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  1. I don't know if the iron will ever be hotter than it is right now. The sci-fi genre is trendy again with all of the Marvel/DC comics stuff going on and the Trek brand is back in play with the movies. This would seem like the ideal time for something to happen, but obviously it will have a lot to do with the quality of what Dorn brings to the table.
  2. Good points, Sky. Just because CBS doesn't want it I don't see that as a major deterrent. A new Trek show provides an instant fanbase that has revitalized market potential from the movies. NBC is desperate right now and ABC has been trying to land a sci-fi hit for a while since "LOST" went off the air. They might jump on it. Obviously SyFy would jump all over it if they can provide the budget to make it work ("Defiance" tell me they can). I could even see BBCA doing it based on the success of their TNG reruns. I doubt they'd really name it "Captain Worf" once it got greenlit. That's probably
  3. How have I not heard about this yet? Did we never discuss this on our forums? http://blogs.canoe.ca/rabbitears/television/star-trek-captain-worf-is-on-the-horizon/
  4. Not to sound like Captain Obvious here, but the amount of combat in your life seems to really be about what department you're in. Granted, a hostile situation doesn't always stay contained in Security and Tactical. However, if you select Engineering/Medical/Science as your fields then I think you'll be satisfied with the amount of non-combat work you get to do.
  5. I think it's accepted canon (according to Memory Alpha) that the El-Aurians from Generations were refugees from the Borg attack. I've always assumed that meant their homeworld was in the Delta Quadrant as the Borg were supposedly drawn to the Alpha Quadrant due to Q's transporting the Enterprise there in "Q Who," though the Borg were supposedly the ones who were attacking outposts in the earlier episode, "The Neutral Zone." It's funny trying to go back after the fact and add continuity to stuff that really wasn't written with that in mind.
  6. On a side note, the "Samuel Clemens" character in these episodes may be the most annoying thing ever portrayed on Star Trek.
  7. Okay, so I was watching the "Time's Arrow" two-parter this weekend and it had Guinan in the late 1800s of Earth. But if you remember in the "Generations" movie, she was on the ship full of El-Aurians escaping the assimilation of their homeworld by the Borg. That would have been about 500 years later. So are we to believe that the El-Aurians had the technological capacity to get all the way from the Delta Quadrant (assuming that's where their homeworld was) to Earth in the 1800s, and yet they've had an almost invisible presence in the outworking of the galaxy during that time? Seems kinda hinky
  8. The Borg is an awesome pick. You really can make a case for them for a variety of reasons. They were the centerpiece for one of the feature films ("First Contact"), were involved in multiple episodes of more than one series, and the "Best of Both Worlds" two=-parter is widely considered the best single episodes of any Trek series. Much like Kirk's feud with Kahn is the defining moment for that character, Picard's transformation to Locutus and his subsequent Borg issues was his biggest arc. Good call!
  9. We know Kirk recently traveled back in time to talk to Seth McFarlane. Maybe that's part of the new movie?
  10. Good ones! I don't know if I'd put either of them on Kahn/Q level in terms of defining roles, but they were great villains. Lore was great because, liked you said, it let Spiner show off. The guy I really felt bad about leaving out was Gul Dukat. He was such a huge part of DS9 but fluctuated so much in terms of good/bad/other. There were times where you were genuinely rooting for him, which I don't know was ever true for Q. Even when Q lost his powers you were more amused by him, but not supporting him.
  11. Kahn is a big topic again in Trek circles with the ongoing mystery about Benedict Cumberbatch's character in "Star Trek: Into Darkness." Some still hold on to the idea that he's playing a version of Kahn, while others dismiss it. Either way, the fervor makes it clear that Kahn perhaps the most important villain in Trek history. Similarly impactful, in my opinion, was Q. Like Kahn's rivalry with Jim Kirk, Q's relationship with Picard was the defining thread of that series and even provided the bookends to TNG's premiere and finale. He even showed up in cameos for DS9 and Voyager, easily making
  12. I think setting the show after the destruction of Romulus could be interesting, though still preserving the timeline and events from the original canon. It would be the perfect backdrop to pit the Federation against the Klingons in a massive "land grab" situation, with plenty of involvement from the nearby Ferengi as well. You could then have exploration into the deep parts of the Beta Quadrant, which is relatively untapped in Trek lore. I'd really like to see a non-Terran captain for the first time. I think that would have a good trickle-down effect of fully integrating the alien species o
  13. If you were coming up with the next ST tv series cast, what would you want to see? What sort of captain & first officer dynamic would you create? Who would be the Data/Odo character? What sort of side characters (e.g. Guinan, Quark, Neelix) would you want? Is there a particular part of the galaxy you'd place them in, with heavy involvement from any particular races (like the Cardassians on DS9)? Here's a big question; would Romulus be destroyed as per the JJ Abrams film or would you not include that in your show? You could also put the show during the nine year span between Voygaer's
  14. Welcome from one Al-Leyan to another :D

  15. True, but the idea here is that everything was the same up until Nero showed up and disrupted time. So if that's the point of change, there's still a lot that should remain untouched. The general causality of most of the events from TOS and the first six movies shouldn't have been affected much. That is, of course, if we're going to treat it as realistically and literally as possible.
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