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  1. Yes, Security as a second, a second with reservations (in my app notes). Thank you for explaining. Sounds great. If there is a waiting list for intel, I would like to sign up.
  2. Hiya! I just graduated from the Academy, yay! According to my brand new roster profile, I am listed as "Security Officer", however I signed up in the Academy for Intel. Is this like a first stage, then Intel comes later after I get some more experience or? Anyway, curious musings. Appreciate some feedback help. Thanks.
  3. Jolan Tru and Live Long and Prosper! Cadet Mnheia here. Melissa, from California. Found the sb118 rpg site with google. Not much else to say, I play a Starfleet Romulan. My father got me into star trek when I was little. I like to think I add some mystery, class, and sex appeal to it (I think it already has both, just saying). I like to write. Used to play and write for a forum-based star wars rpg.
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