that simming here would be a good way to practice and improve your English. Not only in terms of writing a sim each day but also with regards to the friends you make with whom you could chat on the forums or over instant messenger. If you're still a little unsure, remember you could pick an alien race for your character. Then your use of English could just add to the effect of the character's alien exoticism as a non-terran because they speak slightly differently. Good luck applying!
  2. I usually only get 1 pass in my classes and I've COed a good six or seven in my time. Maybe I'm too harsher examiner or just a rubbish CO... dunno In my defense...every single Cadet that did pass my class stayed in the UFoP at least two years and made it to LtCmdr or above
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