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  1. Sir, we have arrived at Starbase 118... Cadet Bradon?! Somewhat sheepishly, Jeff Bradon woke from the knap he had apparently, unwittingly fallen in to. Oh thank you, I'm sorry, I must of dozed off, it's been a long trip from Earth, and all the layovers, I've never been able to sleep in a wait terminal. Jeff unlike most people had no issue sleeping in a moving vehicle, or for that matter anywhere else really. Jeff considered sleeping something of a past time, a lost art he was happy to try and reinvigorate. His mother and grandmother had always chided him for "sleeping until noon, wasting the day away!". In his mind it wasn't a waste, he was a bit of a night owl after all, a bit of a loaner, but one that didn't dislike people or social gatherings, he just preferred to observe humanity, well not just humanity, in this day and age there are huge numbers of things to be fascinated with and observe. Observation.. that is likely why he was ranked highly in sciences and engineering, observation and taking things apart, wonderful skills. Cadet Bradon disembarked the cramped but somewhat comfortable shuttle he and a few other Starfleet personnel had been on. Everything is getting smaller again he thought, we need b i g g e r.... stopping in mid-thought, Cadet Bradon stepped into the docking area of Starbase 118, mouth slightly ajar in awe of the site before him. A huge alumiplex window and half dozen amazing, graceful, Federation Starships suspended in it's huge docking facility... bigger, that is definitely bigger, finishing his broken thought!
  2. Hello all I am William Washburn and live in the Kansas City Missouri area, it's great to be here, hope we all have some fun!!! I work in the IT Industry supporting our wonderful gov't!!!
  3. Hi all new cadet here, noticed no one had posted here for several months and thought I might inquire as to any recent history that maybe useful for newbies - LOL!!! I had looked around but did not see anything relevant; though there is a lot to sift through. Anything would be useful!!! Have a wonderful weekend
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