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  1. Marriage Term!? Starfleet recommends a marriage for one year if it's you're first marriage as a trial. Lol "I'd like a marriage for two and half years please. It's my first marriage and I'd like to make sure I like it..." Astounding. I think the medical exams and blood works etc would be in case of procreation. It's been noted a few times in the shows that certain species simply cannot have children with each other because the DNA just isn't compatible.
  2. And why do the '09 Romulans all have no hair and tribal tattoo's??
  3. I quite like the future uniforms, takes it back to the TOS days in a way, but I'm not a fan of the com. badge. But I agree with Hutch that it was nice bringing it in to play in all the later series. It kinda does suggest that Starfleet will use that uniform some day. I also like the options in ST:O for uniforms, but I think there are too many choices. As for The Motion Picture uniforms, now they were tacky. I think I'd resign my commission if I were forced to wear those! And count me in for the fuzzy slippers. Standing all day in those boots are killing my feet!
  4. It struck me the other day that we are now in 2389 IC, which is ten years after the conclusion of ST: Nemesis (set in 2379). All acknowledgements to timelines in the shows (TNG: All Good Things..., DS9: The Visitor, VOY: Endgame) suggest Starfleet adopts this uniform. Should we be simming this new uniform too??
  5. It's really good to see an influx of new members. I hope you all have a great time in the fleet!
  6. It sounds absolutely revolting. I'm with Chris on this one - chips and gravy (we northerners know our gravies...) or chips and cheese. Never together, you crazy Cannucks. Never! Mind you, we English can't talk. We have the likes of bubble and squeak and bread and dripping. I did chuckle at the way Tracey said 'brown gravy'. There I was thinking that the Canadian delicacy involved green gravy
  7. I think the RL getting in the way might get me, also. I do enjoy playing it though. Because I came to it quite late I was a little jealous of everyone else marauding the galaxy in their huuuuuge starships, while I plodded behind in my little Miranda class I know what you mean about the combat. I've just finished Klingon War missions and am now starting the Romulan ones, and it's getting a bit too "battle some ships in space then beam to the planet/facility and kill the baddies there." However there are more exploration missions out there,you just have to find them.
  8. Does anyone else play Star Trek: Online? I bought it last week, and am in danger of becoming quickly addicted! If you do, what are your thoughts?
  9. I've only seen snippets of it on YouTube, but will try and see the whole thing. I am a big fan of Shatner and will always defend him, and I'm glad to see he does his best in this.
  10. Me three! Maybe Lily can guest-sim as our Red Alert Bulb
  11. Oh Jhen, you shouldn't have! This was more for the writers' benefit than anything else. Whilst it was fun to write, it's barely believable! I mean, spectacular Sim! That Danny Wilde knows how to get himself out of a few predicaments, eh?
  12. Me too! Incidentally, some of my best sims, too...
  13. In my Tops Sims Contest debut, I'm submitting this recent Sim by Nek Illium. I think it's wonderfully written which expands on a brief summary of what happened in another sim, without a simple "this happened, then this happened" style. I particularly like the flashbacks, but in the style of a telepathic memory share - a trait seen by the Ullians, the alien speicies Nek sims for. The story is gripping and as I said it greatly expands on one paragraph from another persons sim. A very good sim - I enjoyed reading it and I'm pleased to submit it here.
  14. ((Main Camp - Planet side)) :: After the incident with the crewman who had lost a leg, Nek had seperated from the others and started looking for a superior Security officer to report to. Much to his dismay, he discovered that Lieutenant Rogers was completely unaccounted for and out of range for his comm badge. He hoped that the officer was alright but... oO D$&^! him, tell me that I am not in charge of security on this forsaken waste land.Oo It seemd that he was however, and he quickly went in search of his security teams.:: Illium: =/\= Illium to all security personnel, report to the temporary armoury by the engineer dump. Anyone: Response ::He met them there shortly, and began assigning shift rotations, methods of contact in case of an emergency and other any other details he could think of, certain that he was missing something.:: The sand shark attack came just as he finished setting up the initial outer perimeter and getting the heavier weapons in place. Nek had been walking back to the shelter, trying to think of the dozens of details that he was certain he hadn't addressed when the call to arms came in. Afterward, he sat by the side of a security officer who was torn in half but not yet dead, trying to comfort him as the last of the precious fluid that sustained the man poured out in blue streams of ichor onto the sand. Illium: It's over. You did good.. You did really good. Enlisted: It didn't eat me did it? I thought it ate me. <<Memory Flash>> ::They came out of nowhere, emerging from the sand almost at random. The tremors didn't alert the tricorders until it was almost to late. The seismic activity of the world concealed their approach. He saw one of the beasts rise up out of the ground and latch onto someone, he didn't know who. He lifted the disintigrator to his shoulder and fired.:: <<Current:>> Illium: No, we got you out. Just hold on, the medics will be here soon. Enlisted: Good, I thought it might have eaten you too, and that's why you were here. ::The man shivers as his eyes dull:: It's cold. I thought we landed on a desert. Why is it cold? <<Memory Flash>> ::The weapon had blasted a chunk from the creatures side but hadn't slowed it down much. With a terrible crunch and a scream, the crewman went down... Down into the earth itself. Nek staggered and dropped to his knees as the pain of the mans sudden death washed over him like one of his own memories.:: <<Current>> Illium: The sun has gone down, that's why it's cold. Just hold on.. What's your name? Enlisted: Thomas sir, Thomas Reed. Thanks for staying with me, I'm not sure why I can't walk, I can't remember.. <<Memory Flash>> ::It was chaos, filled only with tiny moments of clarity. The screech of alarms that gave them vital seconds before the beasts rose. The hiss of phaser fire. The photon grenades were worse than useless unless you managed to get one set at maximum right down the creatures throat. That worked.. Only the once though. :: <<Current>> Illium: Probably not permanent Thomas.. You got thrown around a bit, it's just shock. I can stay as long as you need. Thomas: I'm so tired, I think I'll just take a quick nap.. Wake me when the medics get here. Illium: NO! Don't go to sleep Thomas.. Just hold on.. ::He picks Thomas up. It's not hard. Even whole, the man was only a fraction of the weight he could lift, but without his legs, he weighed a lot less. Logic told him that there was nothing he could do, but the fire in the back of his brain screamed that he had to try. He starts walking toward the makeshift sickbay, remembering...:: <<Memory Flash>> ::The things could be driven back. They were proving it. Massed fire. It was the only thing that did anything. He shouted the orders to fall into triangle formations, concentrate fire. Then the big one came for them, targeting them specifically. Thomas, he hadn't known the man's name then, had shouted the warning and pushed him out of the way just in time. The sandshark had emerged right where Nek had been standing a second before, and its jaws clamped down hard on Thomas's waist. Rage, raw and brutal had overwhelmed him, dropping the Isomagnetic disintegrator, he had pried the jaws open with sheer brute strength. He armed and dropped in the photon grenade, set to maximum power. Then he fell back as the creature started to dive underground, the sand fluxing, turning liquid around it. *BOOM* the sound was muted, but the effect was not. The creature froze, half in the sand, half out, unmoving. That signaled the end of the first attack. He had gone over to the man who had saved his life. :: <<Current- Planet side Sickbay>> Illium: Hold on Thomas.. We are almost there. Thomas: Just can't keep my eyes.... ::The voice faded and Nek started to run. oO There will be vengence for you Thomas. I promise. Oo He made it to the makeshift sickbay with the bloody torso of the man who used to be Thomas in his arms, screaming for a medic.:: Illium: Medic!! I have a man down, he is going into shock. Some one help him!! Anyone: Response Tag Ltjg Nek Illium Security USS Ronin
  15. Deadlines next friday isn't it? I may have something by then.
  16. I was planning on doing one of a similar nature to yours, but decided against it now
  17. In the thread just below this one, Mr. Vannini
  18. Incidentally, I'm considering expanding on an idea happening on the Independence as we speak, and an influence from the ships own ethos: "A little Revolution is good...every now and then!" I am thinking of writing about a possible munity on a starship, and what lengths would an officer do to protect the ship from someone unfit for command, or someone who has abused power. The revolution aspect being the overthrowing of command by other officers and the implications of this. I am initially drawn to this edition of the writing challenge for two reasons: I wrote my university dissertation on the American Revolution, and am interested in the shaping of things afterwards, as opposed to what was in place before hand (historically, politically and socially speaking), and also because some elements on the Independence are questioning Admiral Anassasi's sanity and ability to command. Totally IC, of course. *EDIT* I should point out that this is a plot being generated by the Admiral herself, as she seems to be in telepathic contact with someone on DS17, whom no one else is aware of. Thoughts?
  19. Season 7 of Voyager, episode entitled 'Author, Author', tells the tale of the Doctor's struggle to be recognised as a sentient being, thus having the same rights as anyone else. 'Revulsion' from Season 5 also deals with a Delta Quadrant society using holograms as a labour class, thus the hologram on the ship killed his 'Organics' and wanted the Doctor to run away with him. The holographic revolution was one of ideology rather than physical means, as we all know that holograms in the Star Trek Universe are still not granted the same rights as any other Federation citizen. Good idea, I like it!
  20. It was tough, but I cast my vote for Harriman. The man was coward. Granted, it would be natural to whimper when you have the legendary Captain James T. Kirk on your bridge, but you should at least be prepared. I've enjoyed the stuff people have been saying about Ransom, but I don't think he was a 'bad' Captain. I just think he lost track of his morals. He was in a smaller ship, not very well equiped with weapons and such, races were picking on him. He HAD to do something in that situation. He did try to figure out a way of using the energy the beings possessed, but unfortunately the experiments were a failure and the beings died. He removed his EMH's ethical subroutines to justify what they were doing - His Doctor wouldn't question his choices of command, making the burden a little easier. In "Equinox" it did show him to be showing signs of remorse for the creatures, and ultimately it was his crew that turned against him in the bid to get home. Plus he sacrificed himself to the aide of Voyager: Harriman simply wanted to be in the Enterprises Captains Chair. Also, no more Janeway bashing... :angry:
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