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  1. What's your real first name? Garrick Where do you live? (General area! City or state, even!) Edmonton Canada How did you find our group? Old member, I think probably google when I was looking for an old group that had disbanded. What kind of work do you do? High school science teacher, I also do course design and teacher education. I guess I'm back to the madness
  2. It's good to be back! Do we have an ETA for the start of training? I'm eager to get this show on the road
  3. Hi everyone, I guess this is more of an "I'm Back!" but whatever. My real name is Garrick and I'm in Edmonton for a time being. I'm 28, soon to be 29, and a Science Teacher. My character is a new guy Azriel Derrida, hopefully soon to be a doctor.
  4. Hey! You visited me here!

    *visits you back* ^_^

    Miss you! Don't worry, Tash won't be gone forever. He'll be back to play! I just hope you don't stay so busy forever!

  5. Indeed, I like NPC's they add texture to the story.
  6. How strict are the rules for NPC's? For example were I a Chief Science Officer would it be permissible to produce NPC's under myself to do some of the menial tasks? Also would it be permissible to make a civilian NPC at say the station (if I were posted there) to run a shop or would they be required to be under the same department as myself?
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