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  1. Limechat (OSX) for me, nice and simple
  2. So I went to have a look at the site chat today and it didn't work for me, the error message said: "Flash policy problem. If you are the server owner, please read www.lightirc.com/faq.html#security You need to install a flash policy daemon at flash.wyldryde.org (port 8001)" I couldn't find any post on the forum about it - is this a problem on my side or the site side? Just curious and wasn't sure where to post this. Hopefully here is okay, it's kinda related to us n00bs. EDIT: I just opened the chatbox in a new window and it works no problem... EDIT 2: Spoke too soon, same message came up and I was disconnected.
  3. Hi all, my name's James, I'm a Brit (from Shropshire) living in Kawasaki, Japan. I am an industrial health-related analyst (currently asbestos-related). I wanted to get into Trek simming again and, like Baz above, I have been rewatching DS9 and the remastered TOS (which is way better than I remembered). Googled "Star trek pbem sim" et voila. Currently undergoing training, and I'm grateful to have found such a great community of simmers. Bonus picture: One of my two babies - Chocolat
  4. I'm coming back into the simming world after an incredibly long time away - I don't think I've written in a Trek game since high school, so ten year ago. I love the look and detail to SB118 - everything about it is incredibly professional and exactly how I wanted a game to look all those years ago (right down to using a wiki *swoon*). I pretty much decided right there and then that if I was going to come back to this kind of thing, I wanted to try with you guys. The friendly-looking community in the forums really helped too.
  5. Endless darkness punctuated by the flash of a ship entering warp. It was still a fresh sight for a young cadet who had only left the system of his colony, Lyshan VI - bordering Cardassian space on the edge of the Federation, when he was admitted into the Academy.There was always a planet or a star to see, even the streaks of starlight during warp, but this view was as barren as the dustbowls that punctuated his homeworld. Yet for nearly an hour he had been sat seeming lost in the view, although it probably had more to with other thoughts on his mind. Ryoma's fingers rested in his hair, tweaking clumps as he ran through his worries. "How will I make friends? What if they think I'm not good enough? What if they hate me?" He hadn't felt as nervous as this since his first day at the Academy. Ryoma was comfortable with change, he told himself, but the knot in his stomach told a different story. He glanced down at the PADD in his lap, he had read the same paragraph several times over by now, each time losing track of his progress as he lifted his eyes to the depths of space. "Your father and I met the parents of that lovely little Betazed girl you liked in school, Ritania. Did you know that she was training to be a diplomat?" "It's no wonder I can't finish reading this thing, Mum..." He muttered as he looked back into space. Somewhere out there, almost uncountable lightyears away, his mother had sat down to write a message for her son but could only fill it mundanity. Ryoma didn't really miss them. He had spent his childhood with his head pointed skywards, even through the disruption and panic caused by the Dominion War. In fact, the only time he looked down was to read more about the distant worlds, peoples and cultures that he hoped to experience. Starfleet was a logical progression towards his childhood ambitions... but now he was in deep space, the doubts were creeping in. He had fought them before and he would fight them again - he had a dream and wavering confidence could never take that away from him. Tomorrow was a new day, a step in his life, and the universe was his to behold.... ... but first he would have to finish his mother's god-awfully dreary letter.
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