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  1. The Featured Bio Contest team is looking to add new members from ships currently not represented on the team. All that is required is that members are the rank Lieutenant JG or higher and have an interest in character building, backgrounds, and/or reading crewmates’ bio-pages on our wiki. So, if you are an officer of Lieutenant JG rank or higher, currently serving on Starbase 118 Ops, the Constitution, the Darwin, the Athena, or starting on the brand new Za, and are interested in getting involved with OOC fleet operations, please reply here!
  2. (( Bridge- United Orion Starship Orion Glory, 2.9 hours from Duronis )) :: Xoren looked out at the viewscreen, the faint dot reprsenting the USS Ashoka soon resolving itself into the image of a Defiant Class starship. Although still outside weapons range, Xoren knew the Defiant Class she was facing would be a formidable challenge, one she and her sister ship, the Orion Pride, would be more than willing to take on:: :: The tall Orion woman, thinner than most, with long brunette hair down her back, with piercing green eyes to match her green skin, had been more than happy to
  3. Have you seen someone's bio on the wiki that you think deserves to be featured on the main page and through our publicity and news teams? Then simply reply below with a link to the article! Before you nominate an article, please ensure that your nominated article meets the following rules: Nominated articles must be of a player character played by a CURRENT and ACTIVE member. Nominated articles must be either a PRIMARY or SECONDARY player character. PNPCs are ineligible. All information in the article must be CURRENT as of the submission date.
  4. LtCmdr T'Lea: http://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/T'Lea
  5. So I'm finally getting around to watching the TOS and just had my mind blown watching LtCmdr Ann Muhall (TOS) senior most female character in TOS. I knew that voice! The actress Diana Muldaur then goes on to play Dr. Pulaski on the TNG. So now I'm curious, anyone pick up any other TOS secondary characters going on to play roles in other ST series?
  6. For me it was the death of Tasha Yar. The fact that that moment happened made me feel like watching the rest of the series (TNG, DS9, ENT, VOY) that just because they were a lead character didn't mean they were automatically safe. It was like engraved into my brain and I found myself often wondering if "this was the moment they pulled another Tasha".
  7. A candle light vigil was held in the heart of Toronto gay village (Church & Wellesley Village) tonight to honour and mourn those killed in the Orland shooting. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario's openly-gay Premier Kathleen Wynne, and Toronto's Mayor John Tory have all expressed their shock and solidarity with the LGBTQ2 community in Orlando and in general.

    My heart, Toronto's heart, and all of Canada's heart is breaking for our neighbours.

     I am filled with sorrow, however I find myself growing more and more angry and fearful of the US. The government's reluctance to bring in gun control laws, media that passes off hate-speech as news, growing islamiphobia, state violence toward black communities, wealth inequality, anti-gay organizations and a government and citizenship that seems to be becoming more polarized than ever before. It's all so sad, frustrating and terrifying.

    My condolences and prayers go out to those friends and families that lost loved ones in this terrible massacre. I also pray and hope that the US government will begin to act on facts, not fears, not money. Gun control makes a society safer. Period.

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  8. Brayden Jorey's gala wardrobe was designed by Laudean designer, Til'ahn's own First Lady - Britta Dayso. She took inspiration from the traditional Betazoid two piece-suite and wrap. The material is a very light-weight silk-like material that comes from the venders of the recently established Outpost Unity in the Delta Quadrant and the shawl is embellished with a synthetic fake-fur material. His necklace is from his family's own private treasury.
  9. With the 2016 Awards Season upon us, there is only one question on my mind...
  10. (( Ready Room- United Orion Starship Devastator, orbiting Farius Prime)) :: Quiana sat in her large chair, her long legs crossed, her lips pursed. Much conversation was had that day concerning the upcoming assault on the Duronis sector. The sector was still hers to rule..she had made that perfectly clear, especially after killing the other Alpha female who opposed her. Quiana didn't like the [...] anyway. Killing her in a roomful of allies solidified her position as leader, and blood stained the dagger on her desk:: :: Truly, things had not gone well. Starfleet was no shrin
  11. Hope to see more nominations for the Featured Bio Contest now that everyone is in the nominating mood with award season upon us!

  12. ((Transporter Room, Federation Embassy, Duronis II)) ::Savan heard a chime from behind him. Paul’s face showed a definite sense of relief.:: Transporter Chief: I’m sorry to interrupt but the Godavari has just signaled. They are asking if Ensign Scudder is ready for transport. Savan: Well, it’s time…. Scudder: ::forcing a smile:: Yes. Moscoe: It was nice getting to know you, Mr. Scudder. Have a safe trip, and stay in touch. ::T'Mihn walked up, looked Paul in the eye -- Vulcans seemed to have a habit of this -- and hugged him. Tightly. Paul looked surprised, his o
  13. The option to reply to the poll wasn't there, hence starting a new topic. Rather than take any one side, I would try to act as an intermediary in hopes of working out the safe removal of the sentient cells and developing/implementing a treatment for the resulting cell-less humanoids that would provide them with non-sentient cells. If a safe method, agreed upon by both parties, is not able to be developed than I would only take on a diplomatic role to try and have them come to an understanding/compromise on their own. From my point of view, the idea is to try and help both or help non
  14. That pic looks amazing to me! So cool to see ur character in a Star Trek scene like that! LOVE IT!

    1. Graeme Cook

      Graeme Cook

      Your welcome! XD any more give me a shout!


  15. I was a vote for something else. If I could no long sim the Trek verse, I would find myself or start a sim group based on the X-Men and the Marvel Universe. Just realized that I'd at least get to keep Patrick Stewart (my fav captain). lol
  16. Yes! It's so great having so many talented and active people in the fleet! The wiki page looks great! I'm not sure if it would help, but I did a 7 part series reviewing the Rommies post-hobus for the Newsteam a while back. It had a lot of 'fleet related' info/history that I researched. Maybe that can get linked in or the info added somehow. Here's the link: http://www.starbase118.net/category/column/our-history-our-times/ I see the links for "SFI Assesment" I think I can come up with some kind of stardardized set of info. However, I need a way to collect info from people, because their is just
  17. Greetings and Salutations All, I would like to start a discussion on our (Federation, 118 Fleet) relationship with the other major powers (Klingon, Romulan, etc.). Why, you might ask? I have recently moved into Starfleet Intelligence and would like to keep up to date on the political climate. Besides that, the galaxy politics of the Star Trek has always been my favourite part of Trek. Getting a clear picture on this is tougher than one might think! For example, I have recently moved the Embassy on Duronis II/USS Thunder-A just outside of Federation space nestled between the Romulans and the Za
  18. Is anyone else having an issue with the nomination form? When I click the drop-down to select the award, nothing shows up.
  19. Check this out. http://forums.starbase118.net/index.php?/topic/5891-graphics-requests/ They are the reason we all look so good. :-)
  20. Jorey materialized on the transporter pad to see his childhood friend and imzadi, Koroth, standing at the door to welcome him. “Welcome aboard the USS Perseverance, Mission Specialist Jorey.” Jorey said nothing. He knew he didn't have to speak because his surprised expression and uninhibited smile told it better than any words could. Jorey moved slowly toward him. His limbs were nearly numb from the kind of shock that only true joy could cause. He wrapped his arms around the Klingon and kissed his cheek. Jorey felt Koroth's arms around him and the two lingered in a strong and warm embrace. A d
  21. It had only been a few hours since Jorey came aboard the Tiger-A. He was in his quarters trying his best to make it his own. Rich natural fabrics covered his bed with a dozen or more pillows of different colours, sizes, and fabrics piled on top. His eyes moved up toward the empty glass case on the wall above his bed. He knew exactly what needed to be displayed in the case and was filled with the warmth of his own memories. He pulled out a plain, dulled metal bat'leth and let his mind wander to six months ago. * * * * * * Jorey held the rugged Klingon in his arms, enjoying the moment, as they l
  22. “Safely docked at Starbase 118, Sir.” I said in as calm a tone as I could muster trying to speak through the excitement building up within me. Captain Rogers stood up from his chair, walked over to the helm and placed his hand on Jorey's shoulder. “Well done, Cadet. I have no doubt you will make a fine officer.” The Captain sounded like a proud father. In fact, I could sense similar emotions from most of the bridge crew. They had been like a family to me for the past few years. The captain kept his hand on my shoulder as I stood up from the helm and took me into the kind of embrace a loving fa
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