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  1. I dunno if I could make the choice off just which crew alone. Honestly if it was favorite crew I'd pick TOS just because favorite crew (though if I had half a chance with McCoy? It be the new movies version) But if we are taking into account, tech and stuff? I'd very happily go with with any other crew that had a holodeck and replicators . . . except Voyager because I don't think I could handle being lost in space. Actually I know I wouldn't be able to handle it.
  2. I dunno why, but this didn't only just seem a clever thing to say, but it struck me as funny too.
  3. Taybrim: =/\= The bomb onboard is enough to destroy the Starbase unless we get it outside the primary shielding. Even with the Starbase’s shields, Major tr’Khellian notes we need to get it at least two AUs away from the base to ensure the safety of those onboard. =/\= I know I'm giving away my dark secret of reading too much fanfiction here. But when I read the at least two AUs away from the base? I started picturing our group in various Alternate Universes. XD So this quote get's an honorable mention because it made me picture us all in a high school sitting - the Japaneses Anime kind. God h
  4. The fanciful part of Sal’s imagination wondered if one stared into those wide, dead eyes, would one be able to see the person who committed this crime reflected in the dying stare? Lt. Commander Sal Taybrim *Waits a beat* WE GOING STRAIGHT TO THE WILD WILD WEST!
  5. When I mentioned this to my wife, saying it was Richard's quote, her first question was, "Reed Richards?" Still, this was awesome! (And potentially confirms Latveria in the SB118 Universe!) Your wife is awesome for getting the Doom joke and the awesome racks up like 20 notches at the Reed Richards part cause. Haha! Awesome.
  6. Epic moments in the new Star Trek movies eh? Right off the bat I vote for Sulu in the captain's chair! Cause that was an epic moment of badassary right there. After that there's quite a few action packed scenes that I find it hard to pick from. Surprisingly tho my next pick isn't really one of the fast paced ones. It's when Kirk meets old Spock and all us fanboys get to see 'real Spock' or 'Spock Prime' or whatever you call him. Cause come on! Old Spock is awesome!
  7. Pooka . . . I wonder who's going to get that? And is it bad that someone makes allusion to alien rabbits and that's what I think? I'm a grownup I swear.
  8. It was dark, it was cold, and he could not move. No, that wasn't exactly right. He could feel a tight and constricting presence, some sort of binding. However, there was a slight give to it, he could indeed move about, just not very far. His panic subsided as this fact sunk in. It had all but abated when his memories of what had happened to him began to come back. Slowly, piece by garbled piece, the events leading up to his being stuck in the ice became clear. His name was Richard, he was a science officer, part of Starfleet, and he was- Wait, was that really ice covering him on all sides? No,
  9. Oh boy, set back relax and smoke 'em if you got them ladies and gents. it's review time! So, starting with the things I liked: the acting and visuals. The costumes were pretty neat (Oh god the Klingons, the Klingons!) Didn't like them being in all gray all the time. I do appreciate how they had multiple uniforms for different purposes. That is how it works in the military, so point there. My OTP is alive and going strong and a random secondary ship that I blame a very talented fic writer for even had a throw away line in the movie. Completely unintentional but hey shippers will latch on to an
  10. Now I really can't wait for May 15th. Stupid trailers!
  11. “You’ve been sort of married once. What’s it like?” “You, married? Why is it I’m only hearing about this now? Spill!” Your friends had dragged you out with them to a local bar. It isn’t big or fancy; it isn’t a little dive either. But it never draws the attention of other cadets and it has yet to be graced by the presence of any teacher or Starfleet officer. So you all like it well enough, even on karaoke night, it’s your place to escape and unwind or just get [...] faced. The décor is ancient when compared to some of the newer bars and clubs in town and so much more human too. You're not agai
  12. Hello everyone! The name's Matt and I'm from St. John's. I've done some role playing before, never for Star Trek, this is a first, but it's been a lot of fantasy stuff so I'm not totally out of my element here. I actually found out about this site from a video on youtube and decided to give it a try. Getting back into rping and all that you see? I've been a fan of Star Trek since I was little and use to watch the show with my dad. I feel the need to point out that these where re-runs and not during original broadcasting. Currently I work at a local restaurant but am planning on going back to
  13. And his friends had called him silly for insisting on bringing a pair of sunglasses with him. Richard glanced up, but not directly at, the simulated sun. There was no cloud cover today and as Richard sat outside the small café, sipping on a coke and munching his bagel, he could almost forget that he was on a star base. Yup any minute now Jess would be raising him over the com, probably forgot his data pad somewhere and needing to borrow his. Except he wouldn’t be, because this was Star Base 118 and he wasn’t here for some way out there field trip. This was it, the Cadet Cruise, and while Richa
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