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  1. I writted part of my post for the challenge. However It's been a few days and I wanted to continue, but I can't edit it, so I can post a reply, but I wonder if there's a way to edit what's written or to delete the partially written to let the full one only. Can anyone help me?

    Lt. Marcus Dickens

    Chief science Officer


  2. :: It was a dark morning, like the others despite the nearby star. Gamma shift was about to start and Kobin, the young Ferengi ensign was about to be late because the beautiful Orion woman that has kept him awake all the evening and her hands rubbing his tender ears. Everyone was in the room when the Chief Engineer received him ::

    Telson: Ok, now that everyone's here, that's what's needed to be done.

    :: Telson was a Human in his thirties that gave him a maintenance task in lower decks of the station::

    Robin: oO Great Oo :: He thought in despair :: oO Again checking suport systems and all the fun for the others Oo

    :: Regretting his fate, he took his tools and headed for the Jefferies tubes and arrived to the lower sections were he started the work, but soon felt so tired and leaning on the floor, fell asleep. He awake surprised and looked at the time. It's 05:00 so he realized he hadn't time to finish the job and thought that he could finish it the next day and didn't want Telson scolding him. In the meeting, he told that the job was done as he by-passed the diagnostics systems. only a Level II diagnosis will reveal the problem ::

    ( Next evening )

    :: The thay has been moved and the base has used most of It's personnel repairing three ships that had arrived with damages after a Jem Haddar attack on a nearby system. In the meeting, Telson assigned him and Baruki, a Bolian woman, to repair the lower support energy systems. He didn't like it as he won't be free to do the other repair. They divided the sections were they'll work to finish everything within the shift ::

    Robin: oO Great. If we finish this quick I can do the other Oo Ok, you take this half and I'll look the other. We'll meet in the other side. If not, continue until finding the other.

    Baruki: Ok, It'll be great if we do this on this shift.

    Robin: Yes. Let's get to work and surprise Telson.

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