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  1. I just graduated training. My character Aribelle Tagren is a Physician and an El-Aurian/Human hybrid that has issues (but don't we all, lol). She has just been assigned to the USS Tiger-A. She looks to be in her twenties, but because of her background, she is much older. Her entry into Starfleet is really her "second beginning", as she calls it. A do over.
  2. Momma had always been proud of me. Her loving embrace, her warmth kept me going through the years. It was my second beginning. My life as a Starfleet Officer. I knew what it meant but didn't really get it until I saw the Starbase in person for the first time. How the stars dazzled light off it's sleek surface. How it made me feel... happy and sick at the same time. Poppa would have been proud of me, too. It is sad that he would never make it to see me get this far. He was a Starfleet officer, too, but got sick and was never the same. He passed away twenty years ago. For the longest time I have resented that but things and time have shown me otherwise. He watches over me, though. I can feel it. I don't speculate, I know. Momma said it too. They were never married but had a connection like no other. I am an only child, a product of their on again and off again romance during his and her travels. Years at the Academy. Years of Medical School. My Residency. My MD. It has all come to this point. My research. My hard work. My second beginning. This is it. I'm ready. Aribelle Tagren Hair: Auburn, long, loose curls Eyes: Hazel Height: 5'5" Weight: 120 lbs. Date of Birth: Classified Species: El-Aurian/Human
  3. I joined because I love to write, to tell a story and I love the scifi/fantasy genre.
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