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  1. Well, the whole JP is 10 pages long, hence why I had to split it up in three parts when it was posted on our group...
  2. Yes, I totally agree, they did an amazing job on that JP
  3. I just wanted to point out that I submitted only the second part of that 3-part JP because it was just too long to post it all on the forums. I would like to submit the whole thing since it's a very dear post for me, but I don't know if I post the three parts if they could be considered only as one big submission?
  4. Sharee: What do you want to tell me? Ramirez: Huh... So it's like that... You really want me to talk about whatever I want? You know I can go on about a lot of subjects for a long time... Sharee: It's a good thing I have such extensive training to listen for a long time then isn't it? :: The Ram laughed out loud. Stubborn indeed :: Ramirez: Convincing too, I'll admit. Alrighty then... Grab a seat, it might take a while... :: He sat back down on his chair, picking up the guitar on the way and keeping it in his hands, Delinda taking one of the other chairs and bringing it closer. :: Ramirez: You
  5. I think self-submitted sims are not a problem. It's quite alright for someone to be proud enough of what they write to want people to read it. And as it as been pointed out, not every sim is as proactive as others in terms of OOC contributions, either on the forums, on the wiki and even award nominations. So if there are some good sims that are left on the side lines because nobody on that sim gets involved enough to submit them, why should the writers be ignored? Only problem I would see is if someone submits several of his own sims. If someone submits one of theirs, they should only have the
  6. :: A woman, Terran in her mid-nineties, is standing up in front of a podium, dressed in Starfleet whites, arboring the rank of Commodore. Grey-white hair, shoulder length, about 5’7". Blue eyes. She looked at the crowd for a moment before speaking into the microphone. :: Woman : During one hundred and forty seven years, things are bound to change, everybody will agree on that. The tallest mountains can crumble, the rivers dry up, stars burn out. Even the most hard-headed people among us will one day change, evolve, become something different. :: She smiled :: Difference is something that take
  7. How 'bout the reviews for Jan-Feb? We didn't get those yet...
  8. Well, I'm sorry to say I might have to skip this one... RL has decided to drive me nuts with school projects, homework and other things... I *MIGHT* be able to send something in, but I wouldn't bet on it... Sorry folks
  9. See, that's the part I don't get... How can there be a winner BEFORE the reviews are done?
  10. I was wondering when we were going to receive last challenge's feedback? I'm quite curious to see what went wrong with my last entry, of which I was quite proud of to be honest...
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