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  1. Hi Rob and Kaeli! I also live in eastern TN! Welcome to the group! I hope you like it here as much as I do! -Mel aka Cmdr Sarah Mason
  2. Welcome!! I love the details you've worked into Savan. I, too, play a Vulcan that's not a standard Vulcan (she is 1/4 Betazoid) and it's really fun to incorporate the struggle of emotions versus logic. I'm excited that you found our community and I hope you enjoy it here!!
  3. Thanks for sharing that! Mine didn't automatically change and I love the stars.
  4. You'll find that there are actually a decent amount of players here who do not speak English as their first language, so don't worry. Your English is great! (Certainly better than when I attempt to write German!!) I hope you enjoy yourself. No need to be nervous, the academy will train you on all the basics that you'll need to succeed here. If you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask your trainers. They'll help you out!
  5. Welcome, Collin! I hope you like it here!! Have fun in Training.. you never know what will happen. During mine we encountered a mist that was actually an Intelligent life form!!!
  6. Welcome! When I think working at a museum, all I can think of is Night at the Museum Anyway, happy to have you here! I hope you enjoy your time in the Academy!
  7. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your training!
  8. Welcome, Joey! The Academy will show you everything you need to know about posting with us, so don't worry! We have a very diverse group of people here from all over as well. I really hope you like it here! Enjoy your stay!!
  9. Welcome!! I hope you like it here and good luck in training!! In the meantime, like others said, feel free to check out our Chat Room. There's usually someone hanging out there
  10. The Prometheus puzzle will be solved...

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