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  1. Awesome! Welcome to the fleet and the SB118 community.
  2. Welcome to the group everyone! Jaxton don't worry about the PBeM thing. Before this group the only writing I ever did were reports and a couple thesis papers for school. The academy really preps you for it and you'll find it all gets easier and you get better at it over time. The fact that you already have some kind of writing RP experience will likely mean you have an even easier time with everything.
  3. Amazing!!! I love that each ship has their own fashion report from the Red Carpet! I love it! However, Joan has different feelings.... JUST KIDDING! Be sure to post all about your character's fashion for the 2017 Annual Awards Ceremony in your ship's respective fashion report (links above in the Awards nav bar) Soooooooo excited for everyone to answer the time honoured question:
  4. I first saw Janeway, Data, and Odo in my fave show growing up "Cheers".. course I didn't know it at the time. lol Just rewatched it on Netflix and realized! Welcome to the Fleet!!!
  5. A candle light vigil was held in the heart of Toronto gay village (Church & Wellesley Village) tonight to honour and mourn those killed in the Orland shooting. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario's openly-gay Premier Kathleen Wynne, and Toronto's Mayor John Tory have all expressed their shock and solidarity with the LGBTQ2 community in Orlando and in general.

    My heart, Toronto's heart, and all of Canada's heart is breaking for our neighbours.

     I am filled with sorrow, however I find myself growing more and more angry and fearful of the US. The government's reluctance to bring in gun control laws, media that passes off hate-speech as news, growing islamiphobia, state violence toward black communities, wealth inequality, anti-gay organizations and a government and citizenship that seems to be becoming more polarized than ever before. It's all so sad, frustrating and terrifying.

    My condolences and prayers go out to those friends and families that lost loved ones in this terrible massacre. I also pray and hope that the US government will begin to act on facts, not fears, not money. Gun control makes a society safer. Period.

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  6. Hope to see more nominations for the Featured Bio Contest now that everyone is in the nominating mood with award season upon us!

  7. That pic looks amazing to me! So cool to see ur character in a Star Trek scene like that! LOVE IT!

    1. Graeme Cook

      Graeme Cook

      Your welcome! XD any more give me a shout!


  8. Check this out. http://forums.starbase118.net/index.php?/topic/5891-graphics-requests/ They are the reason we all look so good. :-)
  9. “Safely docked at Starbase 118, Sir.” I said in as calm a tone as I could muster trying to speak through the excitement building up within me. Captain Rogers stood up from his chair, walked over to the helm and placed his hand on Jorey's shoulder. “Well done, Cadet. I have no doubt you will make a fine officer.” The Captain sounded like a proud father. In fact, I could sense similar emotions from most of the bridge crew. They had been like a family to me for the past few years. The captain kept his hand on my shoulder as I stood up from the helm and took me into the kind of embrace a loving father reserves for momentous occasions. In a less celebratory tone the Captain told me that my parents would be incredibly proud of me on this day. “Thank you sir. I know that you have the most sincere gratitude from my parents and the ancestors who watch over me .” It did feel as though I could feel my grandfather smiling down upon me. I stepped back from the captain, tugged on my uniform, offered a childish grin and asked for permission to enter Starbase 118. The Captain nodded in agreement. “Permission to escort the cadet to off the ship, sir.” The deep Klingon's voice was my most favoured melody. I could feel him struggling with mixed emotions. The Captain granted Koroth's request. I met him in the turbolift, stood to his left and he ordered it to move. I could feel as though he had something he wanted to say, but was holding back. I let my hand brush up against his at our sides and whispered in his mind that he didn't need to hold anything back. He took my hand into his and we opened our minds to each other. Every time we did, it felt like it was the first time, as though we were rediscovering each other's soul and how to communicate without words. Koroth's mind opened up to me and I felt a rush of memories, thoughts and feelings. It took me a few moments to calm the seas enough for me tread water. We reminisced about some of our favourite times together: our first meeting aboard the Helios as small children, sparring, first kiss, the Bat'leth competition on Forcas III, the friendship, the romance, and the intimacy. We wondered if we would ever find this kind of closeness with anyone else. It was all so beautiful, tender, and moving. “Some warrior!” I said giving Koroth a playful punch to the shoulder trying to bring needed relief to the intensifying situation. I felt the waters slowly begin to recede and sense of peace within both of us. Koroth laughed, only the way a Klingon does when he's genuine. The turbolift doors opened to reveal a hallway leading to the Starbase. The moment suddenly felt more real. The realization of being separated from each other again, this time indefinitely, took hold. Koroth took Jorey's hand and they walked together, very slowly, to the ship's exit. “Well this is it.” he said. I could feel his resistance to let go of my hand. I leaned in and kissed him on his forehead sweetly. “Don't worry, Imzadi, we'll see each other again.” I said trying to reassure and comfort him. He released my hand and I turned and stepped onto Starbase 118. It felt wrong to leave things end so seriously. So just before turning the corner out of his view, I stopped and turned to face him. I gave him a devious smirk and said, “You can serve aboard my ship when they make me Captian.” I could sense his Klingon temper beginning to emerge, but was quickly calmed by laughter. I turned the corner and made my way to the holodeck to report to Lt. Cmdr. Firestarter for my final exam.
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