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  1. Toni

    Hey All

    We're glad you found us! I'm Ann but I play Toni Turner.
  2. You know how it is around the fleet. . . Always something new and exciting going around here.
  3. Welcome Tara!

    1. Tara Wilkins

      Tara Wilkins

      Thanks! I'm glad to be here. :)

  4. Welcome All! Great to have you with us! My real name it Ann, but I play Rear Admiral Toni Turner, CO of the Embassy, Duronis II and the USS Thor.
  5. Welcome Luke a.k.a. Kteer, we are si glad to meet another Star Trek fan. Hope to see you posted on a ship or facility soon!
  6. Congratulations to both Quinn Reynolds, Roshanara Rahman for getting the Special Commendation. I don't know of anyone more deserving of this recognition. Also my sincere congratulations to these fine members of staff: Tristan Wolf,as Head of Executive Council, works harder than anyone and very well could be Staff Member of this Year Award, but every year as well. The James T. Kirk Cross is quite an honor for Mei’konda, USS Astraeus, a newly minted Captain. Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition for Jarred Thoran is a well- deserved honor. The Sarek Star given to The
  7. Congratulations to all the winners of this year's General Awards, and especially the members of my crew. The Genesis Award is The Most Improved Simmer Award, which was well-earned by Daylan Daroo by showing conspicuous effort in improving their simming skills and improving her sim rate. Congratulations. I'm very proud of you. The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement First Class (TOSMA) goes to Quen Deena for her great dedication in her behavior and simming abilities. She regularly contributes good, solid ideas to the plot and character development.
  8. I'll second that congratulation, and say congratulations to all the Duty Post winners. Oddas Aria, Mirra Ezo, David Knight, Kurt Logan , Rune Jolara , Na’Lae Mandak, Sotak , Valin Dermont, Arturo Maxwell, Randal Shayne, Ishani Kasun, Edward Spears, would absolutely make a "Dream Team" on any ship or installation in the fleet!
  9. Congratulations to all the length of service players, especially those enjoying the whelm of double digits with Admiral Wolf - Hannibal Parker, Tal Tel-ar, Trel'lis, Pandora and Boris Hendon. Admiral, I hope you appreciate the wonderful community you created so long ago. We certainly do. Congratulations to Delan Han on winning the Luminary Award and because he shows great promise in his future endeavors in UFOP: Starbase 118 RPG. He has made great progress towards that end and is a pleasure to read his sims. Jarred Thoran's Boothby Award is well deserved. I have been in several of
  10. Congratulations to all winners of these Awards. Your sims and creativity have been the inspiration that keeps SB118 group so wonderful! Congratulations to Renos for winning the Kathryn Janeway Award. She will surely go down in the history of our group for the impact she has had on it. Maxwell Traenor was a great pick for the Chief’s Citation. He, up to now, has been one of our unsung heroes who truly are the backbone of our fleet. Congratulations, Maxwell! Christopher Pike Pendant went to Roshnara Rahman, as it the perfect example of someone who serves with honor and dedication
  11. I think I'll sit this one out and paint Til'ahn Red when it's over. Wow! Maxwell, you're looking good!
  12. Congratulations Captain Jalana Rajel & Captain Sal Taybrim on winning the Last Top Sim contest! Well done!
  13. We're really glad you were "swayed." Hope you enjoy the group as much as I do.
  14. I can assure you, Rev'ya , you will be in good company. Welcome to the group!
  15. Congratulations to all of you! Your dedication to the group has been wonderful!
  16. Congratulations to everyone chosen for this year's special awards, especially Rear Admiral Renos for the Great Bird designation! Well, done, James! You earned it 10 times over! Admiral Wolf, it is really good to see some of the work you do for SB118 recognized. Graeme Cook, you have done very well in starting your Starfleet career. Your positive, consideration and caring of others, is to be admired. Captain Taybrin was absolutely correct in saying that Jalana's work in graphic design is amazing. I've long admired her work as she never fails to deliver on ever request or idea se
  17. Congratulations to all the lucky CO's who have these winners on their crew! They are truly a CO's dream team. I am proud of Savan, Oddas, Pavlova, T'Mihn, Brayden Jorey, Tyr Waltas and Hannibal Parker, plus the members nominated but had already won the award. That says a lot for their consistent simming abilities and the entire crew. Way to go Team!
  18. Aww, Brell, simming with you has always been a terrific adventure that started more than 10 years ago when I was so new to simming. You helped me then, and I'm proud to see you come back to sim with us, and getting the recognition you so richly deserve. I thank you, and everyone for all the kind words, and encouragements. Y'all are the best when making simming fun and enjoyable. Rich, you're like a breath of fresh air, offering help when all seems lost. I am in awe of you for all the things you do to make SB118 a better place. It just seems to me that you have boundless energy and a
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