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  1. Welcome back! It's been years wondering how it'll be to sim with you. Now I've got a chance.

    1. Antero Flynn

      Antero Flynn

      Very flattering Kelrod! Can't wait to jump in and see what adventures we can get into. 😄

  2. TOS style fits good, ... what's up with the red shirt? It's a good colour for away missions, isn't it?

  3. Even those that are unique live their lifes through the eyes of the others.

  4. Welcome to the group!

  5. Thanks all, I've been out of this and haven't seen your messages. See you soon.

  6. @Chestnutt1975 @martijaxn @SethMacFarlane @TheOrville You're not the only one Jessica! I'm eager to watch it, more… https://t.co/fcrCj0kKi5

  7. RT @ufopsb118: Roshanara Rahman promoted to Commander https://t.co/w998D4bPmn https://t.co/2nqH8dW5e0

  8. @ufopsb118 arriving to my new home. #USSINVICTA Now it's time to meet the crew.

  9. Service ribbons and medals after a life celebration party. Findind old friends and about to meet new. @ufopsb118 #USSINVICTA

  10. RT @ufopsb118: We need more heroes – join us today! https://t.co/68OYQ7WKwy #pbem #rpg #StarTrek https://t.co/rO5zXCTtFN

  11. Party ends with the CO call for a meeting. What'sgoing on? find out following @ufopsb118 #USSINVICTA

  12. @ILOVESTARTREK17 well, she'll be back on star trek renegades. So she's not dead after all! Enjoy!

  13. RT @StarTrek: #ICYMI: Go boldly down the aisle. More at https://t.co/upQc8HRqN0 #StarTrek #ValentinesDay https://t.co/H8Jvcz6mle

  14. @akaWorf @gates_mcfadden Cardassian Obsidian order agents. Because...THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!

  15. @KriJBa @ufopsb118 Nice from you to take it that seriously. Know anything related to Angosians? Dickens is an angosian/Betazoid hybrid.

  16. From the ashes, I'm reborn

  17. Sad day for humanity. Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking. May you find all that you need in this new phase of your exist… https://t.co/z1KL5UbcIh

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