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  1. I thought this was a very well written Emergency Medical sim and enjoyed the details and medical know-how very much. (( Main Medical, Deck 7, USS Juneau )) Oddas: =/\= Response =/\= Nicholotti: Well, now we know. Indobri: Yes. Let’s hope it’s not that severe. But we had best be ready just in case. Karise began to direct the staff and was elbows deep in the preparations when the Ambassador caught her attention and directed it to a nearby biobed. She could see the residual traces of a blue transporter beam nearly gone. The body laying in the bed was in a full EV suit
  2. The resident evil would probably wear something like this.
  3. (( Bajor, Hathon, Oddas Household, Stardate 238804.02 )) ::The house was mostly dark, after dinner, the lights mostly dimmed. Aria's parents were both home at the same time for a change, still in their militia uniforms. Her mother, Umize had promoted to General earlier in the month, in a normal family this would have likely caused friction, but her father Gura seemed content to remain a Colonel and adviser to the government. The Deka tea and the tuwaly pie sat half eaten in front of her. Tuwaly pie was one of her favorites, but she has just mentioned her future Starflee
  4. ((Gardens, Family Villa, Outside of Shi'Kahr, Vulcan)) ::Savan’s family and T’Mihn proceeded up the main walkway into the villa. The first stars of the Vulcan night sky were beginning to appear. T’Nura and Torin went ahead, but Staran paused on the steps to speak with T’Mihn and Savan. The petite Vulcan stopped and looked skyward, indigo eyes scanning the velvet black sky, with it's twinkling jewels.:: ::She stargazed as a child, but not much now traveling through spae at ultra illuminal speeds. Star gazing on TIl'ahn she would do, but it didn't "feel"right, this did.:: :: She sense
  5. Whaaa?? What exactly would an android call that list? I know what the human term would be.
  6. T'Lea when she learns of this news!
  7. It's a shame we never got to sim something between Rahman and T'Lea, Rich. I think it would have been interesting to see how that developed over time. These are great lines!
  8. Bwa-ha-ha!! Poor Mr. Dickens. That was just Evil, Ryan. Evil. LOL BTW, that whole sim was really great. I enjoyed every morsel of it.
  9. Aw shucks! Thanks. ::psst thanks for fixing the typo:: Shhh... it never happened.
  10. Dramatic music. Stunned look. "Halla trees?" "Perfect!"
  11. King: ::Hopeful:: Undalar is a nice resort town on your homeworld of Vulcan, correct? ::beat:: Maybe we can make a ship-wide picnic of it!
  12. Awesome! I really like this guy.
  13. I would love to see that. Are you sure you want T'Lea on overwatch? ::wraps him in toilet paper while he's mentally not home::
  14. ^^ I was just going to post that. And you guys thought T'Lea was bad. HAHAHAA!
  15. Core: Computer, send a memo to Captain Rahman- Pa *blest*’va kenkt! ::The Rodulan had literally dropped PADD, eyes extraordinarily wide and hands sort of up in the instinctual attempt to protect himself. There was a woman in his office. Computer: Memo sent. ::*There was a woman in his office and the lights weren't on and there's literally no noise coming from her head what even*-:: Pandora: Lieutenant Commander Core. I am here to report for duty. -- Watch your language mister, there's a lady-computer present.
  16. Definitely a tough series of sims to write. Stoopy characters and their stoopy feels, makin' me feel something. It's nice to hear we weren't the only ones effected. Thanks guys.
  17. The Three Anti-Amigos. You guys are bad, but oh so fun.
  18. I think Ms Moonsong is going to have her hands full. And so is sickbay if Vetri has anything to say about it.
  19. [N2-C] Lt. Cmdr Luna Walker: "EMPty threats? Not likely" :: Ok, things were getting stranger now. T'Lea was reaching out to touch Rune. And doing it in a familiar way, as if they'd been.. Sudden realization set in. The two were dating! They'd likely had a fight or something before the mission had started.. and had been all [...]ly. But now... now they were holding onto each other.:: -- Yes. Strange indeed. That's their secret handshake. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  20. She is loved. Very much loved. In a hate kind of way. ;D
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