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  1. Hello Jonathan, thanks for trying UFOP:SB118. First of all I'd like to say that working on a submarine it's an awesome job, not easy and, in a sense, is like being on a starship (or in RL like in the ISS. Secondly, congratulations on your future fatherhood, it'll be an awesome adventure. In case we get on the same ship, don't hesitate to drop me a line. I'll be happy to chat with you and help you anyway I can.

  2. 3 hours ago, Felderburg said:

    Hello! I'm Felderburg. I live in New Mexico, USA, and I currently work at a nonprofit. I found out about this site on the Treknobabble subreddit (someone posted there a few days ago). I've roleplayed in MMOs and pen & paper, but never PBEM, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes. I haven't played Star Trek Online in years, but the character I applied with is intended to be an adapted version of my main there.

    Welcome Felderburg, I hope that you enjoy your time here with us. I was also a pen and paper player back in the day when I joined this group. after trying first another one and had to deal with the amazing players and writing in English (my main language is Spanish). However this group embraced me and if you give it time, you'll be delighted with it. I hope to see you soon with us and maybe, sim with you in the near future.

  3. 20 hours ago, Reema Poq said:

    What's up? My name's Sabrina, I am in California, I'm an actor, found this place through the promo team in a facebook group and now I'm here. I'm extremely detail oriented, I'm one of those annoying people who come up with explanations for why weird [...] can happen in trek instead of suspending disbelief and moving on, and I'm excited to write some Bad Things Happening and working together on creating solutions.

    Hello and welcome to a place full of adventures and a challenge for your imagination. I play Commander Kelrod on the USS Veritas and I hope that you have a great time with us.

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  4. Kelrod is not the diplomatic type. Maybe Marcus will do better, but Kelrod is way too emotional and driven by instinct due his many years a a soldier. The joining with Dickens gave him a more rounded balance of skills, but he can't change his nature to like those kind of situations. But he'll do it if necessary and have the experience to succeed in most cases. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Trellis Vondaryan said:

    Janeway. Who wants to get lost on the far side of the galaxy and then repeatedly told EVERYONE ELSE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY CREW for the foreseeable future? Seriously, there were at least seven instances where she could have led the crew back home in an instant (Q, the Caretaker, wormholes) and she always was "nah, we'll do this some other way." How there wasn't a mutiny or seven I'll never understand.

    Also, no opportunity for promotion...

    I see your point, but allow me to say something in her favor. She didn't decided to get lost and once there decided to uphold Federation protocols. After a few encounters with technology and entities that could bring them home, they realized that there's always a cost. They decided to not let others suffer or dissapear to get home, what gave them a stronger sense of what Starfleet represents. Maybe you'll feel better under Admiral Janeway!? 😉

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  6. Congratulations to all the winners!! Those winning the special awards, thanks for putting that light, that spark that keeps us interested in playing this game seeing how many original and interesting situations you introduce for us and all your efforts in keeping this a top PBEM RPG ! 

    To those winning the length of service award, thanks for your implication, devotion and perseverance in a game like this, where we use our imagination and improve our simming skills (and use of English). Over the years I've been in many ships, simmed with so many people, like Mirra Ezo, Rune Jolara, Tal Tel-ar, Raissa Moonsong, Roshanara Rahman, and many many others that had been part of almost half of my life (most of my adult life). So thanks to everyone that has been here for long and thanks to the new additions that keep this game existing, keep the spirit of Gene Roddenberry when he created the Trek universe and for keeping that universe alive and contribute to give it more life, background and depth.


    You're all amazing and I hope to be simming with you another 25 years!!


    Sergio, aka Marcus Dickens, aka Kelrod


    P.A.: It's been just for a month and half that I didn't get the 15 years badge. I'll have to wait for the next year ceremony (*wink, wink)

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  7. Kelrod: Trust is earned, not given. Their safety is my responsibility, I could have stunned you before the cuffs, but I’m giving you the chance to do things nice and easy.

    Tacir: ::gaze drops to her hands and murmurs:: Trust is earned, not given. ::meets Rahman’s gaze:: Can you really help me save my daughter?

    Rahman: As you said, trust is earned, not given.


    Could this be the motto of this mission? ;)

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  8. Quote

    :: Kelrod decided to impress the young lieutenant with his knowledge of her and after a summarization of certain general facts with a bit of specific ones, he felt he’d achieved his goal. ::


    Rosek: ::chuckles:: Pretty detailed. Though I don’t imagine you skimmed over my time aboard the Gorkon where we got stuck in an alternative universe. ::smiles:: Though I am slightly surprised you knew the details behind why I changed my major at the Academy. I thought they had that under lock and key.


    Kelrod: Priviledge of rank and position. oO In fact he didn’t know the details, but the change in the courses told him that something happened to make such a switch, and it seemed that he’d hit the spot with that blind assumption.::

    Kelrod is a player, sometimes he bluffs, sometimes he don't. Sometimes, bluffing works

  9. 3 hours ago, T'Bel said:

    Hi, I am Sebastien, but Seb will do just fine. I checking in here all the way from France, in hot and sunny Montpellier. I love all things Star Trek, have been a fan for donkey years, always in original versions as french dubbing is simply awful actually makes ST comical.

    I also am an afficionado of STO where i happen to spend a lot of time Rping, however what you guys do here seems totally interesting, i guess its time for the creative neurones to get into action.

    And thank you for letting me join the team





    Hello Seb, welcome to 118. I'm sure that you'll have a lot of fun here, as I've been having the last 14 years or so. I was once on Narbone and Carcassone and I'm planning to visit Montpellier if not this autumm, maybe next summer as I live in Catalonia (Spain) so it's pretty near. I'm also on STO but barely have time to play, so I only get online from time to time.

    If you need something or have doubts, aside from your CO, FO and crewmates, you can get to me and I'll help you as best as I can.

    Bon nuit mon amí.

  10. ( Ready Room )



    ::Once they were inside and the doors had shut, Roshanara turned around and leaned against the edge of the small desk in the room. Kelrod remained standing in front of the captain, looking at her trying to know what her reasoning will be to have ordered the locals to be brought to the ship.::

    Rahman: Why did you order the sedation of the locals? Was it a medical situation?

    Kelrod: oO Interesting question to start Oo As we’re to bring a pre-warp civilization into a far more advanced vehicle and see Aliens, I wanted to prevent a cultural shock, seeing themselves surrounded by strange things.

    Rahman: Did Dr. Ryan concur and approve?

    Kelrod: Dr Ryan was in the planet and we’re in a rush to retrieve them, to avoid them to be caught by the local pursuers and to get back to the ship in time so you don’t have to leave us there for nine months. :: Kelrod said that in the calmer tone he could muster, but he didn’t understand why she’s asking him those questions instead of explaining to him why she’d ordered them aboard. ::

    ::She crossed her arms.::

    Rahman: I can appreciate your caution and wanting to minimize the damage that can be done to these people. ::She looked right into his eyes.:: But we need to make one thing clear: that was not your call to make.

    Kelrod: And who was

    Rahman: Dr. Ryan is the chief medical officer of this ship. That means all medical matters are under her authority, and even I as captain would only overrule such authority in the most extreme of exceptional circumstances. I expect you will respect such professional boundaries in the future.

    Kelrod: I will, but I considered that this was one of those circumstances. It was clear that she’s emotionally compromised with those people, so in my opinion she’s lost objectivity about the repercusions of them being transported what could be about four centuries of biological diversity and technological improvement.  :: he took a deep breath, conscious that after all, she’s the captain. :: However,... I’ll remind this conversation for any future situation like this.

    ::She nodded.::

    Rahman: Now, that said, we do indeed have a rather… “complicated” situation on our hands. You needn’t remind me of the prime directive, commander. I am well-aware of my responsibilities and duties as captain to uphold Starfleet's most sacred mandate.

    Rahman: But there’s a reason the prime directive has 47 sub-sections. And as one of Starfleet’s greatest captain’s once said, "There can be no justice so long as laws are absolute.”

    Kelrod: Yes, but The Prime Directive isn't just a set of rules; it's a philosophy... and a very correct one. History has proved again and again, that whenever anyone interferes with a less developed civilization, no matter how well intentioned that interference may be, the results could be disastrous"

    Rahman: You and the rest of the senior staff will be debriefed soon, but in short, the society on that planet has been found to have been previously interfered with by non-Federation citizens—in this case, the Valtese smuggler we picked up. Mr. Ver has revealed that he has helped resettle these refugees across various planets in the Shoals. If we’re to have any hope of dealing with the fall out of this interference, we’re going to need to hear their side of the story to understand the full picture.

    Kelrod: :: That was an interesting piece of information that he didn’t know about. :: So, they’ve already been made aware of life outside their planet? I wasn’t sure that he’d revealed himself to be from out of this world, if I’ve known that I could have... considered leaving them conscious. Anyway, they’re in sickbay waiting for you to give the order to wake them up.


    :: Kelrod was facing the captain, ready to ask the uncomfortable questions, but that was part of being one of the senior officers of the ship, and the second with more pips on his collar. ::

    Kelrod: I have a few questions captain,...

    ::She nodded for him to proceed.::

    Kelrod: Are we to assume that the whole planet knew about life outside their world? I mean, did Mr. Ver revealed himself as a force against the ruling forces that pursued those locals?

    Rahman: No, from what I understand thus, Mr. Ver smuggled locals out from persecution in exchange for dilithium. Whether the rest of the planet’s population knew about his presence is unknown but unlikely. That said, this is why we will need to speak to the locals themselves to learn more about what was the arrangement they had with Mr. Ver.

    Kelrod: I know they’re primitive and with very limited resources, but how will we be sure that they’ll not seek revenge over the people that tried to kill them, asking other aliens like Mr. Ver to help them?

    Rahman: We don’t. We don’t even know the full extent of the diaspora across the Shoals.

    Kelrod: Will the Federation or the the Shoals government take any measure to ... respect that planet’s civilization to evolve on their own way? Will we be taking care of their well being and safety?

    ::She took a deep breath.::

    Rahman: These are all questions I’ve asked myself as well. Ones that Mr. Ver and those who violate the directive brush off or never even examine. In Mr. Ver’s case, he is not a Starfleet officer and was never bound by any obligation. We are.

    ::She took a moment to glance at his commander’s pips, now no longer provision but the same as any other fully commissioned officer. The pips she had agreed to allow him to wear that came with the highest of expectations now for him as Kelrod, the Starfleet officer—not the soldier.::

    Rahman: While I cannot answer these questions at this moment, you can be assured that I as your captain, we as a crew, and Starfleet and the Federation will be examining every possible measure and implementing those that are appropriate.

    Kelrod: Sorry sir, ::He stood at attention.:: I just wanted to have things clear and understand the ramifications and our policy about what we’ve done today. You’ll have my report about the whole away mission in a few hours.

    Rahman: I can understand that, commander. That desire to know more about why decisions were made and wanting to make sure they were the right ones. And all I can tell you is that what may seem clear and straightforward is not always so from the view while sitting on the chair out there. ::She gestured back to the bridge that stood just outside those doors.::

    Kelrod: :: Kelrod nodded in agreement, remembering his time on the Veritas, including the time when he had to put Captain Blueheart under arrest for destroying a ship full of Romulans from another time when they're defenseless :: Been there, done that.

    Rahman: I look forward to reading your report.

    Kelrod: It'll be complete and fully detailed.

    Rahman: Also, now that we’re in calmer waters, give me an update on the SAR shuttle project when you get a chance. In addition to Commanders Mei’konda and Walker, I’d recommend you get in touch with Commander Core. He is a components expert and now working back in R&D. I think he’d be an asset to your team.

    ::She was aware of course of the potential awkwardness of the captain asking a subordinate to put her partner on a project, but she was confident in the Rodulan’s abilities to help with what Kelrod wanted in the new shuttle.

    Kelrod: I'll see to it. I planned to talk with them tomorrow when we've all rested a bit. I'll be sure to inclued Commander Core.

    ::She gave him a final nod, and decided she'd throw one more quote back at him. She almost smirked.::

    Rahman: "Make it so." Dismissed.

    :: Kelrod simply raised an eyebrown in the most Vulcanoid way and left the room. ::
  11. Hello guest, I'm glad that you've took an interest in our group and your questions are appropiate, so don't worry about asking anything you need to know. I've been a player of this group for about fourteen years and I'd like to ease some of your concerns, leaving a more detailed and official answer to someone else with more knowledge and proper explanation. First of all, tell you that English is no my main language so forgive me if something sounds strange or there's any error.

    About your question 1: You don't have to share nothing of your personal information (besides the e-mail that you'll use to play in our community, if that could be considered personal because you can use an e-mail exclusively for the game as I do) About the Privacy policy I'll leave that for someone of high staff.

    About your question 2: You don't have to tie your mail to your real persona. For example, I use dickens.marcus@gmail.com and this is not my real name. I might have shared my birthday but that's not exactly sensitive information, in my opinion. That said, you're free to share as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with. Of course we tend to avoid using full names, but sometimes, when confidence is built, we might share our first name as we address each other, but that's only if you want to.

    I'll leave questions 3 and 4 for others to answer as it involves some aspect of the group that I can't answer without asking the EC or the CC. FltAdm. Wolf will be the best person to answer that ;)

    About question 5, it varies from month to month, depending of people real life issues and commitments. As you've surely read, the minimum required to be considered full time simmer is three posts a week or twelve a month, but if you feel very inspired and/or have the time, anything above that is fine, while it allows people to get time to answer/reply to your posts and tags and let enough room for others to develop the story/plot and their characters.

    Well, enough for now, I hope I've eased some of your concerns and will leave anyone else to answer your questions, either rectifying or confirming my answers and giving you the ones for questions three and four.

    From someone who had been here many years, I hope that you finally join us and to share this experience with you either simming or through the forums.


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