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  1. I agree with you Idril, should not have reduced the last episode to an offscreen footnote of a TNG episode. Although it was cool to see RIker and Troi, there last episode should not have been banished to the Enterprise D's holodeck.
  2. Hey rocket, thanksfor the welcome. I just finished my training cruise and i am assigned to the Kodiak, I have had a good time so far and hope to continue the fun on my new ship. Good luck with the deadline
  3. Hey all Im about 3 days into training, this is my first writing challenge. I really enjoyed writing my story. Its under the word count, in case you judges were concerned I just want to say, if any of you have any tips that may help my writing for the next challenge, they are all welcome. Cadet Da'Mell ZBareil engineering USS Centris (Holodeck Training)
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