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  1. I've tried both. I prefer simming relationships with another player for the same reason RaWolf said. But the chemistry has to be right and it has to develop naturally without being forced. The draw back to this is RL will eventually take them away or they decide it's not for them. It does suck but it's fun while it lasts.
  2. And she thinks she doesn't know how to make friends...
  3. Don't worry T'Lea. I'll take care of him
  4. She would love it... Trust me...
  5. Is it ever really too soon for a bat'leth? Really? I laughed just a little too much when I read this.
  6. One of me is already more than the world can handle.
  7. I'd say you're right... has to be pre-TOS, tho it's not nearly as sleek as what was in Enterprise which is baffling where design is concerned.
  8. I love the name... but that ship... I'm sorry. That is the ugliest ship I've ever seen.
  9. Just saw it... I'm usually very critical of the Abrams timeline but I thought it was nicely done. There were a few silly moments but they were really added a bit of fun in my opinion. There was even a little plot behind all the action. I loved Jaylah... I have no idea what race she is but she was a very nice addition.
  10. It's official... it will be on Netflix in 188 countries excluding the US and Canada. In Canada it will be premier on CTV and then move to Space. In the US it will premier on CBS and then be exclusively on CBS All Access. Personally, I won't pay to watch it. http://www.startrek.com/article/international-broadcasters-set-for-new-star-trek-series
  11. Whatever medical equipment it takes to cure cancer.. all cancer.. like this:
  12. My heart, my soul, my light in the darkness. I will forever love and miss you.

  13. Don't know why I bothered posting it.
  14. Spock's death was the first time I shed tears for a character. Jadzia's just plain made me angry. Data's had the same impact as Spock's. All 3 were my favorite characters... Then there was T'Pol and Tucker's "baby"... ugh
  15. I believe Rune has been wanted dead or seriously injured by more people during this mission than any other time in her life.
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