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  1. It had been meant to be a simple boarding exercise. The Captain and First Officer commanding the retired USS Waltz, the rest of the USS Persephone’s crew tasked to capture it within an hour. But then less than five minutes after they had transferred over the dilapidated ship exploded, it was only to be expected really, it had been chosen for target practice for a reason, taking Captain Yan Min and Lieutenant Commander Briar Olsworth with it. The crew gathered around the largest tree in the arboretum, grass gently rippling under their feet as two more names were added to the plaque by Second O
  2. A Free Lunch At the formal dinner for the 162nd annual conference of the Adam Liberens Alliance (ALA) Miss Alicia Clementine was trying not to yawn. It was one of the few times where the buyers and managers were forced to make small talk to their sponsors, their future sponsors, the bosses, their family, their boss and goodness knew who else. She smiled, thanked them for their compliments and internally loathed the complete fabrication of pleasantries over the stinking undercurrents. That was business for you though, saying one thing, thinking another and watching someone else entirely. Just
  3. I have a piece of my own I've finished, I will be re-reading and checking to send in before going back to revision though
  4. OOC: Each part of the story can be read alone, but if you want to read the other parts check out this. The Nature of a Lie... The screen jumped into life, the neatly trimmed face of an Admiral appearing on the screen in the dimly lit room. The shift in colours of the screen also changed the light sliding across smooth purple-tinted skin of those watching it, sinking into solid black eyes with only a few blinks from unfamiliarity. “Ambassadors, I regret to inform you that the USS Ascanius bearing your gifts has still not arrived.” “Still? The passage between our planets is long, but should not
  5. I kind of found out the topic for the challenge an hour ago and now mine's finished It's been a year OOC since Ensign Tia and her group crash landed on the planet, and now in the third instalment we reveal a hint of how they came to be there in the first place...
  6. The thing is that topics like this are actually impossible for me to write as I've seen virtually nothing canon, I don't know the effects or the plots and so in essence, I can't do this challenge. Not only that but I have exams. No entry from me this time.
  7. neither do I... they are really good and it's a hard theme
  8. Ah I see... I get bored so I read them as they come...
  9. Sacrificing one life to save millions. and the impressed bit was managing to get that into both of them and there was me thinking I'd be one of three entrants and so actually stand a chance of winning...
  10. you both managed to include the same phrase... I'm impressed, and they're good stories.
  11. I would offer, but i'm not going to be here either tomorrow well, not for a large chunk anyway.. but I'm sure very few of the active members here would refuse. (Thank you! )
  12. I like the assembly, and you even made me jump at the end, as my character's name is Cara Maria.... you can see why I jumped, is it her name or what he thinks of her?
  13. That I agree with, I don't actually mind the negative bits or the fact I haven't won a challenge because it means I actually get feedback (rare for me) and knowing that more than just one person had read and appreciated my stories, that's enough for me. So how's everyone's entries coming on?
  14. *long yawn* Are we going to keep beating this dead horse forever? Why do I get the feeling I'm missing something here...? (Probably doesn't help that I'm asleep but never mind.)
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