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  1. Awesome! Welcome to the fleet and the SB118 community.
  2. Amazing!!! I love that each ship has their own fashion report from the Red Carpet! I love it! However, Joan has different feelings.... JUST KIDDING! Be sure to post all about your character's fashion for the 2017 Annual Awards Ceremony in your ship's respective fashion report (links above in the Awards nav bar) Soooooooo excited for everyone to answer the time honoured question:
  3. A candle light vigil was held in the heart of Toronto gay village (Church & Wellesley Village) tonight to honour and mourn those killed in the Orland shooting. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario's openly-gay Premier Kathleen Wynne, and Toronto's Mayor John Tory have all expressed their shock and solidarity with the LGBTQ2 community in Orlando and in general.

    My heart, Toronto's heart, and all of Canada's heart is breaking for our neighbours.

     I am filled with sorrow, however I find myself growing more and more angry and fearful of the US. The government's reluctance to bring in gun control laws, media that passes off hate-speech as news, growing islamiphobia, state violence toward black communities, wealth inequality, anti-gay organizations and a government and citizenship that seems to be becoming more polarized than ever before. It's all so sad, frustrating and terrifying.

    My condolences and prayers go out to those friends and families that lost loved ones in this terrible massacre. I also pray and hope that the US government will begin to act on facts, not fears, not money. Gun control makes a society safer. Period.

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  4. Hope to see more nominations for the Featured Bio Contest now that everyone is in the nominating mood with award season upon us!

  5. That pic looks amazing to me! So cool to see ur character in a Star Trek scene like that! LOVE IT!

    1. Graeme Cook

      Graeme Cook

      Your welcome! XD any more give me a shout!


  6. Check this out. http://forums.starbase118.net/index.php?/topic/5891-graphics-requests/ They are the reason we all look so good. :-)
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