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  1. It was a white lie Russ thought about this and lit his cigar. He felt like a relic around all these new and high tech gadgets in the small shuttle's engine room. The warp reactor made a small glow that gave the room a weird luminescent blue. It also matched his mood. The donkey had it coming. I am not sorry about that. I am sorry for letting her go. Those thoughts pierced Russell’s head. He was feeling sorry for himself for the second time in his life. He rubbed the back of his head. He inhaled letting the smoke fill his lungs. He was thinking logically about something illogical.
  2. Okay I finished this, Not sure how to put the tag on the toppic of this seeing that I did not start it. Rocar I senbt you a pm about this but just in case DING post is done.
  3. “Things To Do in Dallas When You Are Dead” By Russ Heston Must have been a cold wind, or a least a freak show of rain. When it hit me it stung, mix of cold and despair. Ensign Russ Heston looked up at the large Texas sky and signed. It felt odd to be home. “So many broken pieces.” Russ walked from the landing pad and into the spaceport. Last thing he had remembered doing was drinking with his friends. Now he came back home. He crushed out the cigarette in his mouth. With a deep breath the doors opened and he saw a very unusual site, His parents and his brother and sister waiting for him.
  4. I could not agree any more if I tried. So sooo much nhilism in todays literature and science fiction movies. One of the main reasons why I love TOS so much.
  5. Here is my favorite moments... 1) Khan's death throw "From Hell's heart I stab at thee" one of my favorite villians 2) Next would have to be General Chang and his Shakespherian references 3) Deep Space Nine The Way of the Warrior that showed the old fashioned Everything hating klingons that I so love. 4)Picards interogation by the hands of the cardassians. Every ime I see that I get chills up my spine 5) TOS Day of the Dove, I always saw the Orgainians as villians forcing somebody to be peaceful is almost as bad as wipping them out. It removes a certain amount of self choice and to me that is
  6. Personally, Ihave found alot of the new novels while intriguing in premise to be lacking. The last really good trek novel I read was the 134th Rule, It had the Ferengis going to war with Bajor. It shed light on the what was normally considered to be comic relief, made them almost dangerous. But getting back on track. Star trek Titan was an interesting read, To me though it seemed a little too much like a desperate cling to the Next Generation, Just as The New Voyages of Voyager seemed to try to reignate what the fans loved about each series. But I think something was lost bringing it to paper.
  7. Just some food for thought, There are some things I sat down and thought about and I posed this question to some of my friends over a few beers and this is what we came up with. I am going pretty deep into the dork forest (I passed Harry Potter himself to get here) so please keep in mind that I normally am not a trek expert, but : 1) The encounter with the romulans. This contradicts the events in "Balance of Terror" 2) No Series ever, and I mean EVER hinted at the existence of the Xindi. If they ripped out a chunk of the planet Earth you would have thought that would make the history books? O
  8. Personally nw this are just some of my thoughts, Enterprise, I just found some concepts in it hard to swallow. Just small things like at that point and time in history, The Articles of mars should have been layed down, No real conflict had existed between the Andorians and the Vulcans. It made for entertaining Television though. But then again I was never a big fan of Voyager for the same reason, Some things were too preachy, Some things were hard to swallow. Enterprise is a sensitive subject in the trek community at large. You either loved it or despised it. And personally I am one of those w
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