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  1. New Academy Graduate

    Awesome! Welcome to the fleet and the SB118 community.
  2. The 2017 Awards Ceremony starts today!

    Amazing!!! I love that each ship has their own fashion report from the Red Carpet! I love it! However, Joan has different feelings.... JUST KIDDING! Be sure to post all about your character's fashion for the 2017 Annual Awards Ceremony in your ship's respective fashion report (links above in the Awards nav bar) Soooooooo excited for everyone to answer the time honoured question:
  3. round 10 Major Irina Pavlova - Not Now, Not Ever

    ((Temporal Anomaly, Typhon Expanse - USS Apollo Shuttlebay)) Pavlova: That's a negative. Nobody leaves that runabout until the shuttle bay is secure.=/\= Oddas: ::deciding on a softer approach:: =/\= Are you going to be ok? =/\= Pavlova: ::Sadness in her voice.:: : =/\= Ask me later, and don't get assimilated. =/\= Oddas: =/\= That goes double for you. =/\= ::There was one more drone outside, but it was far enough away that Irina ignored it for the time being. If the Borg were smart, and she expected they were, they’d be beaming into the Glenn, and so that was where Irina headed at a full sprint.:: Oddas: =/\= Oddas to Pavlova =/\= Pavlova: ::Panting with a combination of exertion and pain.:: =/\= Go.=/\= Oddas: =/\= We need you back at the runabout. Thetis could use your help. =/\= Pavlova: =/\= What’s your status? =/\= ::The last drone had obviously anticipated Irina’s action, and appeared just outside the Glenn’s door, or at least it did until Irina fired, again reducing a formerly humanoid head into so much goo, slime and Borg circuitry, but that was the last shell in her weapon.:: Oddas: =/\= Just not getting assimilated =/\= Pavlova: =/\= Please hold on. =/\= ::Irina made it the last few steps and with her injured leg shoved the dead drone aside while she lifted open the hatch with almost enough force to damage it. What she saw beyond was three of the hologirl from the ship, the limp form of Dr. T’Leira and one drone with a phaser trying to get a bead on an injured Oddas Aria.:: ::CLICK:: : Her shotgun was dry, but the sound of racking the slide was enough to momentarily distract the Borg drone. Irina had actually met Captain Jaxx once. He had boarded the USS Vigilant to brief the crew on their mission to protect a Romulan base that had come under suspicious attacks. She hadn’t spoken to him, but did sit opposite him at the staff briefing and the look in his eyes when their eyes briefly met made her suspect that he had read her mind, which at that time was working feverishly to learn the equations for the slingshot maneuver and time travel. None of that registered at this moment though. It didn’t matter if he was an admiral, or a captain as his uniform indicated now. No, all that mattered was that he was trying to kill, or worse assimilate the woman she loved.:: :: Irina focused on the moment like Lynthia Waltas had taught her, and for a split second to Jaxx, Nia and Aria, Irina had what felt like minutes to think, remember and plan. She thought back to the Admiral’s engagement party and how Aria looked standing alone at the bar, and how finding love was the farthest thing from her mind though somehow she had managed to find it anyway. She remembered waking up in Aria’s arms that night after a particularly vivid nightmare, and of later introducing her to Katya and Jazmine.:: ::Irina remembered her subspace unofficial wedding to Dimitri and her real and wonderful wedding to AJ, but how it was only Aria who had seen her at her most vulnerable, and somehow loved her anyway. She looked into Aria’s unmoving eyes, frozen time with everyone else, and thought of her taste for sweets, her tendency to babble when nervous or excited, and of how somehow, when during their first dance and Aria stumbled into Irina’s waiting arms, that she had suddenly realized not only that she wasn’t dead inside, but that this engineer, from a completely different species, had tripped not only into Irina’s arms, but into her heart.:: ::As time returned to normal, Irina was a blur of motion as her plan was fully formed. With her left hand she grasped the shotgun by the barrel and swung it at Jaxx with all of her considerable strength, while her right hand went to her to the small of her back, under the shirt, and came back with her 463-year-old Walther PP pistol in hand. The pistol, liberated by a distant ancestor from a captured German officer at battle of Khursk in 1943, had been in Irina’s family ever since. The blueing and almost all of the engraving were long since worn off, but the weapon remained in perfect mechanical condition as it had always been well-maintained.:: ::The butt of the shotgun hit Jaxx in his prosthetic arm with enough force to shatter the butt stock and even bend the barrel, and while the strong alloys of the arm weren’t dented, the hit was strong enough to physically shove Jaxx almost a meter to the side. More important than moving him, it disrupted his shot from Irina’s chest down to her left thigh and gave Irina enough time to bring the Walther to target.:: ::Despite the rather puny .32 caliber round, the roar of the pistol was deafening inside of the small runabout. The weapon held 8 in the chamber and 1 in the pipe, and Irina fired all of them in such rapid succession that it sounded almost like a machine-gun, and had a similar result. The first round went through Jaxx’s organic right eye, and each successive round went into the same hole or just next to it, with the end result being a twitching, nearly headless body collapsing to the floor, assimilation tubules flailing about, but not making contact with any of their would-be targets.:: ::Irina looked down at T’Leira while instinctively reloading her weapon.:: Pavlova:: looking at Oddas :: : Was she….? Oddas: She's alive, I don't think the drone had time to try assimilation. Nia: It didn't. When Aria pulled me away, it drew its attention toward us. That was was a brave thing for you to do, Oddas. You not only saved me but the doctor as well. Thank you. ::Irina slumped back a bit and did a sort of controlled fall into the bulkhead, which caught her and helped her stay upright.:: Pavlova: I thought I’d lost you. I can’t lose you, Aria. Not now, not…… ::Irina lowered her voice to a whisper :: : ever. Oddas: ::trying to smile:: it's good to know the Borg aren't going to keep us apart. Major Irina Pavlova Chief of Security Duronis Embassy / USS Thunder Author ID 0238908HA0
  4. round 19 MSPNPC Xoren - The Prize Awaits

    (( Bridge- United Orion Starship Orion Glory, 2.9 hours from Duronis )) :: Xoren looked out at the viewscreen, the faint dot reprsenting the USS Ashoka soon resolving itself into the image of a Defiant Class starship. Although still outside weapons range, Xoren knew the Defiant Class she was facing would be a formidable challenge, one she and her sister ship, the Orion Pride, would be more than willing to take on:: :: The tall Orion woman, thinner than most, with long brunette hair down her back, with piercing green eyes to match her green skin, had been more than happy to take on this last minute mission. Originally, her job was to rendezvous with the ship carrying the assassins, but that plan was now shelved due to their failure to complete their mission. Unlike Orions, those fools did not choose to kill themselves for their failure...instead, they were captured, and most likely now being interrogated. Xoren had been busy , her fleet raiding dilithium ships and stealing their cargo, stealing so much of it over the quadrant that there was now an acute shortage..and the Orions had cornered the market. Her exploits had made her rich, but not as rich as the commander of the three Orion ships now racing towards her prize:: ::Her orders were to either kill or capture a Vulcan named Varaal, who was making his way to Duronis Two. She was also well aware that this was Quiana's territory, but The Council tasked her to deal with this threat. Hers was not to ask why...following orders had been very lucrative for her in the past, and she saw no reason for that to change.:: :: Closing on her target, her Communications Officer spoke:: Comm Officer: Commander...I am receiving a hail from the Federation starship... Xoren: Put it on the speaker.... ::The next voice she heard was that of the commander of the USS Ashoka:: Zhao:=/\= Orion vessels, this is Captain Marina Zhao of the USS Ashoka. We are on an emergency mission to the Federation Embassy at Duronis II.=/\= :: Standard Starfleet claptrap...they always want to talk before fighting. Before her Coomm Officer could ask the next question, Xoren responded: Xoren: Do not respond. Let them choke on silence....Tactical...charge weapons and go to battle alert...that will be our answer... Tactical Officer: Yes, Commander....weapons charged... :: Once again, the Federation starship hailed them:: Zhao:=/\= Orion vessels, we have detected that your weapons systems have already been activated. Stand down immediately or we will open fire upon reaching weapons range. You have been warned.=/\= :: That was key. This Starfleet captain was going to open fire as soon as she had an opportunity. Her ships did not have the range of Starfleet weaponry..they were never meant to combat Starfleet vessels. It meant surviving the extra 50,000 kilometers range the Ashoka had on them, which meant the Ashoka would get off the first salvo. It meant a knife fight at extremely close range. Turning to her First Officer, a smaller Orion male named Seron, Xoren spoke:: Xoren: Order the Orion Pride to hold course and open fire when in range. Seron: Yes, Commander... Xoren: Helm...put us on a parabolic course...increase speed to emergency... Helm: Yes, Commander... Seron: Your plan, Commander? Xoren: As they engage the Pride,we will be swinging around and will fire directly into her amidships with all weapons. Then the two of us will swing around and make another pass. Once her shields are down, we will batter her into submission, then board her and take what we came for.. :: The First Officer pursed his lips. He was uncertain if the plan would work. He had seen the specs for the Defiant Class vessel they had once managed to have delivered into their hands, the USS Avenger. The ship was subsequently stolen back by Starfleet forces, but not before the Orions managed to build their own copy, which was destroyed during the 2389 invasion. He knew what the Defiant Class was capable of, and he was dubious that such a plan would work. Quietly, he spoke to his commander:: Seron: Commander..the initial assault must be flawless. That class of ship is extremely formidable. We will not get a second chance to effect an affirmative attack... :: Feeling the deckplates slightly heel beneath her as the starship began its turn, Xoren spoke:: Xoren: Noted. Prepare your boarding forces. Do it quickly.... ::Seeing that she was in no mood for contradiction, the Orion male nodded:: Seron: It shall be done.... ::As Seron left the bridge, her Comm Officer spoke:: Comm Officer: Commander...the Ashoka is sending out a distress signal to the Embassy... ::Xoren snorted:: Xoren: The battle will be long over by the time help comes. Let them beg...... Tactical Officer: Twenty seconds before the Pride is in weapons range... Xoren. All weapons ready...drop from warp in five seconds...three...two...one... :: The starfield abruptly shifted to see the bulk of the Defiant Class showing Xoren her broadside. However, her tactical officer called out a warning:: Tactical Officer: Commander! They are firing on the Pride! :: Inwardly, Xoren cursed the heavens. When the Pride dropped from warp she should have been firing. Instead, the Ashoka got off the first shots, a white hot flash emanating from the Pride's engineering section:: Xoren: FIRE ALL WEAPONS!!! ::The Glory shuddered as she fired a full spread of photon torpedoes and raked the Ashoka with phaser fire:: TAG Xoren Commander United Orion Starship Orion Glory As simmed by: Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker Marine CO Acting Chief Of Security USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy C238703HP0
  5. A candle light vigil was held in the heart of Toronto gay village (Church & Wellesley Village) tonight to honour and mourn those killed in the Orland shooting. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario's openly-gay Premier Kathleen Wynne, and Toronto's Mayor John Tory have all expressed their shock and solidarity with the LGBTQ2 community in Orlando and in general.

    My heart, Toronto's heart, and all of Canada's heart is breaking for our neighbours.

     I am filled with sorrow, however I find myself growing more and more angry and fearful of the US. The government's reluctance to bring in gun control laws, media that passes off hate-speech as news, growing islamiphobia, state violence toward black communities, wealth inequality, anti-gay organizations and a government and citizenship that seems to be becoming more polarized than ever before. It's all so sad, frustrating and terrifying.

    My condolences and prayers go out to those friends and families that lost loved ones in this terrible massacre. I also pray and hope that the US government will begin to act on facts, not fears, not money. Gun control makes a society safer. Period.

    image1 (1).JPG


  6. round 15 PNPC Quiana - Turkey Shoot

    (( Ready Room- United Orion Starship Devastator, orbiting Farius Prime)) :: Quiana sat in her large chair, her long legs crossed, her lips pursed. Much conversation was had that day concerning the upcoming assault on the Duronis sector. The sector was still hers to rule..she had made that perfectly clear, especially after killing the other Alpha female who opposed her. Quiana didn't like the [...] anyway. Killing her in a roomful of allies solidified her position as leader, and blood stained the dagger on her desk:: :: Truly, things had not gone well. Starfleet was no shrinking violet, especially those who manned the Embassy on Duronis. Risking her ships in a pitched battle was not her goal or her plan..she needed those to control her territory and make it impossible for Starfleet to even consider taking the planet away from her once she had it. One non member planet was not enough to risk a fleet to try to retake it:: :: She was one of many in the Syndicate who were planning to assault Starfleet in a manner in which to beat back the Federation from the fringes of the quadrant. The Syndicate was made to rule, to control. Life on Orion proved the strong survive, the weak perish and are subjugated. Quiana was once one of those, but clawed her way to the top, and she intended to stay there:: :: She was not happy when her door chime rang, especially since she asked not to be disturbed. Looking angrily at the door. she shouted:: Quiana: WHAT IS IT? I ASKED NOT TO BE DISTURBED!!! :: It was her First Officer, Tauron:: Tauron: My apologies, my lady, but we have received a message from one of our operatives on Duronis... :: Quiana had given strict orders for her operatives to maintain strict silence until she contacted them. This had better be important for them to contact her now:: Quiana: ENTER! ::The massive Orion entered. He was holding the Orion equivalant of a Starfleet PADD in his hand as he approached. Stopping before her desk,he bowed slightly:: Tauron: My apologies again..but I think this is something you will want to see... :: Handing over the PADD, Quiana read over the information. Admiral Wolf was coming to Duronis II. Taking him out would create a power vacuum..and also give her the opportunity to eliminate the troublesome Admiral, and perhaps her entire command staff. She had files on each of them, thanks to her friends in Starfleet, and she had committed the names to memory...Turner.....Waltas...Pavlova...Frazier...Parker. Each with a set of skills which defied logic. Each was battle tested, decorated. This was indeed a rare opportunity to strike a blow for the Syndicate...and for herself. Quiana immediately smelled a trap, a deadly one. She would not underestimate Starfleet again. Looking up from her PADD, she spoke:: Quiana: Has this been confirmed with our Starfleet contact? Tauron: Not as of yet. Starbase 118 has not confirmed any information concerning Admiral Wolf's movements. ::A juicy target, seemingly placed in her lap. She didn't like it. Her first thought was to approve the attempt, but something about it smelled funny, like a wet Ferengi. Looking up at Tauron, Quiana spoke:: Quiana: It would seem to be a great opportunity to remove the command structure... Tauron: It does indeed. It is, however, disappointing... Quiana: Disappointing? How so? Tauron: I had hoped to meet Parker in battle..he is their strongest warrior, one which I would love to see defeated...in chains and paraded across their networks. The long haired one..I wish to place his hair on my battle axe..after I cut his head off... :: Quiana smiled. While it would be pleasing to her to break Starfleets' toughest warrior and see him in chains, the sight of Tauron decorating his axe with the hair of an enemy excited her just as much. However pleasing those thoughts were, her mind turned to the practical.if they could kill them all now, taking Duronis would be so much easier. Of course, such a mission would have to be run by The Council, the upper echelon of the Orion Syndicate. Nodding, she spoke:: Quiana: I will present it to The Council. However, I am not in favor of this plan.. ::Tauron smiled.:: Tauron: You wish to give me the opportunity to defeat them? Quiana::shaking her head:: No, it's not that simple. This looks like a trap, designed to bring our moles out in the open and eliminate them. So far, they have had great success in defeating our plans. We need our spies where they are, not exposed to such a risky endeavor. Tauron: Perhaps so, my lady. I may yet have my opportunity to defeat them... Quiana: Perhaps you will, Tauron. Now, allow me to present this to The Council.. Tauron: Yes, my lady.Will there be anything more? Quiana: No...that will be all for now. :: Bowing again, Tauron spoke:: Tauron: By your leave.... Quiana: Dismissed... ::Once her First Officer had left, Quiana contacted The Council, and requested an audience. Now, all she could do was wait until they contacted her to meet with them. For something this big, she knew she would not have to wait long for an audience.:: TBC PNPC Quiana Alpha Female Orion Syndicate As simmed by: Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker Marine CO Acting Chief Of Security USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy C238703HP0
  7. Hope to see more nominations for the Featured Bio Contest now that everyone is in the nominating mood with award season upon us!

  8. ((Transporter Room, Federation Embassy, Duronis II)) ::Savan heard a chime from behind him. Paul’s face showed a definite sense of relief.:: Transporter Chief: I’m sorry to interrupt but the Godavari has just signaled. They are asking if Ensign Scudder is ready for transport. Savan: Well, it’s time…. Scudder: ::forcing a smile:: Yes. Moscoe: It was nice getting to know you, Mr. Scudder. Have a safe trip, and stay in touch. ::T'Mihn walked up, looked Paul in the eye -- Vulcans seemed to have a habit of this -- and hugged him. Tightly. Paul looked surprised, his own arms squeezed to his sides.:: T’Mihn: She's right. Write,call. And stay out of trouble, I don't have money for bail. ::Paul turned to Savan.:: Savan: Well, Paul… ::Savan’s eyes started to become watery. Paul frowned, glanced at T'Mihn and Moscoe behind Savan, sure that Savan was glad they couldn't see this display. Looking back at Savan, Paul smiled slightly, but with a feeling of great warmth for Savan. Paul was accustomed to thinking his eyes expressed his feelings to others, but Savan seemed to be reading him some other way...:: Scudder: ::forcing a flat expression:: I still disagree with some of the crap you pulled with my patient, Ensign Savan. ::Paul addressed Savan formally -- and Kaumari as "my" patient -- to indicate he was only teasing Savan.:: But I don't know how I would have managed these past weeks without you. ::His tone had softened and become quiet, intimate, meant for the others present not to overhear.:: ::Paul could see the emotion in Savan. It reminded him of the first time he saw emotion surface in the Vulcan, unexpectedly, in the Thunder's corridors. At the time, Paul had been concerned for the patient the two were trying to contain. And Paul had been concerned for Savan, as Savan's counselor. But now Paul didn't see it clinically, cerebrally -- He would miss Savan. He felt it in his chest. Savan said nothing but offered Paul the Vulcan salute, his hand almost imperceptibly trembling.:: Savan: May your journey be free of incident, Paul. Live long and prosper… ::Savan's face was still neutral, but his eyes looked ready to overflow. Paul wanted to give his friend relief and not extend this any further.:: Scudder: ::returning the Vulcan salute, though clearly out of practice:: Live long and prosper, Savan. Chief, I'm ready to -- Savan: Paul… ::Savan looked straight into Paul's eyes -- hiding no emotion. Paul felt what he thought was pain in his chest -- it alarmed him, but then -- was it coming from Savan? Before Paul could think through this, Savan unexpectedly pulled him in, very tight -- more forceful than T'Mihn -- almost as forcefully and passionately, Paul thought, as a Klingon. Savan held the strong embrace silently for a few moments before finally speaking.:: Savan: ::with a whisper, into Paul’s ear:: Please take good care of yourself. I will miss you. ::Paul was taken aback. He looked around Savan to T'Mihn and Moscoe. He frowned.:: Scudder: ::whispering as well:: If I didn't think it might hurt you, I'd kiss you goodbye. ::Paul blushed, realizing it might sound like he was referring to Savan's beard-burn. But he was referring to his feeling that Savan preferred not to be intimate with other officers. Had Savan told Paul this or had he invented it?:: So instead, I ask, the next time we speak, please call me Sudarshan. ::again his accent emerged:: That is an intimacy we can share over any distance. ::There was another chime coming from the transporter control.:: Transporter Chief: ::almost embarrassed, making a coughing noise:: Um.. I’m sorry, Ensigns… but the Godavari needs to leave orbit. ::Savan released his embrace and looked at Paul.:: Savan: ::calmly as possible:: Yes, of course… ::Savan did not turn around yet and Paul saw a stray tear run down the Vulcan's face. Paul frowned and nodded to the Transporter Chief.:: --- Ens. Paul Scudder Counselor, USS Darwin-A Author ID: E239302PS0 and Ensign Savan Tactical/Security Officer Embassy of Duronis II/USS Thunder-A Writer ID: E239303S10
  9. That pic looks amazing to me! So cool to see ur character in a Star Trek scene like that! LOVE IT!

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  10. Character Photos

    Check this out. http://forums.starbase118.net/index.php?/topic/5891-graphics-requests/ They are the reason we all look so good. :-)
  11. official Arrival at StarBase 118 - introduce your character here!

    “Safely docked at Starbase 118, Sir.” I said in as calm a tone as I could muster trying to speak through the excitement building up within me. Captain Rogers stood up from his chair, walked over to the helm and placed his hand on Jorey's shoulder. “Well done, Cadet. I have no doubt you will make a fine officer.” The Captain sounded like a proud father. In fact, I could sense similar emotions from most of the bridge crew. They had been like a family to me for the past few years. The captain kept his hand on my shoulder as I stood up from the helm and took me into the kind of embrace a loving father reserves for momentous occasions. In a less celebratory tone the Captain told me that my parents would be incredibly proud of me on this day. “Thank you sir. I know that you have the most sincere gratitude from my parents and the ancestors who watch over me .” It did feel as though I could feel my grandfather smiling down upon me. I stepped back from the captain, tugged on my uniform, offered a childish grin and asked for permission to enter Starbase 118. The Captain nodded in agreement. “Permission to escort the cadet to off the ship, sir.” The deep Klingon's voice was my most favoured melody. I could feel him struggling with mixed emotions. The Captain granted Koroth's request. I met him in the turbolift, stood to his left and he ordered it to move. I could feel as though he had something he wanted to say, but was holding back. I let my hand brush up against his at our sides and whispered in his mind that he didn't need to hold anything back. He took my hand into his and we opened our minds to each other. Every time we did, it felt like it was the first time, as though we were rediscovering each other's soul and how to communicate without words. Koroth's mind opened up to me and I felt a rush of memories, thoughts and feelings. It took me a few moments to calm the seas enough for me tread water. We reminisced about some of our favourite times together: our first meeting aboard the Helios as small children, sparring, first kiss, the Bat'leth competition on Forcas III, the friendship, the romance, and the intimacy. We wondered if we would ever find this kind of closeness with anyone else. It was all so beautiful, tender, and moving. “Some warrior!” I said giving Koroth a playful punch to the shoulder trying to bring needed relief to the intensifying situation. I felt the waters slowly begin to recede and sense of peace within both of us. Koroth laughed, only the way a Klingon does when he's genuine. The turbolift doors opened to reveal a hallway leading to the Starbase. The moment suddenly felt more real. The realization of being separated from each other again, this time indefinitely, took hold. Koroth took Jorey's hand and they walked together, very slowly, to the ship's exit. “Well this is it.” he said. I could feel his resistance to let go of my hand. I leaned in and kissed him on his forehead sweetly. “Don't worry, Imzadi, we'll see each other again.” I said trying to reassure and comfort him. He released my hand and I turned and stepped onto Starbase 118. It felt wrong to leave things end so seriously. So just before turning the corner out of his view, I stopped and turned to face him. I gave him a devious smirk and said, “You can serve aboard my ship when they make me Captian.” I could sense his Klingon temper beginning to emerge, but was quickly calmed by laughter. I turned the corner and made my way to the holodeck to report to Lt. Cmdr. Firestarter for my final exam.