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  1. Jeepers this place was a far cry from the rural tranquility of Wales. I mean he’d worked in some crowded places, London for one, but in the starbase it felt more…cramped. Perhaps because it was enclosed? Dafydd Passed the a couple of Ferengi who’s eyes eagerly watched a newbie victim but neither chased after him with an offer of sale. In his past he’d only met one Ferengi back in the Academy and every day he’d try and sell Dafydd a cheap watch or state of the art PADD. They were never state of the art. In the Royal Academy that he’d left four year ago, Dafydd had been a tall lanky figure, nothing to write home about. Now, after everyday physical training at Starfleet Academy he’d broadened out a bit, put on a bit of muscle here and there, and was considerably fitter. At least the height from his old self allowed him to see where he was going. Turning a corridor, he followed the commands the computer had given him and headed toward the Academy Attache’s office. There was plenty of time to spare but it would be good to know where he had to report. Ahead he could see a lieutenant security officer, chatting to a Cadet who he’d obviously directed to the door. As the lieutenant left, Dafydd finally made it to the door and gave the other Cadet a nod. “New hear too?” he enquired, wondering just how friendly or nervous the other cadets were. He offered a hand, “Cadet Rhys, Dafydd Rhyd.”
  2. Well I was hoping for a tactical post, somewhere near the helm. I played a brief wing commander/pilot, Ops and then command on the old station PBeM so I'd like to try something new this time. I loved playing my Klingon character but wanted to make something else unique about this one, rather than the race - hence the British/Welsh theme. Was looking for info on Britain in the Star Trek universe and its not covered much so will be interesting I hope. Came across info on the Royal Academy mapping stars for a long time so I figured my 32 year old character could have worked there, got his heart fixated on exploring the beauty of space, before joining Starfleet. I'm usually flexible but I suppose the idea of security doesn't really appeal to me - pretty easy to write guns ablazing stuff. Just off to play in a chess tournament today but hoping to write a bit when I get back (or quickly now before I go! lol).
  3. Shw mae Michael! I like the quote lol will have to put one for my character! Nice profile btw - made me feel old though lol When I joined my first PBeM I was the young one and now joining my second group I'm the one who's archaic lol
  4. Hi all! My names Hywel, am I the only person from the UK?! lol Thought I'd play a character from my home country of Wales :-) Did PBeM for about five or six years as a Klingon named Kaa T'Kora in a PBeM called Foothold. Thought I'd try something different and hopefully fly on a starship as my new character Dafydd Rhys :-)
  5. The seat had been a comfortable leather, cushioning and soft against his back; arrangements of a Federation shuttle that now carried Dafydd and several others toward Starbase 118. His years in the Royal Academy flooded back to him as the stars glimmered in the void, like the many sparkling diamonds he had gazed at in his youth. But it was the awesome expanse of the human made special architecture that made him take a sharp breath in. It was all so…awe inspiring. For a number of years he had lived in London, and that had been a shock to his system. Huge buildings whose sides were smooth to the touch and streets were kempt and faultless; a far cry from his home country. And yet his career and brought him ever more wondrous sights; San Francisco and Starfleet Headquarters; the massive flickering sight of the cruiser that had brought them here; and now this. The shuttle swept into an orbit, curving around the mushroom-like structure that floated in the vacuum of space. Hundreds of lights, the embellishment of warren of windows, shone on its surface as if it were some sort of hive. A hive of the Federation, thought Dafydd. Closer the trajectory took them, the might of its hull sweeping up before them, until the sheer size and magnitude of it could fully be realized. Structures such as this would always astonish him. “Lady’s and gentlemen we’re five minutes from docking so please can you buckle up and you can say hello to your destination.” His fingers clasped the belt and slotted it tight over his chest and he saw the others do the same. If the passengers were anything to go by then this base would be quite the mish mash of races; over there a Catian, surprisingly dressed in a Cadet uniform, over there a human in smart dress, obviously on some official business. There were actually a few cadets amongst them but that was to be expected; they were here to do their last few days of training. As his eyes returned to the window, he realized he could no longer make out anything except the metal expanse that dominated the view point. The shuttle engines slowed, a gradual, barely noticeable change, and then the vessel came to a halt. “Lady’s and gentlemen, welcome to Starbase 118.”
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