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  1. 13 hours ago, Sal Taybrim said:

    @Zephyr - You're one of my oldest friends in this game, and I'm honestly shocked that you've never gotten the B-Plot award before now!  CONGRATULATIONS!  I hope that I can meet your new toon Timothy and get together with Skyfire again in the future!


    Honestly, I don't know how I wasn't awarded this before now either. I am happy to receive it. I congratulate all of the recipients.


    @Sal Taybrim - I look forward to writing another cameo on a subspace call if needed. As for meeting TIm, I think we can arrange for it. I'll talk to you more off-list.

  2. As the white light consumed the screen, Chythar instinctively raised a hand to protect his eyes until the light faded. When it did, there was nothing -- he was no longer the bridge of his ship, there was nothing on the viewscreen in front of him. It looked like a big, blank space for a moment before it shifted to Skyfire Beach. Near the waterline,  the only occupant of the shore was a redhead in a red Starfleet uniform. It wasn’t until she turned around to face him that Chythar made the connection in that he’d seen this woman before -- captain’s pips, red hair, eyes of a similar color to his own. His mother, Captain Kyrethia Angelica Skyfire. He was only a small boy when she died, and his pulse skyrocketed when he considered he might also be dead. 

    As the question “am I dead?” burned around in his mind, he swallowed roughly and closed the distance between himself and the captain, his muscles tensing a bit as he did so. As he stepped forward, she smiled softly at him.

    “CD. You wear the teal uniform well. Starfleet life isn’t too rough on you, I hope?”

    “Mom. I...Am I dead?” 

    She moved close to her son and pulled him into a warm embrace, the sort of familial contact he had missed out on for his entire adult life. Everything else vanished away, and there was nothing else that occupied his mind. Even though this was only a holodeck program, he was willing to accept the fact that he might, in fact, be dead if it meant that he could hold a conversation with his mother for the first time in over twenty years.

    “What have you been up to? Last time I saw you, you were up to your ears in linguistics and learning Russian with your uncle.”

    Chythar attempted to come up with an answer. He wanted to answer with confidence and conviction, but his words came out in a jumble of a summary. “Overall? Let me nutshell it. I’ve experimented in the realm of love, had my heart broken and mended, provided myself as a role model to a few medical officers and a little girl I’ve become a godfather to and will probably never see again, become CMO of a few vessels, became a lieutenant commander, well decorated officer, and finally a barista for Uncle Chris. Now I’m slinging coffee aboard a starship because my clearances have been suspended.”

    Ky smiled softly and took his hand, walking with him along the shore line near the water. She loved the beach, and even though she was probably only a figment of his imagination at this point, he fell in step beside her.

    “Love is a tricky realm. It’s never the sort of thing that comes easily. Even with your father.”

    “Dad’s dead, Mom. He took the supernova rather hard, and I was basically raised by Uncle Chris after your funeral.” She seemed unsurprised, and nodded sagely. She seemed, to his eye, almost jaded by the news. As though she knew Calvin was already dead.

    “So these officers and the little girl you inspired are colleagues of yours, then? Friends you’ve made in Starfleet?” 

    CD nodded slightly. “The little girl is currently on Earth with her father, but she did a marvelous science project on pain medication absorption by different species based on reading my SFMJ back-issues.. She wants to become a medical officer when she grows up. Some of these colleagues have read my work that was published in the SFMJ, and have served with me for a number of years now.” 

    Ky smiled again, and the warm, motherly pride in her son was evident in her eyes. She stopped and gave him another hug, pride and love washing off of her like tidal waves of a tsunami. As the emotional overload hit him, he tensed completely under her grip and did his best not to flinch. However, due to motherly instinct, she noticed and let go almost immediately.

    “You didn’t flinch the first time I hugged you...you’ve changed….” This was a conversation he hadn’t ever envisioned having with his family, especially because he had no real family to speak of. He felt isolated from the Moonsongs due to his connection with Raissa being so tenuous and his biological family being dead, so he nodded slowly and took a breath. “I’ve had my DNA scrambled, Mom. I’m a T2/E6 now, and I’m still getting used to the empathic overload. Series of freakish accidents.” The smile quickly disappeared, replaced by one of concern. Having one’s DNA toyed with was never a fun experience, but to have it stated so bluntly was an unusual experience for the captain. 

    “Indeed? Well. We have no reader ancestry, so this is...very different.” CD just nodded. “Yeah. I’ve been getting training in how to deal with it.” She nodded and ran a hand along his bearded face. “That’s good. So...you mentioned your love life is not anything special?”

    “Not really, no. Nobody special right now. I have a dog, though. Given to me by a pair of colleagues because I’m a high stress depressive. Devlin’s an adorable beagle.” She glanced over his shoulder to see the five year old beagle running toward them. “You always were good with dogs. And yes, he is quite adorable. That’d be him, I trust?” CD turned and patted his leg. “Come here, boy.” Devlin ran up and gave a yip of greeting as he approached. The captain knelt down and extended her hand to him, which was sniffed for a moment before being given a friendly lick.

    The moment was picture-perfect. Mom, Chythar, and his dog. A moment of serenity before a sudden burst of gale force wind came in and disrupted everything. The world went black, and Kyrethia and Devlin faded from view,


    Chythar woke suddenly, the sudden wind from his dream sending a chill through his body. The abrupt motion disturbed the dozing beagle beside him, who noted his master’s distress and gave a whimper, nuzzling up against the doctor’s chest and licking his face reassuringly. “It was just a dream, boy… just a dream…” 

    Chythar Skyfire, MD
    Brew Continuum Barista
    USS Veritas NCC-95035

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  3. Quote

    MacKenzie: You two know one another?

    Cumar: We met briefly under circumstances I’ll explain later.

    The fact that the acting security chief was an ensign surprised him slightly, but only slightly. He recalled back to his days on the Victory in which his buddy Cadfael was made chief engineer while still an ensign, although to be fair, Cadfael’s promotion to lieutenant JG was within 24 hours after that title was granted.

    MacKenzie held up both hands, closed her eyes and shook her head.

    MacKenzie: I’m on a need to know basis only, Lieutenant. Rest assured that this is not one of those times.

    Monroe: ::with his arms behind his back, and a straight face, somehow:: We came out of the closet together, it’s fine.

    How Andy managed that with a straight face, he’d never know. This wasn’t the time to ask. He bit back a soft chuckle and heard the sound of a badge chirp as MacKenzie tapped her commbadge.


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  4. I voted Harry Kim because seriously, who gets stuck serving as an ensign for 7 years? That's just rotten luck right there. Eternal Ensign is like "eternal cub" in a Werewolf game. You can get away with everything and your sins are swept under the rug by your superiors.

  5. Quote


    Rosek: ::pauses:: I wonder if we could use the shuttles to help with maneuvering. We could modify their tractor beams to take more stress. That would take some of it off of the Veritas’ tractor beam and maybe increase our mobility. It would require a coordinated effort with the Astraeus, but I think it could work.

    Walker: :: Nodding:: Yeah, I think that could work. And for once a plan that doesn't require bending the laws of physics. :: She turned with a mock disapproving look toward Lael. :: I thought I warned you about coming up with those sort of realistic and possible ideas.

    ::Lael grinned. It was almost strange how much more relaxed it was between them. It hadn’t been but a few months ago that they’d been arguing fairly aggressively in front of not only the Captain and the entire senior staff, but also in front of Antor II’s governor as well. She didn’t expect things to always be candy canes and lollipops between her and Luna.::

    ::They were going to butt heads on occasion. They were both naturally stubborn, opinionated people. The important thing was that they addressed their disagreements in a professional way without making it personal. Given their recent conversations, Lael had hope that they would at the very least develop a working relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Though she did secretly hope they could be friends outside of duty, too.::

    Rosek: You’re the boss. I just work here.

    Walker: Well just don't let it happen again.  Your next idea had better make Admirals sweat in terror to hear of it. :: She chuckled and shook her head. ::

    Rosek: ::laughs:: You’ve got it, boss.

    :: At that moment, the yellow alert flashed. Lael had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. It was always someone out here...especially, she was finding, in areas beyond the edge of frequented space like the Shoals. It was a damn good thing her time in the other universe had taught her how to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. She doubted she would have lasted a day out here as a green Ensign.::

    Walker: And that is why we can't have nice ideas.  



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