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  1. ((Diplomatic suite - Two hours after the briefing)) ::Mirra had gone directly to the diplomatic suite, which consisted of several conference rooms, that happily doubled as dining rooms, and a very large sitting area. The walls were painted in warm, neutral tones. A bit of a change from the stark clinical set ups she was used to. Along with her research into the art of diplomacy, she also found a handy guide to menu suggestions...although the way it was written, she greatly hoped it wasn't outdated. "When hosting a bevy Klingon warriors for dinner, one paramount suggestion is to skip
  2. He is the last person on the face of this planet who should direct any Trek movie. He will totally destroy the image of Star Trek and everything it stands for. I certainly will not waste my money seeing anything he directs.
  3. (( USS Blackwell - Deck 4 - Captain's Quarters )) ((Time Index: Shortly after Theo's writes a letter to his mother as seen in 'Letters Home')) ::The Blackwell glided through space at warp, every second bringing it closer it destination: the planet Arndall. What awaited the crew there nobody could know for sure but had Theo been a betting man, he would surely wager nothing good. The Valcarians and the Caraadians' Cold War was in imminent danger of heating up and Starfleet wanted the Andaris Task Force to step in before anything could happen. Had Arndall been located anywhere else
  4. ((Ferentis' Quarters)) ::The Pahkwa-thanh slumbered.:: ::His enormous face rested on the reinforced floor of his quarters, a bit of drool escaping the clutches of his massively powerful jaws. Flesh on his midriff heaved in a deliberate, unrushed rhythm; his breathing, at least for the time being, could be as lackadaisical an affair as he liked. Tiny arms gave the occasional gentle flick at invisible phantoms, seen only in the imagination of one drowsy dinosaur.:: ::Ferentis was wiped.:: ::All that work keeping the holodeck operational had certainly drained his faculties, bo
  5. ((USS Blackwell, Corridors)) ::The stars rushing by seemed so close, as if she could just reach her hand beyond the transparent aluminum and grab one. It was a testiment to just how humanity had interjected itself into what was once untouchable. Space, the stars, heck, even Earth’s own moon was once out of reach. And then one day, someone dared to change that.:: ::In a single decade, and with a single step, humanity had set foot on another world. Sure, it was ‘just the moon’, but for the people of that time period, it had been impossible up until it suddenly wasn’t.:: ::Not long
  6. I'm one of those who have a hard time when writers contradict cannon. It's like trying to rewrite history. I have no problem adding to it and creating fresh new things for a great story but it can be done without rewriting history sooooo leave cannon alone.
  7. It's a medical emergency. Time is of the essence. If they won't give without going through red-tape bs, then I'd take them anyhow.... though I would find it difficult to believe that a Starfleet Starbase would refuse to give the needed supplies with lives in imminent danger.
  8. I have only ever killed off one character. It was actually a very difficult thing for me to do because of personal reasons. Those who know me, know the whole situation surrounding it. Long story short, I did it thinking it would help me get some closure to losing someone in RL... it didn't really but that's another story. I would like to think it had meaning. As silly as it may sound, I don't think I could write anything else like it again in game.
  9. I will only be seeing it because a friend is more free with their money than I am.
  10. Jumping on the Red Carpet bandwagon here... What are you wearing to the the the 2394 Awards Ceremony? Nikki chose to go with something simple...
  11. Remember the TNG episode "Who Watches the Watchers"? They used a holographic duck-blind to make the observation station invisible... in modern times it's a camouflaged tent or structure hunters hide in or behind.
  12. ((School. Samual's School. And Tristam should definitely not be seated at a teacher's desk.)) ::Samual sat with his head in his hands, elbows rested on the desk, caramel skin on his cheek now doing it's best impression of the colour purple, spreading up to his eye.:: ::Taywor should have been here for this. Not Tristam. And the fact that Taywor was for some reason MIA stirred an anger that the Rodulan didn't think he was capable of towards his brother. ::He had his arms crossed, eyes intently staring at the young boy next to him. That was the point of all this - he was young. He was *
  13. Are you meaning for your sig? Go to your signature settings. See both banners under the text box as available attached images to add? If you hover over the image you want to delete you should see the delete/trash can button on the right side of it.
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