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  1. "The Kindred overgrew the ship and wrapped us up in vines An open mind and good green thumbs were what gave them a chance and even now her violets make Alora look askance." -- Banned from Menthar
  2. I don't remember seeing LtCmdr Wooden Spoon on the manifest. Is there something I missed?
  3. That line you quoted from Andersen reminds me of my event story from LARP. Just a bit.
  4. Does that mean you can share what it means now?
  5. To avoid a double-upload, here is the wiki link: http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/File:SkyfireSpring16-Behold_Excalibur.jpg "Behold, Excalibur" was a JP written by Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx and Captain Kali Nicholotti August 4, 2013. Part 1 & Part 2
  6. According to Nugra, Gorns don't have tails.
  7. Tribble tribble Poison tribblesilver, deadly, purring tribbleTribble tribble venom tribbleTribble tribble Ops
  8. To avoid a double-upload, here's the wiki link: http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/File:Skyfire_Entry_2016-1.jpeg
  9. And Chythar missed this? Sad puppy!
  10. I heard that in Vietnam, dogs are considered a delicacy. Not that I'm saying I've ever tried it, but I won't judge.
  11. Not to worry, Mikey. I thought it was funny.
  12. Lieutenant "Something About Risians" <-- This is what happens when you forget to include your surname in the post title.
  13. Wouldn't be a bad test....I don't think...
  14. Good quote, Andrew. Very good quote.
  15. Did you know that crossovers happen? I direct you to my cardchive. If you go to the Garuda Sim Archive, you can find the post entitled The 14th Doctor, which inspired the card.
  16. Cory Stoyer 2 time nominee, but amazing depth to his bio.
  17. What post was the familiar young woman in the skant from?
  18. Check this out! Now through ThinkGeek.com!
  19. Flynn, the Ribbons thingie now works. Graphic Winner, I think. Check out Template:Ribbons to see what it's called.
  20. This was rather amusing. Reminds me of a quote I used in one of my sims about chameleon collars, whether it changed to red when he wasn't looking.
  21. This was inspired by a real life moment. I actually had a professor at De Anza who was named Peter Rabbit. I assumed he became a 4th degree black belt out of self defense, so he wouldn't get picked on in school. I never asked him if that is why this happened.
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