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  1. I suppose I should introduce myself as well! I'm yet another James from England, I'm afraid. Currently residing in the North East of England. I haven't roleplayed for a couple of years now, so I've still a little ringrust to shake off. I used to be very active on a number of forum based sims but this is my first PBEM! I'm looking forward to getting started and simming with my fellow cadets.
  2. It had been an unusual shuttle ride, or at least that is what the pilot had told him. Because of his 'unorthodox' graduation celebrations, his flight to StarBase 118 had been delayed some 16 hours. His former classmates were probably already settled in and causing chaos at the first bar they came across. The pilot was all the company James Fox had. He was an amiable sort, for the most part, though he didn't take kindly to critiques of his flying. "So they found the tribble where...? And your clothes were....?" Fox grimaced at the question. Partly in rememberance, partly because his head was still throbbing. One of his junior classmen had managed to sneak a bottle of Scotch from shoreleave on New Scotland. Such contraband was immediately seized, of course, by the more senior cadets. "Well, it's not how it sounds. We were playing pin the tail on the Klingon and..." Thankfully, docking procedures interrupted Fox. After a fruitless argument over switching to manual flight controls and letting Fox helm the shuttle, which was refused, the young cadet collected his belongings and took his assigned seat. He looked quite ridiculous, he thought, sat alone in this sea of plush chairs. The thought didn't hold him for long; mere moments later the shuttlecraft doors opened with aplomb and huge crowds outside burst into applause, welcoming his grand arrival. Except they didn't. In fact, it seemed like there was absolutely no-one here to greet him. A look of irritation, or perhaps disgust, from the pilot was all Fox had in way of a goodbye as he stepped out of the shuttle. So where to now? "Hey, do you know which floor the holode...." The shuttle door closed, interrupting Fox's question. It seemed he was on his own. A quick glance at his watch told him he still had a few hours to spare. But how to spend them? A flight sim in the holodeck would be a great way to pass the time...but then, the holodecks were presumably being used for training. A bar? He nearly vomited at the thought. Throwing his rucksack over his shoulder, he determined just to wander to the holodecks now. Couldn't hurt to be early. A few turbolifts and wrong turns later, and he had arrived on the correct floor. He could see other cadets in the area. For the most part, they all looked smart and attentive. Uniforms neatly pressed, not a single hair out of place. Suddenly self-conscious, Fox decided a detour to the nearest restroom was in order. The restroom itself was a simple affair but it contained that which he sought. A mirror! Faced with his reflection, Fox sighed. His dark hair was unruly but short enough that it didn't matter. No, it was his uniform that perturbed him. A dark green stain on his left shoulder, roughly the size and shape of a fingerprint. There was little to be done at this stage, other than try and hide it with his rucksack handle and hope for bad lighting. With growing nerves, he rejoined the waiting cadets. Idle chit-chat helped him pass an hour or so but boredom overtook him. Taking an empty bench for himself, Fox lay down and placed his rucksack behind his head. Stain be darned, it made a comfortable pillow. Surely an hour or so's sleep couldn't hurt.
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