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  1. What's your real first name? Garrick Where do you live? (General area! City or state, even!) Edmonton Canada How did you find our group? Old member, I think probably google when I was looking for an old group that had disbanded. What kind of work do you do? High school science teacher, I also do course design and teacher education. I guess I'm back to the madness
  2. It's good to be back! Do we have an ETA for the start of training? I'm eager to get this show on the road
  3. Hi everyone, I guess this is more of an "I'm Back!" but whatever. My real name is Garrick and I'm in Edmonton for a time being. I'm 28, soon to be 29, and a Science Teacher. My character is a new guy Azriel Derrida, hopefully soon to be a doctor.
  4. ((Corridors – Crew Quarters)) :: Tash made his way out of sickbay, glad to be healed up and on his `new' home ship again. There was no coup up here... no royalty, no fighting, no grenades. :: oO Just me, my shower, my bunk, and... Oo :: The doorway to his quarters swished open, and he stepped in, and... :: oO ... Della?! Oo Vetri: Go away. Tash: Della... what are you doing in... my quarters? :: Her head snapped around at him, and her expression was one of annoyance and curiosity all at once. :: Vetri: What do you mean, "yours"? Tash: Yes, "mine." These are my quarters. :: He wasn't trying to b
  5. I'm a Troi, make sense taking a psych degree and all... Deanna Troi 80% James T. Kirk (Captain) 70% Will Riker 70% Spock 67%
  6. I've created the topic for you Lance. Good luck in the Challange.
  7. Created for Lance, good luck everyone.
  8. Yes but it was also arguably in the worst veiwing times possible which is thought to have contributed to it's downfall. It was however sucessful enough to spawn a movie which has done well in theatres.
  9. I would agree, but I think the federation is far too rosy and happy for the underbelly to be nearly as dark as is needed. I would actually suggest switching the series to a compleatly different side of things. For example a series which focused on the Romulans or Klingons which examines their culture and issues within it rather than beating the old ideas of the Federation again and again. Also like Babylon 5 and BattleStar Galactica build your stories long before you begin the series and STICK WITH IT! If you wish to add social commentary than fine but do it within the bounds of the series, t
  10. The mental rapeing of Troi by Shinzon is my top one.
  11. Not particularaly stressing, just curious about the results.
  12. Mine may be longer but it's the first time I've written something creative in years so compared to the caliber of some of the other entries I don't think it's really in the running. But you don't get better without practice.
  13. 3000 words is a lot of story... though I didn't check the length of other peoples entries... Mine was about 200 words short even after I flushed it out a bit.
  14. I wouldn't be able to write one in december anyway (Finals are the devil...) so works for me...
  15. Smoke filled the bridge as numerous explosions rippled throughout the Galaxy Class starship USS Marx. Entire portions of the engineering section were open to space, the warp core was breaching and still the spacial anomalies ravaged the ship. Again and again, they intersected the hull ripping off layer after layer of hull plating opening more of the ship to space. They had been drawn by the warp nacelles, as if attracted to the warp field they generated, the engineering section had taken the most damage, though the saucer section had not been completely spared. “We are nearing the edge of the
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