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  1. The loud bustle of the hew-mons and other species on this Federation Star base was music to Neg lobs. Not that they were all that big, in fact his moggie often called them human ears and his brother said that he couldn't hear a deal if it was broadcast over a loud speaker strapped to his head. But he as a Ferengi has managed to acquire exclusive rights to test and develop his device but he must first take the same voyage the federation cadets get when they graduate. So Neg walked out of the shuttle docking bay and took a good look around. “Neg of Ferenginar?” a voice bolted out. “I'm Jason, the Engineer assigned to help you while your on station.” Neg raised his device towards Jason and pushed a button, then brought it back down. Looked at the reading it gave, and smiled. “What was that about” Jason asked curiously “Rule of ACQUISITION # 208 Sometimes the only thing more dangerous than a question is an answer. Now take me to the promenade.” “But I was supposed to help you with your device in engineering before your cruise” Neg stopped, and sighed. Its bad enough that other Ferengi treat him like he is lob-less now this hew-mon is going to question him. “Do you know why I'm here jay-sawn of Federation?” “I was told that..” “You were told to help me with my device, there was no mention of going to engineering or any nonsense of that matter. Just to help me. Am I right?” Jason paused, looked away then replied “Yes sir this way” Neg couldn't believe his luck. Not only was he able to get this hew-mon to adjust his attitude, but he also had managed to convince the entire Federation High Command that his device was a profit-engine. Capable of selecting the best course of action in order to make the highest profits. Of course he told them it being a proprietary device he would not allow the Star-fleet engineers to analyze it. But when testing was finished he would allow them to purchase the design. The Federation all he had to do was never complete the device that didn't exist and he would have a free ride for as long as he could live. Or maybe he could sell them a fake, and get enough Gold Pressed Lanthanum to buy his own ship. Then every other Ferengi would know that Neg was the Ferengi who swindled the Federation. “Security to Ensign Jason” The Ensigns comm badge chirped “Go ahead” “Please bring our guest Neg and his Device to Security”
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