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  1. Haha! Thanks for sharing! My daughter loves this movie, too.
  2. (( USS Tiger-A: Transport Docking Bay )) Harley: BAWROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :: Harley the Basset hound was not happy. He had been contained in a Starfleet-issue kennel for small- to medium-sized mammals and was waiting for someone--anyone--to come back and play or feed him or SOMETHING. Despite his notoriety as an Olympic-class sleeper, he was not in the least bit tired. He hadn't seen Master in what seemed like an eternity (but had really just been the better part of a couple of days, since dogs can't tell time). :: Harley: ROOOOOOOOOOO ROO ROO ROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! oO If I make lots of nois
  3. ((Ship’s Counsellor’s Office, USS Tiger-A, night after the Pirate Adventure)) ::Jorey sat across from the counsellor and looked around the room. He was so embarassed from what had happened in the Tiger’s Den. He had never lost his mind before and had no idea what any of it meant. He felt fine now. He felt like himself and that nothing was wrong with him.:: Jorey: Counsellor, I must first apologize for my bizarre behaviour in the Tiger’s Den. I should have sought you out as soon as I knew that something was wrong. ::Jorey looked up at Zinna and smirked.:: A man’s pride can be both his biggest
  4. (( Banquet Halls, Twilight's Edge, DS17 )) :: Sitting at a table with fellow ensigns such as Jorey and Malik, Zerxes was ready for this event to be over. Dinner had come and gone and he'd avoided conversation as much as possible. There were few on this ship that he yet knew, and even fewer that he trusted. So far, his time on the Tiger had been mostly negative. :: :: By nature, Al-Leyans were a suspicious people. It bordered on paranoia at times. They were fiercely loyal once it was earned, but there was little in between the two extremes. In the weeks since Bilire IV Zerxes had not been ask
  5. Loving the whole Firefly/Serenity shout there. That would be an interesting twist. These are all fabulous ideas. I would love to see the Trek world move on, with diverse characters and fresh ways of looking at the universe. While I appreciate revisiting old characters, I think a fresh crew with a non-Terran Captain would be awesome.
  6. ((Bilire IV)) ::Mnheia opened her eyes and then turned and coughed before closing them again. The pains she was suffering was beyond comprehension, but she no longer fought to keep it at bay as she eagerly awaited death.:: ::A heart condition in adolescence kept her from attaining the education level that her peers had attained. Falling drastically behind scholastically, left her at the mercy of the Romulan social security net that was set in place. One that was very porous as most Romulan finances went to the military. Mnheia was a cost to society. A lost cause to her people, a drain on the R
  7. ((Deck 7 -- Holodeck 3)) ::Atimen kept his head down, eyes focused on his PADD. He was trying to find just the right set of catastrophes to prepare for, and had just settled on the one that caused him to wind up in sickbay during the last war: a hostile incursion. The door slid open and Atimen simply walked in, the ring of metal against stone causing him to look up. There was someone standing in a kimono, a bright ribbon of blood on the snow by them.:: Mannin: Wha... ::Her knees gave out and she fell to the ground in a heap, ending up on her side in the snow, still conscious but obviously in s
  8. ((Conference Room 1, USS Tiger-A)) ::The Fleet Captain left the conference room before everyone had cleared out of the room. She headed to her ready room to drop off the PADD she was carrying. She looked over at the cat bed by the door and it was of course empty. She hadn't seen Andy since before they had been caught in the temporal displacement wave. Shaking her head she exited the room, walked across the bridge like she was in a daze and entered the turbolift. When the doors closed she leaned heavily against the wall, her face holding a reflective and melancholy expression.:: ::It hadn't bee
  9. Or even unrequited love? Or even a twisted sense of romance? I may consider writing something but I have to get myself back in the game. I haven't wrote anything, really, in years, ha!
  10. I just graduated training. My character Aribelle Tagren is a Physician and an El-Aurian/Human hybrid that has issues (but don't we all, lol). She has just been assigned to the USS Tiger-A. She looks to be in her twenties, but because of her background, she is much older. Her entry into Starfleet is really her "second beginning", as she calls it. A do over.
  11. Momma had always been proud of me. Her loving embrace, her warmth kept me going through the years. It was my second beginning. My life as a Starfleet Officer. I knew what it meant but didn't really get it until I saw the Starbase in person for the first time. How the stars dazzled light off it's sleek surface. How it made me feel... happy and sick at the same time. Poppa would have been proud of me, too. It is sad that he would never make it to see me get this far. He was a Starfleet officer, too, but got sick and was never the same. He passed away twenty years ago. For the longest time I have
  12. I joined because I love to write, to tell a story and I love the scifi/fantasy genre.
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