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  1. A little crushed...

  2. Embracing change... or trying to.

  3. Does anyone else ever feel conflicted when switching primary characters? Like you're betraying them or something...

  4. “Hope will never be silent.” 
                      ― Harvey Milk

  5. It's all a downward spiral....

  6. Slow down, take a breath. Everything's going to be okay.

  7. So the universe or powers that be or whatever are working against me... 

  8. Thinking this one is a bust...

  9. Life is so fragile...

  10. What doesn't kill you, always comes back to try again.

  11. Well that was a mistake. 

  12. Are you meaning for your sig? Go to your signature settings. See both banners under the text box as available attached images to add? If you hover over the image you want to delete you should see the delete/trash can button on the right side of it.
  13. Depression, Bipolar, Borderline, Suicidal, PTSD, Anxiety... no matter what... You are not alone. #BellLetsTalk

  14. Today ranked right up there with some of the crappiest days ever.

  15. Just breathe and let it go.

  16. Alone in a crowd... spiraling down and no one even noticing.

  17. I'm going to miss having a great President with class, dignity, integrity and intelligence.

  18. Not feeling good about a lot of things... not really sure what to do.

  19. Silence is an answer that speaks volumes.

  20. Can't live your life on what ifs...

  21. ‪Rest in Peace Carrie Fisher. A fighter and true hero on so many levels. Now free among the stars. ‬

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