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  1. Debra as eager to get going she wandered going, for her it was the start of the next part of her life. After stowing her gear she looked at the time, she had nearly two hours to waist; she knew the best thing was to do was relax and get over her shuttle trip. It was not that the trip was bad it was just that she had a fear of shuttles and spend most of the time fixed to her seat. She found a quite bar and settled down with a glass of water, she thought about trying to get up a quick game but did not want to be late so instead she pulled a PADD out of her bag and loaded up a cribbage game, she enjoyed in more than poker as it was more of a thinking game but it was not played as often and good cribbage opponents where even harder to find. She did find out that one of the academy instructors did enjoy it but the game was not the same to her without at least a friendly bet. The time passed quickly and before she realised it was time to get on her way. = Outside training Holodeck = Debra wanted to show the best impression she double checked her uniform, it was perfect as usual. She had a lot of discipline from her up brining and it shower in her presentation. She was a couple of minutes early she pressed the chime and the door opened. The room was laid out as a breathing room. Debra could see the back who she thought was her instructor near the pulpit. She move hath way to the person and stood smartly to attention. “Cadet Cross. Reporting for training Curse.” He turned around. "You don't get anything for getting her early cadet Cross........... Any relation to Colonel Jack Cross?" Debra stayed at attention, the last thing she wanted was to be already in her fathers shadow but she knew that it would happen sooner or later. "Yes, Sir. My father." The man smiled back at Debra "He is a good man, even saved my neck ones. I have to keep an eye on you. Take a seat Cadet." She turned and took a seat in the front and waited of the others to arrive.
  2. Hi all, I am Giles PJ, I live just out side swindon in the UK. I found the group in Google wanting to get back to PBEM RPG after 2 years off. I currently work in retail and am a part time photographer, both models and motobike racing. I done all sorts of things from computers both tech and programmer to being a qualified remedial massure. looking forward to getting to know people on hear.
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