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  2. Okay, the current UFOP year would be 2386 so we are good number of years after the conclusion of the Dominion War. What happened in the series is regarded as having occurred in our timeline. Given our position in the timeline we can obviously refer to it but are not restricted by it. The fleet as a whole is regarded to be in the same time period, this is especially helpful during inter ship missions. While joint sims are encouraged you certainly would not need to be able to write one in training. The goal of training is over all to get everyone writing in the same format. Joint sims are generally best when you have got to know who the other person you are writing with is and given the time period few training it is probably best left until you have been posted on a ship for a while. Simming a history with a fellow Cadet is ok and would make make for interesting character development. Given the training missions you will have plenty to write about without.
  3. You are not expected to be great to start with. The training mission is a learning process. You will receive positive criticism from the training officers, everyone does, even those coming back from some time out. Sure you will be fine.
  4. If you know the basics of Trek you will be fine. The training officers are first class and will be of great a help to you during training. Speaking as a former training officer, people do fail for any number of reasons. not everyone that submits a form or gets to training ends up in the fleet. Oh, and I did not fail when I first joined all those many years ago. Was quite bad though....
  5. All contact forms for current members are on http://www.starbase118.net/members/forms/
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