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  1. Hi Alia, it looks like you just joined. Are you starting training on Monday? If so, we're in the same class :) -T'Mar

  2. Hello, everyone. Yet another UK resident here, haha. My name is Chelsea, and I have been simming on and off for the past 6 years or so. In real life I'm 22 years old, poor, indebted and undecided, so you probably don't wanna be friends with me, lol. I don't have a steady job right now, but am seriously considering going to Uni for an engineering degree - I might have finally found my real passion after all...for the 4th or 5th time in the last year. Not much more to talk about really. I'm terrible at introductions. In any case, hoping to have some good fun with you all.
  3. Alia’s large brown eyes stared out at the massive structure that laid before the shuttlecraft as it prepared to dock. It was a true testimony to Starfleet’s geniosity - and power - that such a thing could be built and sustain hundreds of thousands of lives from hundreds of different species for an almost indefinite period of time, given proper maintenance was done on routine basis. She smiled for a second, thinking that she was lucky enough to be a part of such an organization. Indeed, she had to leave her home, family and friends behind, but it was a small price to pay to be at the forefront of space exploration. After four years of coursework the time was coming for he final test before she’d receive that coveted golden pip. She wasn’t particularly nervous, to be honest. She knew that she was ready, and, even if she weren’t, there was nothing she could do to change that right now, so she just enjoyed the ride as the craft maneuvered into the station. As she walked off into the station she realized how huge the place actually was. It was so large, in fact, that one could hardly believe it to be a self-contained station floating in space. In fact, chances were it was probably larger than the city she grew up in, back in Delta IV. She still had plenty of time before she was supposed to report for her training, so she decided she would explore the place a little, after all there was a chance she would call that place home for the next year or so, if she got herself a posting there. Alia spent her four years at the Academy hoping for a starship posting, thinking it would be her best chance to study the secrets and mysteries of the universe, but she wouldn’t mind having a starbase posting either, with access to even better science facilities. As a Deltan, Alia was used to drawing attention from other species. This time it was no different, and she could almost feel the dozens of eyes turned to herself as she cruised carefree through the Commercial sector of the station, stopping every now and then to check out an interesting store. She had a particular thing for crafts and other rare trinkets that one could easily find in any commercial hub across the galaxy. She had plenty of small souvenirs herself, most of which given to her by her uncle, which worked in the dilithium mining industry and always ended up travelling to far flung and exotic places. After a good hour of window shopping, the young cadet found herself a computer terminal and sent a quick message to her parents back home, to update them on her situation. Despite the distance, she liked to keep in touch with and, in as much as the distance and her duties allowed, be part of her family’s life. Her final stop was a small Terran coffee shop in the Promenade. Ever since she first tasted it, during Academy leave on Earth, she fell in love with the variety of flavors that one could find in Terran coffee. Humans had always been very creative with their food, it seemed. She absolutely loved how much food differed from one region to another, and those differences made eating human food an interesting and surprising experience she tried to enjoy as often as possible. She ordered herself a cup of vanilla-flavored iced coffee and sat at one of the many tables, watching as people went by, carrying out their businesses. After finishing her coffee, she stood up and headed out, as her report time came close. She was ready for Starfleet, or at least, as ready as she would ever be.
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