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  1. Hey guys! Sergio here, playing the Cadet Annita Deeva. I'm from Brazil and am 25. I've been a trekker since a little kid and played in brazilian ST PBEMs when I was around 13. Stopped before High-School and haven't done (or watched) anything since. Over the last couple of weeks I've been watching ST again and I was desperate to go back to a PBEM, hahaha. Hope my writing skills are not so dusty. I work onboard cruiseships, part of the Sports team. I'm on vacation now and will be back at sea in May - this PBEM will really help me out not being bored to death.
  2. (Shuttle 13) Deeva was anxiously pushing herself against her seat. She normally doesn't get intimidated by much, but there was a first time for everything. After her finals exams in the Starfleet Academy, she was starting to actually doubt herself and her future career choice - getting the lowest scores she have ever had was definitely not in her plans, specially at the end of her Cadet life. The slim andorian glazed through the shuttle and noticed that some other cadets looked even more frighten, what brought a smile to her face. Looking through the view hole, she could see Starbase 118 becoming close. After a long breath, she closed her eyes. It was time to put all her recent problems away and focus on finally becoming a Federation Officer. (Starbase 118 - Docking Bay 21) As stepping out of shuttle, Deeva was disappointed with the lack of a greeting party. She wasn't expecting banners and baloons, but someone to welcome the new cadets and direct them to the Holodecks would be nice. oO So I guess we are all on our own Oo she thought while she puller her long white hair to the right side. oO What kind of challenges will we be exposed to? Oo She saw a group of cadets from her class head all together outside the Docking Bay. Deeva: "Hey guys! Hey! Wait for me!" - it was impossible to ignore that tall Andorian girl yelling. They looked back. Liry: "C'mon Deeva. We only have half an hour before the briefing and we really wanna check out The Promenade!" Liry was the trill that shared an apartment with Deeva during their last year at the Academy. Her eyes were so bright that everyone could see that she would noticed that she was very happy to be there. Deeva: "Ahmm.. I think I will go straight to the Holodecks area... you know how I am, I might get lost and I really don't wanna be late for the briefing. I will give no reasons for them to not approve me. But you guys have fun!" she replied sounding a bit awkward. When the group left, Deeva walked towards one of the computer systems. Deeva: "Computer, where are the Holodecks located?" Computer: "Starbase 118 has Holodecks located from deck 1702 to 1743." oO Glad I took some extra time to get there..." Deeva: "Where are the Holodecks designated to Starfleet Academy?" Computer: "Starfleet Academy Holodecks are located from deck 1735 to 1743." oO That makes it a little bit easier... Oo Deeva turned towards the turbolifts at the end of the docking bay. Although she didn't perform well over the last few months, she was now ready to take on her new life. And, this time, no one would influence her.
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