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  1. ethan

    No worries :) Jack says hi and he was thinking about making a return this year.

  2. ethan

    Not too bad, mi love :) Sorry I didn't reply sooner, it didn't flag up for some reason... Need any help in the Training groups?

  3. Aww I missed your birthday... Happy Birthday for then aaaand Happy Saturday for now!

  4. My nose won't stop being itchy!

  5. ethan

    ::jump hugs::

  6. Trying to work the forums on his new phone and realises he isn't cut out for technology

  7. (( Tower of Commerce, Ferenginar )) :: Sat alone in one of the high tower’s cold rooms, Grimp pulled the blanket tighter around his frail form and pressed the button for the next page on the padd. The Rules of Acquisition lay on another padd down by the side of his small stool; lost and forgotten about as he perused through the romance novel, marveling at the imagery. From the first chapter, he was hooked. He loved it. Every twist, every turn, every “curve of the female Vulcan, who walked purposefully up to the door, her heaving buss…”:: :: A short, sharp knock stirred the young one from h
  8. Because they're Classics! I know they were writers, but it doesn't make them any less great where would we be without a bit of randomness? And on the writing challenge board, isn't it inspirational writers we should look to?
  9. It's Plutarch, Herodotus, Homer and Thucydides that are the greats.
  10. Then I apologise if it cause offense; it wasn't intended to, however it's my general feelings on the matter. As with the Featured Articles, there has to be a nominator and a supporter. Coinciding with this matter, I do feel that the position you are taking is directed at selected individuals and the fact that this has only come to light now in round 8 would be frustrating to any author that has submitted their own work in prior rounds. In my opinion, that would be highly insulting to know that my own work had been skimmed over, considering that it states in the rules that a person can submi
  11. My main concern in this contest was (and I'll say it again) the fair representation of every ship. The vast majority of submissions have been from the USS Ronin and other ships in the minority. Not every ship has had a fair bout through each of the rounds and I feel that it is exceedingly unfair to 'skip' a SIM because of who it is submitted by. If the author submits their own work then good for them! I'm never happy with my own work and so would be too much of a chicken to submit mine for fear of backlash. However, not naming anyone in particular, there has been one steady person submitt
  12. I'd rather vote for a sim on it's merit, despite who entered it in, as long as every ship has fair representation. It isn't fair, in my opinion, to not vote for a sim because the person who wrote it nominated it. If you're proud of your work and you feel it's a fair entry then post it up! Fair representation of a vessel is what we're after here, not dictated voting.
  13. Business is a state of mind. So is Kansas.
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