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  1. FltAdml. Wolf kindly showed me that my hologram character cant be played. I actually misread/misinterpreted the races that are acceptable in play. My apologies. I hate double posting but hopefully the new character that i have come up with will be just as fun lol. Here it goes Quilliam, or "Books" as he had become known as, was hardly aware that the transport shuttle was on its final leg of the long trip to the space station. Books was finishing the last few chapters of the new novel his mother had sent him from earth. Not just some PADD with a story on it, but an actual real book. Most if not all of the cadets at the academy had never seen a real book before, and most had just laughed when he would ask the replicators at the academy for a paper bound book containing the course material. There was just something about holding a real book that always reminded him of home. It was more than likely because he had grown up around so many of them when he was younger. Ever since he could remember his lap and hands were filled with some big dusty tome holding story of adventure. His great, great, great, great grandfather had been a publisher for a number of authors during his time, and he would always somehow managed to keep his hands on a first edition copy of their books to add to his library. The library had become in a way, a large heirloom to the family. Each son adding his own books to the now massive collection and as their father passed away his son would inherit the responsibility of caring for them as their son would add books to it. The library was almost in a way, kind of like a family pet. A pet that had now close to nine thousand different limbs to it. As books slowly became old fashioned and where replaced by the use of PADD's the books being added to it had slowed almost to a complete halt. In fact the only reason it had grown at all in recent years was because of him sending his books back home after he was done with them. Sometimes he would chuckle a little to himself that his copy of Basic Warp Design and Theory for First Year Cadets was on the same shelving that held a copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, or The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin and other prized literature. Most of his family were still publishers for some very prestigious and award winning holo-novelists back on earth. His younger brother Steven was being groomed by his father to take over the business for when he retired in a few years. He was actually kind of surprised at how well his family had taken the news that he had decided to join starfleet. In fact, both his parents were almost overjoyed with the whole idea. When he had asked his father if he was disappointed in him for not taking over the business his father simply said "son, we publish adventures. You'll be living them." Those where the final words of encouragement that he needed to hear, ensuring him that he had made the right choice. "Hey Books, you've got to see this station. It's HUGE." Books glanced out the corner of his eyes to the small view port to his left side, then focused back at the page of text he was reading. "Yea I can see, its massive." He muttered lackadaisically. "Oh come on Books, you didn't even look." Kelly, the female cadet sitting next to him, lightly shoved his shoulder. "Look at the size of that thing." Knowing how she was, Books quickly found the bookmark he was using and slid it between the pages he was on and put the book back into his duffel bag almost like it was some priceless artifact. "I hope you appreciate this, I was just about to find out who killed the butler." Kelly looked at him with an odd look. "I thought the butler was the one always responsible in those things?" Books laughed as he unbuckled and climbed over to the small view port. "Kelly you have warp theory down pact, but you've got a lot to learn when it comes to good literature." He peered out the view port and softly added. "From the looks of it, I'd say we both have a lot more to learn about starfleet." Kelly's eyes stared out the view port taking in the sheer size of the massive starbase. "I hope there is someplace good to eat on that thing, Im starving." Books smirked and kept looking out the window. "Here we are standing at the doors to the known universe and all you can think of is where to find a salad?" Kelly rolled her eyes. "I'll have you know that I don't always get a salad." This time it was Books that rolled his eyes. "I just hope they have some descent coffee." They both laughed softly to themselves as the computers voice came over the shuttles intercom. "On finalized approach to starbase 118. All cadets take your seats." As Books climbed back over to his seat and began to re-buckle himself, the words that his father spoke to him echoed in his mind. "Son, we publish adventures, you'll be living them." Those words were the most powerful gift that his father could have ever given him. As the docking clamps took hold of the shuttle the voice of the helmsman came over the shuttles intercom. "Welcome to starbase 118 cadets, and good luck." Name: Quilliam "Books" Bardwell Race: Human Age: Twenty Five
  2. D.K. you bring up a very good point. Its not all about the strengths of a character that make him/her fun to play or develop, but the weaknesses of said character. Seeing a character make their weaknesses strengths, or seeing how a character either does or doesn't get around their weaknesses is far more interesting (at least to me) then seeing a super kick butt person that has no flaws. Its more fun to play and to write (i don't know about SIMMING but we shall see soon enough :-) ). With a sentient hologram character you LARGE list of flaws to choose from. The simple fact that your a hologram alone is a major character flaw. The character can ask questions like "why am i here?" "Do i have a soul?" "Am i real?" "If i do have a soul, what happens when i go off line?" Any of those questions would be add layers of complexity to their development all while helping the crew and ship with the main mission/plot.
  3. I do see your points. Very well explained and I see what you mean by they would be almost a "Q" like character and how it damper the experience of the SIM. However what about the complexity of the holograms programming? (Btw this more a discussion of pure interest now on my part. I've already come up with different character idea :-) ) I could see how a holograms programming would be the equivalent to a flesh and blood characters childhood. In everyone's childhood we pick up traits from the people of influence in our lives good or bad. As we grow older we come in contact with other people that either have the same traits or different traits. During this time we without even really thinking about it we evaluate the traits and what ones would serve us better in the long run. For an example of this look at season two of voyager were the doctor falls in love with his patient. Or when the doctor programs himself with the flu and Kes increased the time of the of the flu without him knowing. Both times his program became more sensitive to the needs of his shipmates. This gives us the basic blueprint of our future personality. The only difference between a flesh and blood person and a hologram (at least to me that is) is that a hologram could produce a physically record if need be about how its program came to a particular conclusion about the subject in question. I also feel that i should show some light on William Nydale. He was programmed by two respected holonovelists that couldn't have children. His basic programming was a blend of both of his "parents" philological profiles as well as a blend of there medical records for what a child between the two of them would look like. This blend of characteristics where randomly chosen by the holographic computer core. They also integrated a network of learning algorithms into his program. William grew into his self awareness much like children grow to become their own person. The only major thing they added to his program was a desire to find his purpose and that is a goal of everyone in the galaxy. Also his parents put into place a network of algorithms that prevent William from either adding or deleting data files except via his learning algorithms. Like i said this is purely for interest only at this point. I've come up with a different character to use. Its just intrusting to hear your thoughts.
  4. I'm very sad to hear that my sentient/self-aware hologram character idea will have to stay with in my mind. Hopefully after i have gathered enough experience SIMING perhaps i could submit a request to that captains counsel (I know it'll be a long time before I personally would feel conferable doing so.) I am however still interested in the topic of a sentient/self-aware hologram characters. Piqui, you mentioned that as a hologram you could of done " terminator things" in regards to the Klingon spear removed from your back. Can you explain that in a wider view? You also mentioned "So many problems" can you also elaborate on this as as well? Admiral, ill be coming up with new character ideas soon so i will be able to let the commending officer know.
  5. Both cadets William Nydale and Marrissa Ansell both steeped off the transport together. They had meet years back but only briefly in a class that they both had together about basic warp theory. It wasn't particularly his cup of tea but he did know from the short time that they had known each other during their first year at the academy that Marrissa had a passion for warp drive design. Now almost four years latter had they met again simply just because they had been seated together on the transport. William on the other hand had more of an interest in the starfleet intelligence and counter intelligence departments. More specifically the potential for holographic technology within the intelligence community. Given his vast experience in advanced holographic theory he felt that he could make a large difference to the well being and security of starfleet. Like the old saying went "knowledge is power, and its intelligence that regulates that power." Marrissa stopped mid sentence and slowly looked around the space station. Her eyes where wide with wonder. "I cant believe how big this station is." "Its no bigger than any other station I've been on" Will stated with a smirk. "Oh really now?" Marrissa said putting her fists on her hips. "And just how many space stations have you been on?" "If i do recall i would have to say this is my..." Will stopped for a moment and pretended to think long and hard. "First time being on any station." Marrissa laughed and gave William a light and playful shove on the shoulder. "How much time do we have till we have to report?" "We have about an hour and a half before we need to make our way to the holodeck." Marrissa sighed with relief. "Thank god, I'm starving. What about you?" William readjusted his duffel bag onto his shoulder. "I'm not hungry, but if you like i could come with you and help you find a place to eat." "Sounds good to me. Know of anywhere particular?" "Yea actually, Orion Risa pub and grill. Its down two levels and then down the walkway on the right." Marrissa looked at William with a little bit of surprise. "You sure you have never been here before?" "Positive, i looked over the layout of the station before we left the academy." Marrissa was smirking herself as the two of them walked to the turbolift. "You know if I didn't know any better I would say you where a vulcan." William laughed softly. "Oh believe me I'm no vulcan." Down in the restaurant both William and Marrissa sat at one of the many open side tables. Marrissa had ordered a bowl of chicken alfredo, along with a glass of white wine that William recommended would go well with the dish. He had ordered was a glass of water that he hadn't touched for the entire meal. All he had done was listen to Marrissa talk at length about new advancements in warp technology and warp theory. "As you can see, it would be a huge increase in power output from the power relays." William smiled and noded his head. "I can see that." "You didn't understand one word of that entire tangent did you?" She said smiling "You lost me after "did you hear about the new..." everything after that was almost compleatly over my head." Marrissa softly laughed and her checks went a little red from embarrassment. "Sorry, some times I just keep talking and talking" William smiled and chuckled. "Its alright don't worry about it." After a few moments of silence and of Marrissa finishing the last bite of her meal she broke the silence with a question. "What about you?" William was a little surprised by the question. "What do you mean?" "You know what do you think you'll find at starfleet intelligence? And whats this about holograms playing a larger role in gathering intelligence?" William readjusted in his seat at the table. "It's honestly just a theory that i have about surveillance and gathering more data more reliably." Marrissa sipped the wine from her glass and smiled. "By how? Sending in a hologram to pose as a person's best friend, or maybe as their prize winning bonsai tree on their desk? William could see where this was going. He had seen it at least a few dozen times during his training at the academy. "Actually, that's the basic idea yes." "I hate to burst your bubble Will, but honestly doubt it'll work." William kept his emotional responses under control. "Oh really, and why is that?" "Well for one I'm almost certain that they would of tried that and i cant see how it would work." William kept his face as calm as he could. He even forced a smile. "Please, explain." Marrissa took another sip from her glass. "Just think about it people that are best friends pick things up about the others habits, about their friends views and thought about particular topics. A hologram wouldn't be able to reproduce all of the small details. Their programing is to limited. People would catch on faster then you would think William." "Really? You think so?" "I really do William." William gave a heavy sigh and looked Marrissa in the eyes. Suddenly his body seemed to for a moment disappear and then it reappeared. But the person that Marrissa had been talking to was no longer the William Rydale she had been talking to at all, it was her. It was like looking into a mirror everything about her was duplicated in perfect detail. Her red hair, her uniform, even the small and faint scar she had on her chin was there. All of it. After a few moment's of silence William restored his original appearance. Back to his black hair and gray eyes. The slender build that was of Marrissa was back to the lean and muscular man that she had come to know. Still sitting in silence she just looked at William in complete shock and disbelief. William rose from his seat at the table and gathered his things. As he was about to leave he looked down to Marrissa and quietly said to her. "Good luck with the last bit of training Marrissa. I'm sure you'll get any of the postings you want, you are a truly gifted engineer." William walked a few feet away when Marrissa spoke to him "William." He turned to se her standing at the table. "Yes?" She was looking for the words in her head. "Good luck to you too. I'm sure your theory will make starfleet proud." He turned around and walked out the door to the pub and started his walk back to the turbolift. As he did so he smiled. That was the first time anyone had wished him luck Name: William Rydale Race: Sentient Hologram Age of Program: 25 years
  6. Hey all, im new and have been approved for training. I have a (in my opinion a good) character and background idea for a sentient/self-aware hologram. However i was wondering if anyone else was playing one or has played as one. If so i would love to hear any advice, pointers, and story's about said characters. Id also like to take the moment and say i look forward to the adventures and getting to know this group of explorers :-)
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