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  1. ::Will continued polishing his boots until they bore a perfect reflection. He could see his grin staring back at himself. Today was the first day of training for the cadet cruise; the final stage of Starfleet training, and he was psyched. He placed his boots down and stared forward out the view port. The stars seemed to shine brightly today, as if calling him to join them. For many years he had struggled through the academy, learning so many things that were completely foreign and new to him. His entrance to engineering courses had definitely challenged him, (to not only pass, but to n
  2. Thanks! Itching to get training!! ::polishes boots:: ::rubs through leather into the inside:: Will: aw. Crap.
  3. Yikes. Found the training section on the website.... LOADS of good info!! Thanks!!! Ill be reading and absorbing for the next few days until the academy starts!!
  4. I played / wrote in a pbem trek group before that was smaller. About ten or twelve of us omper ship. I think it was about 10-12 years ago, the USS Hood? Can't even remember... Since then I did some creative writing in a group format centres around a video game: X3 Reunion. Was fun, but my interest in the universe paled compared to trek, and I slowly ran out if ideas. It may have also been due to lack of direction control and such, but still fun while it lasted. I tend to write with a little bit of humor etc, as I'm a bit of a good in RL. Hope to join you guys when done training. Cheers.
  5. Hey. Also new. Reading stuff from various forums but hope there is a 'state of the galaxy' resource so we can catch up to this reality.
  6. Hey guys. My name is Trent, My characters name is Will Stead. I'm from Winnipeg, Canada,
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