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  1. Quote

    :: She turned her light from the ceiling back to Saveron’s face, flashing it in his eyes a little bit on purpose.::

    T’Lea:  Are you certain?

    Tuk: [tag]

    Walker: So we are seeing things, and hearing things, that our equipment can’t detect.  And at the same time, we are cut off from the ship.  The question is..what changed?

    Jolara: ::looking back at T'Lea:: Is there anything your... equipment can detect that standard tricorders can not?

    :: She flashed the light in Jolara’s eyes, on purpose for that too.  She knew what Rune was hinting at.  Her cybernetic implants.  But they weren’t designed to analyze, they were designed to identify the target, aim, and kill it.::

    Someone's going to get their flashlight privileges revoked.... <_<

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  2. ((2373: The Dominion War))

    ::It was complete darkness as one voice called out.::

    Shevchenko:  Joseph!

    ::Lieutenant Joseph Washington opened his eyes slowly. The Yuan Tseh Lee's operations officer had been thrown to the deck, and he could barely hear Lieutenant Martina Shevchenko, the chief engineer, over the ringing in his ears. Around him, he saw engineers running to their stations, trying to get a status update on the ship.::

    Shevchenko: Joe! Are you okay?

    ::She bent over, extending a hand to help him up.::

    ::He grabbed hold of her and brushed himself off.::

    Washington: I’m fine. Just-

    ::A sudden sharp stabbing pain in the side of his chest seized his breath.::

    Shevchenko: We need to get you to sickbay.

    ::He was defiant, even as he held his side.::

    Washington: No! We need to find out what happened.

    ::The ship continued to rumble from weapons fire, the bulkheads groaning as duranium twisted apart.::

    Washington: =/\= Engineering to bridge! =/\=

    ::There was no answer, only static. He tried again, but it was no use. There was no one there to respond.::

    Tanaka: The bridge is gone, lieutenant!

    ::Joseph turned to see Ensign Tanaka shaking his head at his console.::

    Tanaka: The bridge, the ready room, deck 1 and nearly half of deck 2 have been obliterated.

    ::Joseph had only a second to consider what that all meant.::

    ::Captain Cho. Commander T'Shen.::

    ::Claire… ::

    ::All dead.::

    ::He tried to make his way next to Tanaka, wincing as he did so.::

    Washington: What’s the rest of the ship look like?

    ::The young ensign cycled through various damage reports, all flashing with far too much red text.::

    Tanaka: Phasers, photon torpedoes… all off-line. Dorsal shields collapsed. Ventral shields at 20%.

    ::Another volley of weapons fire rocked the ship. Martina yelled back, annoyed.::

    Shevchenko: Would someone tell them we’re on a mission of mercy?

    ::Mercy. How had it come to this? They’d been escorting the medical convoy when engineering first reported a strange fluctuation in the antimatter stream. He'd gone down from the bridge to help out.::

    ::Two more minutes and he'd have been dead along with the rest of the bridge crew.::

    ::He tapped his combadge. There wasn’t time now to mourn. They had to survive first.::

    Washington: =/\= Washington to all hands. The bridge has been destroyed. I’m taking command. All remaining senior staff, report in. =/\=

    ::Doctor Corax was the first, the Trill's calm voice a welcome reprieve from the continued chaos in engineering as crewmen battled plasma fires.::

    Corax: =/\= Sickbay here... captain. =/\=

    ::”Captain.” He wasn’t sure he was ready to hear that just yet.::

    Washington: =/\= Doctor, what’s our casualty report so far? =/\=

    Corax: =/\= Including those on decks 1 and 2, at least twenty-two, but additional casualty reports are coming in from all decks. =/\=

    ::Martina interjected.::

    Shevchenko: =/\= Doctor, you need to do an emergency medical transport for Lieutenant Washington- =/\=

    Washington: =/\= Belay that. I’m fine. =/\=

    ::This time, the engineer was firm as she looked right back at him.::

    Shevchenko: No, you’re not! And you’re no good to this ship if you suddenly collapse unconscious from your injuries.

    ::He wanted to argue, but what could he say? She was right.::

    Washington: ...fine. =/\= Doctor, send a medical team to engineering. I’ll check in with you later. =/\=

    ::Perhaps the Trill doctor understood the desperation of their situation as he merely acknowledged the order before closing the com.::

    ::Martina though continued to give him *that* look.::

    Washington: If the medical team says I need to go for immediate surgery, then I’ll let them take me, but for now, I need you to figure out a way to get our shields back online, lieutenant, or at least give us something to shoot back with.

    ::The woman nodded and looked back over at the “pool table” display console in the center of engineering. After the other surviving department heads called back, Joseph quickly joined Martina by her side.::

    Washington: What’s it looking like?

    Shevchenko: Well, the weapons systems are a complete no-go. The entire EPS grid to those systems are down. It’ll take at least an hour.

    ::He knew most captains would just shout that they didn’t have an hour, but he also knew Martina. If she said it'd take an hour, she was telling him how dire their situation really was.::

    ::But then, he noticed something.::

    Washington: It looks like the tractor beams are still undamaged.

    Shevchenko: Yeah, but we’re not planning on towing anything anytime soon… ::She looked back at him, furrowing her eyebrows.:: ….are we?

    ::Joseph had already turned to Tanaka.::

    Washington: Ensign, reconfigure your console for helm control. I want you to do a 180 degree rotation on my mark. Flip us over so we can tractor the Jem'Hadar ship.

    Tanaka: Yes, sir!

    ::Martina shook his head.::

    Shevchenko: You can’t be serious...

    Washington: It’ll buy us some time. ::He looked back at the ensign.:: Now, ensign!

    ::The lumbering vessel rolled over as the Jem'Hadar ship continued to fire, but then as the craft turned around to begin another strafing run, the Yuan Tseh Lee’s tractor beam shot out, catching the attacker and holding it suspended in space.::

    Shevchenko: You know that’s not going to hold them for long.

    ::He nodded as the ship rocked again. On Ensign Tanaka’s makeshift viewscreen, he could see the trapped vessel still firing pot shots at the Yuan Tseh Lee from within the tractor beam’s grip..::

    Washington: Just get our weapons back online...

    ::All those deaths. The senseless violence. He shook his head.::

    ::It was supposed to be a mission of mercy, but the Dominion knew no such thing.::

    ((Twenty Years Later...))

    ::Commander Joseph Washington walked through the corridors of his ship, the Sovereign class USS Pioneer, as it continued its patrol along the border of the Tholian Assembly.::

    ::With the planet Inox still in chaos after its revolution last year, Starfleet Intelligence reported that the famously xenophobic race was beginning to become restless at the deteriorating situation occuring on their doorstep. Starfleet, of course, was bound by the Prime Directive not to interfere. The Tholians, though, had their own code that they lived by, and Joseph knew it was only a matter of time before the Assembly's Ruling Conclave decided that "defensive annexation" -- a favorite tactic of the Tholians -- was justified.::

    ::As he made his way to his quarters, various crew members would stop in their tracks and snap to attention, acknowledging his presence. He simply nodded back. It'd been now over ten years since he first set foot on this vessel, first as her chief tactical officer, and then as her first officer. For the last four years, he'd had the duty to serve as her captain. In that time, he was proud of what he'd achieve. His crew understood the standards he had set for them and their discipline reflected that.::

    ::He was strict, but he had to be. He'd seen far too many colleagues -- not to mention dear friends -- return home in coffins. Life and death on the front lines of war and on the frontier of space was decided in a matter of seconds. He might not have been their friends, but he had [...] sure trained them well.::

    ::When he finally had settled into his quarters, his first officer Lieutenant Commander Jeong paged him.::

    Jeong: =/\= Sorry to disturb you, sir, but you have a call coming in from Starfleet Command. =/\=

    Washington: =/\= It's all right, commander. I'll take it here. =/\=

    ::When his desktop viewer activated, he nodded at the familiar sight of Admiral sh’Hiel.::

    Washington: =/\= Admiral. =/\=

    ::The Andorian shen nodded back, the two pretending as if they didn't hate each other.::

    sh’Hiel: =/\= Commander. What's the status of the Pioneer? =/\=

    ::Always straight to the point with her, of course. Then again, Joseph had little time for pleasantries and meaningless drivel. He didn't care about her brood just as he was sure she didn't give a [...] how he was feeling today. So why bother?::

    Washington: =/\= The situation remains the same, admiral. We've detected no new movements along the Tholian border and no subspace transmissions. =/\=

    sh’Hiel: =/\= So the Tholians have decided to wait and see. Perhaps the analysis by Intel was overzealous. =/\=

    Washington: =/\= No, admiral, I fully expect the Tholians to do as they have always done. You and I both know they're not going to just stand by while a nearby world continues to devolve into civil unrest, especially one with a valuable port like Inox. =/\=

    ::The Andorian's antennae twitched slightly.::

    sh’Hiel: =/\= I suppose you're right. But either way, it's going to be someone else's problem to watch over now. =/\=

    Washington: =/\= Sir? =/\=

    sh’Hiel: =/\= Tell me, commander. What do you know about the Invicta Expedition? =/\=

    ::The Invicta Expedition? From the President's State of the Federation Address last year?::

    ::He furrowed his brow, which no doubt amused her to see him break his resolve.::

    Washington: =/\= Not much beyond what's already been said about it. A PR stunt. Something for the recruiters to show back home. I can't say I pay much attention to political theatrics, admiral. =/\=

    ::The Andorian chuckled.::

    sh’Hiel: =/\= I think you and I share a similar view on politics, commander, but in this case, you're wrong. It's not just a PR stunt. And the new president has made it clear she's going to continue with the initiative. =/\=

    ::Joseph found himself getting annoyed. Why was the admiral wasting his time talking about this?::

    Washington: =/\= That's all well and good, admiral, but what does that have to do with me? =/\=

    sh’Hiel: =/\= The Invicta. She needs a new captain. =/\=

    ::He just looked back at her, a deadpan expression on his face.::

    Washington: =/\= You can't be serious. =/\=

    sh’Hiel: =/\= I am. The Pioneer is to proceed to Deep Space 10, where the Invicta is currently docked. Once there, you'll take command. The previous CO, Commander Rahman, has had to take an unexpected leave of absence. She'll brief you when you get there. =/\=

    Washington: =/\= You're not going to even ask me if I want the job? Or why you're assigning me to her? =/\=

    ::The admiral looked at him for a moment before finally chuckling.::

    sh’Hiel: =/\= Hmmph. No. Safe travels, commander. =/\=

    ::The call closed, and Joseph sat there for a moment.::

    ::Just what had he done to [...] her off that much?::


    Commander Joseph Washington
    Commanding Officer, USS Invicta

  3. ((Core's quarters))

    ::Calls from home were a regular thing for Tristam Daneil Core. His father, Gamighan Core, was great at being awfully over-considerate and had the understandably frustrating need to stay in constant contact with his son of only 31 years of age, who happened to be on the other side of the quadrant, especially when that son happened to be prone to bad luck (e.g. considerable lack of Federation social etiquette and somehow manages to always get caught in bad accidents putting his health to an all-mighty low for the next year at least - not to mention having not been home in over 10 years). The attention was always on Tristam, on his "adventures" - though he'd managed to switch the attention around when he'd caught his father coughing off screen, Gamighan brushing it away almost immediately.

    Gamighan: It's just a cold.

    Core: In Qunira?

    Gamighan: I blame Yanata. She keeps the thermostat low.

    ::The conversation promptly went back to the gory parts of what happened on the Orion vessel and how Tristam had again been injured. As soon as Tristam had finished explaining what exactly had happened to him this time - electrocution through a feedback pulse was never fun and as soon as he'd told his father, he'd had to go over all aspects of how his health was back to normal - Gamighan had handed the sub-space equipped PADD Starfleet had graciously sent his family to his twin brother. And the whole process started all over again.

    ::This time, it was not his actual physical health Taywor was interested in - or, it was, but Tristam didn't truly categorize it in that way. After last year's speech debacle, Taywor was highly interested in the processes Tristam was going through in regaining strength within his telepathic lobe. Taywor was a budding psychologist, keen on understanding the Rodulan brain, and at the moment, Tristam was a very interesting case study for him. Of course, the brotherly love was still there among all the intriguing questions Tristam could barely understand let alone begin to answer. Tristam and Taywor were both technical minds, but when it came to their areas of interests, it was like they spoke two different languages.

    ::And then Yanata appeared over Taywor's shoulder, getting ready for work.::

    Yanata: Where's this 'Roshanara' of yours? I want to speak with her.

    Core: She's busy.

    Yanata: That's what you said last time - are you lying to me? Is she even real?

    Core: She's real.

    ::It's not the first time he's had this conversation with his sister-in-basotile, and while her vote of confidence in Tristam's romantic capabilities was always comforting, it was nice to know that she was at least concerned for his wellbeing. Even if that meant the occasional insult.

    ::Now that he thought about it, Yanata and Roshanara would probably get along swimmingly.::

    ::And then the PADD got handed over to young Samual, Tristam's nephew.::

    Samual: Hey, Uncle Tam.

    ::Tristam's eyes narrowed immediately. Samual was an amazing kid, musically inclined and capable with the technology to go with it. And he was really enjoying his school, now having started Keltrip.

    ::But Tristam knew when something was up with the boy.::

    Core: Hey yourself. Everything okay?

    ::Samual only shrugged. Tristam could only frown, his head tilting.::

    Core: This isn't going to be much of a conversation unless you give me some details.

    Samual: I'm fine.

    Core: You're parents are around the corner, aren't they.

    Samual: Why wouldn't they be?

    Core: Take me to your room - I wanna see your viremow.

    ::The boy rolled his eyes, but complied, the background behind his head moving as he passed Taywor and Yanata deep in discussion and ended up in the youngen's room. Promptly, the small bell-like instrument was on display - having been personally built by Samual himself through painstakingly long and complicated instructions Tristam had had to spell out and explain. The result was the little man's happiness.

    ::Though he certainly wasn't happy now.::

    Core: Okay, what's going on?

    Samual: Nothing - why does everybody think something's going on?

    Core: That's code for "something is definitely wrong but I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone". ::He crossed his arms.:: I'm not your parents.

    Samual: How do I know you're not going to tell them anyway?

    ::Tristam's mouth dropped open in shock. Where had *this* attitude come from? Never before had he been faced with a moody Samual.::

    Core: In your *entire life*, have I *ever* told your parents anything you've told me in confidence?

    Samual: . . . no.

    Core: So where on Rodul did that come from? You're freaking me out, Mual, what's going on? What don't you want your parents to know?

    ::Samual shifted uncomfortably, brushing dark hair out of his face and composing himself with a sigh.::

    Samual: There's this boy, that I like, and I just . . . nevermind. Don't worry about it.

    ::Oh, here we go. Tristam was half expecting to hear Samual go off on an elder-taught rant about how he was far too young to be considering "mature attraction" to others. What a load of dast. Tristam had lived through three different Rodulan ages thus far, and the level of maturity he himself experienced against a "scientific representation" of what "should be" regular pubescent experiences were two incredibly different things. Either every family line associated with the Cores were broken in some way where they reached puberty ridiculously early, or the Elders of Rodulan society were trying to uphold ideals and beliefs formed over three thousand years ago that Rodulans had long since evolved past.

    ::Taywor and Yanata were not an entirely good example of this new age thinking, however. Taywor, yes. Yanata, not so much. Yanata fit 'proper' standards. Being over forty years older than Tristam and Taywor themselves, she at least (barely) fit the idea of a so-called "ideal Rodulan". Even Tristam and Roshanara were a bad example - the Kriosian lifespan was a hundred years *less* than a Rodulans. By that end, Roshanara would probably be considered at least seventy years more capable than Tristam, despite them both equal when faced with a technical challenge.

    ::No, a good example of the stupidity of an Elder Rodulan's idea of biological development was through that of Ngeyan-Vale Caeloi. Ngeyan was of Krzexxi origin, having moved into the Western Gate with his parents, and was a good friend of Tristam. In fact, one of his only friends - the two still kept in contact, frequency between letters varying due to time constraints for them both (Tristam was in Starfleet facing unknown danger at least once a fortnight, Ngeyan was suffering through yet another Unigrades course - plus the different "time zones" were painful when trying to communicate between a Federation starship and the Western Gate. As it was, Tristam was up at 3 in the morning to have this conversation with Samual). Ngeyan was a good example of the broken ideal system simply because of his capability in his field *and* his relationship with partner Mayol. He and Medledore would argue at all hours of night and day about the production of integrated technologies, work placement, and sudden lock outs of information simply because he wasn't old enough to "face that challenge". Tristam wasn't nearly as vocal, but shared Ngeyan's distaste for the system. In hindsight, he should have put up more of a fight, to at least aid Ngeyan.::

    Core: No, keep going. Come on, you barely scratched the surface. If you don't want to tell your dad, then at least tell me. And not as if I can embarrass you when I'm too-many-lightyears away.

    Samual: It's not important.

    Core: Your problems *are* important, don't ever forget that. Though for the record, the only one of your problems that isn't important is your ludicrous battle to keep pencils in school.

    ::Because Rodulans still used *pencils and paper*. It made him want to bang his head against a wall. Repeatedly. They were so far behind the rest of the galactic community, it was no longer funny.::

    Samual: You have no idea how stupidly hard it is when working with viremow music composition using *touchscreens*.

    Core: You have a hundred and fifty years to learn and adapt, I'm not worried. Now tell me about this boy that you like.

    Samual: He's just another guy in my BR class.

    Core: Is he cute?

    Samual: Yes he's- why is that even a thing?!

    Core: It's not worth it if he's not cute.

    Samual:::cringing:: For Artist's sakes . . .

    Core: Oh don't play that to me. There's only one age between us my young apprentice - and we've both passed the "I'm so adorably innocent" one. You can't tell me you haven't considered this.

    Samual: I *shouldn't* be considering it. I still haven't hit telepathy yet.

    Core: That's . . . not a thing. Your father just wants to sleep peacefully thinking you won't pull half the crap he did at your age. ::He paused.:: Wait, is that what this is about? Your differences in *telepathy*?

    Samual: . . . no.

    ::Tristam rolled his eyes. If there was one thing he appreciated about his homeland, it was that the fact that every Rodulan was different was constantly beaten into the brains of every man, woman and child from birth. Telepathy was not an immediate thing. Activity within a telepathic lobe could be detected almost immediate, yes, but a proper ability to use it, communicate with others through it, varied Rodulan to Rodulan. It was very possibly Samual wouldn't be capable of using his telepathy for basotile for another decade at least.::

    Core: Liar.

    Samual:::with a sigh:: I haven't reached maturity, and I'm not even in Zehrro's league. He can already communicate with basotile, and I can't even make a connection.

    ::The newly formed adult part of him was wondering why on Rodul age duo's were flaunting their private basotile technique to others. The rest of him was wondering why the hell Samual was even *concerned* about the ability.::

    Core: You're worrying too much. Basotile should have literally nothing to do with this. I mean, yeah, if this progresses within the next ten, twenty, fifty, sixty years, sure. Basotile might end up being a thing you have to consider. But I'm telling you, you're taking this too seriously. Oh, and *by the way*, you *have* telepathy. You're Rodulan, your gradda had you tested, and just because you can't communicate with basotile doesn't mean you're broken. It just means you need more time. And I'm living proof that basotile means *nothing* in a real relationship anyway.

    ::And Samual wasn't really close to even considering being in a real relationship - though this was not an opinion Tristam was about to voice for his troubled nephew. Though the basotile thing for Tristam was true - his accident had all but ended any use of basotile for basically all of his relationship with Roshanara until recently. It's use meant extraordinarily little to her unless Tristam pushed the issue, she wasn't capable of molding it herself, and while they'd discussed it once or twice, it'd never been in a personal nature - more of a mild curiosity that many seemed to have. Fretting about basotile definitely brought back memories from his time as an adorable young teen, though.::

    Samual: So how do I approach this?

    ::And now it was obvious Samual spent too much time listening to his mother talk to other unimportant executives.::

    Core: Uh, like any *other* regular kid your age? Go out? I don't know, what do age duo youngens do these days? You said he was in BR classes - you both like music then, I'm assuming?

    Samual: Yeah. Track overlay's becoming a thing now, I guess. With the new holotechnology, vocalists are actually doing this live overlay thing where it's just that one artist over and over with pre-recorded motion programs. It's bulky equipment and they should probably wait until the tech developes more, but it's actually pretty-

    Core: Okay! So go do that! Invite him to go to . . . that . . . whatever that's called.

    Samual: And if he says no?

    Core: Lie your behind off and claim it was just a suggestion to further your studies.

    Samual: That actually works?

    Core: Remind me to tell you about the time I was interested in Medledore.

    Samual: That probably got shut down pretty quick.

    Core: Yes. Yes it did. So for future reference, don't try taking Huzana out. If she's anything like Medledore, she'll give you this look that just tears you to pieces.

    Samual: Can't be any worse than outright lying to mum.

    ::That was like a kick to the gut.::

    Core: Low blow, child. Low blow. And for the record, your father isn't as squeaky clean as he portrays himself to be.

    Samual: I'll be sure to remember that.

    Core: Yes. Be sure.

    ::And then the inevitable yawn from Tristam's mouth interrupted the slowly dying conversation.::

    Core: Alright, child. It's late. I need sleep. We'll talk about this next time. I want details!

    Samual: I'll let you know. ::pause:: Night, Uncle Tam.

    Core: 'Night.

    Tbc . . .

    LtCmdr Tristam Core
    Chief Engineer
    USS Invicta

  4. Quote

    :: Nothing.  There was no running of little feet to greet her, no yells of excitement, no warm embrace from her bondmate.  There was nothing but cold, stale silence – and a stuffed animal by her feet.::

    T’Lea:  Hmph.  I missed you too.

    :: She said to the empty room, and then scooped up the fuzzy white bunny toy and scowled at it.::

    T’Lea: I am not hugging you.

    ::  In one swipe she flung it across the room, hoping it would burst open, and the stuffing would fly out.  No such luck there.  Must not have thrown it hard enough…::

    ::makes mental note to send 100 stuffed bunnies to T'Lea's quarters::

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  5. I have to say that I didn't achieve all I wanted to this last year. I couldn't vote without choosing what I plan for the next year, but none of those really fit. I'm in a strange head space and really don't know where I'm going or doing.

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  6. ::It probably wasn't a good idea to get on Nairi's bad side. He'd killed Jonan relatively quickly and painlessly with a shot to the neck. Judging by how Nairi went to town on his own cloned corpse, Jonan had been lucky. It wouldn't have been so bad if she didn't make it just so obvious how much she'd enjoyed mutilating "him".::

    She does enjoy her work. :whistling:

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  7. I voted Purple, because it would be different than anything already done.

    On the other hand, in STO my choice for my characters is always white with some gold patches (but gold, not yellow).

    Diplomacy is currently purple... I wish it wasn't, but it is.

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