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  1. Hey photoshop monkies, there needs to be a toon.
  2. This is, I presume, in reference to the DSX episode Quarantined?
  3. Trying again, aiming for 800x450 this time. Let me know if this is any better.
  4. Trying again, aiming for 800x450 this time. Let me know if this is any better.
  5. Comment: guess I have to resize the image. Oh well. First time for everything. Edit: Height by width, or vice versa?
  6. This sequence made me laugh.
  7. Once you graduate, you will get a wiki account and password. Either your mentor, your CO, or your ship's Wiki Ops member can answer any questions you may have. If you'd like further guidance past that point, anyone on the Featured Bio Committee would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
  8. Because even Tristam needs to have a near heart attack occasionally.
  9. We Will Remember. Rest In Peace, Captain/Ambassador Spock.
  10. [sb118-victory] Lt. J.G Talisa zh'Eriss & (PNCP) PO1 Michael Jellico - Transfer Request
  11. ((Lieutenant Eriss' personal quarters - USS Victory)) ::Despite his intention to visit the Lieutenant directly after finishing up in Damage Control Central, Michael had ended up going back his own quarters and sleeping for the best part of ten hours. He did eventually visit the Lieutenant once he had showered and put on a fresh uniform and was invited to sit across from the Andorian in the living area of her small quarters as she finished off breakfast.:: Eriss: Congratulations on the promotion Petty Officer. Jellico: Thanks ::Michael was still surprised at the increase in his rating. After
  12. I am indeed popular. :: blushes :: Thank you for all the kind words, folks. If you ever need me, I'll be over here.
  13. IRL conversation: Alex: Did you like my post? Me: Yes. Very...what's the word. Interesting. Alex: Did you see the silliness I put in there? Me: I must've missed it. :: Then he shows me the line. I've bolded it below. :: Me: Blast it, now I want to watch Frozen again. exerpt from Ensign R'raika Voss, Gik'tal!
  14. I was reading that same sim, and the line before it: To be truthful, Pythia's Tale was the one mission that CD spent nearly the entire time in Sickbay and was 2 missions ago. However, Vaala is the first character since to have asked about it and want an autograph. There has only ever been one Dr. Skyfire. Not to be confused with Captain Skyfire, a Vulcan/Terran hybrid.
  15. Hopefully my sister will be joining the Lemming parade soon. Just got her to fill out her application and she should be in Centris A next week (unless she made it into this one last night)
  16. There doesn't appear to be a creation bar thingie for "fruit salads" (service ribbons and awards.) I seem to be having a little bit of trouble getting mine to display properly in the nav bar.
  17. I guess I'm a lemming too. Here goes. What's your real first name? My real name is Kat.Where do you live? I am originally from San Jose, CA. Currently a local to Lynnwood, WA (but that's about to change.)How did you find our group? From GoogleWhat kind of work do you do? Poor broke student, interning at a non-paying internship @ school.
  18. Your wiki page is beautifully written. I love how you formatted it, and would appreciate any mentoring you can provide on the subject. I just became an Ensign myself.

  19. Next question: What are those nifty banner things at the bottom of people's signatures?
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