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  1. No actual timechange and yet I'm mysteriously hit by jet lag...

  2. "Oh of course honey, Quebec Flag Day is totally an event worth celebrating", said I totally sincerely, without an emotional gun to my head.

  3. Thank you so much! The post is entirely reflection and Verana's thoughts to introduce her as a very cerebral character used to thinking and acting than talking. She's isolated and very much defined by what she thinks, does and looks like versus what she vocalizes. She's eccentric and vibrant but because of the wariness a great many feel around her once learning she is in fact not human but Deltan, she has resigned herself to silence though jumps at the chance to talk to someone and this exuberance can also be off-putting, further limiting her social interactions.
  4. From this vantage point in one of the dozens if not hundreds of lounge spaces aboard Starbase 118 Verana could see everything she could have ever imagined an instillation like this to be like. The massive internal spacedock housed several Starfleet ships undergoing repairs, upgrades, or simple shoreleave for their respective crews. To some extent the vessels resembled birds, with the hull as the body, and those beautiful, wondrous nacelles the wings that allowed the bird not only to fly, but to soar. Just a few hundred years ago on both Earth and Delta IV, faster than light travel seemed impossible, completely outside normal physics. But thanks to a few individuals not limited by linear thought and what couldn't be, decided to overcome the laws of physics to create something that could be. The fact that Verana was standing here on a deep space instillation dozens of light-years from her homeworld proved that they were right, that life could overcome the most challenging obstacles to evolve and endure. Verana was somewhat fascinated by humans. She had spent most of the last nine, nearly ten years around them and was always surprised by their actions. They had the capacity to commit the most barbaric acts against even their own people but yet they had been the ones to unify this area of space under a common banner. One of Verana's two fathers had often railed against human hegemony over the other races (Or what he perceived to be domination anyway) but if humans were dominating other species, Verana admired the way they did it. Spreading mutual understanding and acceptance versus mere toleration of differences was either the most insidious plan ever devised in the pursuit of interstellar domination or the most beautiful way to bring about utopia on this plane of existence. The Federation may have its faults, but at least they were willing to talk those defects out and evolve, there was no room for caution and conservatism in a society that is constantly evolving and changing if one liked it or not. What was odd that despite looking human, Verana didn't feel at home among them, she was Deltan and she knew if, even if others didn't right away, after all she did have a long flow of hair atop her head, ever changing color to suit her impulses. The hair was a symbol for Verana, it served as a reminder to the mystery of the identity of one of her father's mothers (Thanks to a then revolutionary procedure, Verana's genetic material came from her two fathers without a female to supply an egg, well an egg was supplied but it's genetic material was wiped and tailored with the DNA/RNA of one of her fathers) and how it set her apart from other Deltans. What was worse, was that Verana's co-paternal grandmother's genome was unknown to Starfleet, and it was determined within her first month at the Academy that various recessive traits from this species lay unexpressed within her genome, so Verana's hair and her presumed inheritance of her father's extended lifespan were the only two things that linked Verana to a mysterious ancestress. So for an intents and purposes, Verana was outwardly human, though the majority of her biological traits were Deltan thankfully. She possessed the incredibly potent pheromones of her species that increased her psionic abilities to a state where a member of another species physically... connecting with Verana might go insane should they separate, their minds unable to fully process the collection of telepathy, empathy, smells and sensations that accompanied Deltan... connections...That was the final nail in the coffin for Verana's sense of isolation and distance from those around her. Unable to connect through sex or communicate telepathically (Well not without some risk to the other person) Verana was limited to simple auditory, vocal and written communication. Inefficient and unlike the way she was raised to connect with those around her on Delta IV. Verana's life was far from depressing however, she had friends, though she was now distanced from most of them and would be forced to make new ones wherever she was assigned after graduation. She had her work as a resident and paid computer geek in the service of the Federation, and she delighted in the simplistic way humans and most other species interacted socially. No extreme intimacy or passion was involved in simple gatherings of friends or colleagues, and to Verana, this made things both easier and more comfortable both for her and those she worked with. After all humans were rather resigned in their sexuality for the most part, to Deltans, propositioning another was like asking the time of day... It was only through these long thought processes and meditations that Verana realized how over sexualized her people must seem to the rest of the galaxy. Perhaps it was nice that she couldn't be readily identified as a Deltan and be subjected to constant prodding on her past and present... connections, and through the wonders of not so modern medical science, the strong aroma of Deltan pheromones had been muted when individuals left their homeworld. Though by the sight of a gathering collective of men around her perhaps the dosage of the chemical inhibitor might need to be amped from now on... ------ Name: Verana Efeildi Tridalii Species: Deltan Hybrid (3/4 Deltan, 1/4 Unknown) Hair: Changes constantly, 'Natural Hair Color' on official documents has varied too Eyes: Blue (Most of the time anyway...) Height: 6'0'' Weight: 135 LBS Date of Birth: Stardate 236505.25 A woman of many talents and just as many eccentricities, Verana is a gifted Deltan mathematician and computer scientist currently going through her final weeks of Starfleet Academy.
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