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  1. “Frack!”, David cursed, under his breath as he checked the time. He was late. The blue-eyed cadet quickly jumped off the bed and started putting his uniform on. He was halfway through when a female voice echoed the room. “Hey...Are you trying to sneak out on me?” He turned back toward the bed to face the blonde freshman cadet laying there, his eyes wide-open, just as if he had been caught doing something wrong. “Don't be silly, I just have a transport to get”, he said, as he went back to putting on his boots, “It's my final exercise today. Don't you remember what we were celebrating?” “I take it you're gonna call me, then?”, she asked, as he finished dressing and headed out fast towards the exit. “Of course I am!”, he said, quickly looking back, as he walked fast past the turbolift doors. “You can count on it!” He kept his fast pace for a little while, but then slowed back down. He wasn't really late, but it sure was a good excuse to dodge the wannabe girlfriend bullet. He smiled to himself as he got back to his quarters for a brief sonic shower before heading out to the shuttle terminal. It was a long ride out to Starbase 118, the place of his final test as a cadet. After four years of hard work he was finally going to a real posting. David was one of those few who joined Starfleet looking for an andrenaline rush. He had applied himself real hard during his Academy years, attaining several Cadet Corps leadership positions along the way, and he wondered if it was going to make any difference now. “I hope I can get myself into a forward post”, he said to another cadet as the runabout approached the huge engineering marvel that was the starbase. “Maybe something along the Breen border...I heard there's some occasional action going on over there.” “Are you serious?”, the other cadet asked, “I'd rather go somewhere I can go to sleep and not wonder if someone is gonna come and slid my throat in the middle of the night.” “Wuss”, David said, making a face at the cadet as the small ship came docked.
  2. Hello, my name's Sebastian, AKA Baz. Like many here, you can trace my Trek roots back to my teen years. I hadn't been in touch with the franchise for a while, but then I started watching Enterprise and got hooked again. Got back to watching Voyager a few weeks ago, with a little extra free time in my hands and ended up bumping into simming. I've never simmed before, but I'm kind of the journal type - and don't you dare laugh! - so I'm pretty used to writing, even though I don't keep journals anymore. I'm also a real fast learner and will probably be able to catch up in no time. As for my living, I'm an E-5 in the Air Force, but don't worry, I don't usually bite. Looking forward to having some good times around here.
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