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  1. ((Passenger shuttle)) ::Laura stared out of the window watching as the starbase grew slowly bigger. She was on a small routine transport from Earth with about 30 other passengers.:: oO One more test and my career can finally start. Oo ::Five years ago, Laura was 24 and living in a small flat on Earth working as a repair engineer. Now she was proudly wearing a Star Fleet uniform soon to graduate. It had been a long hard struggle and she nearly left the academy a couple of times.:: ::At 24 she had flickering with the idea of joining the academy for a while, but hearing the news of her sister pregnancy was the final push she needed. She could see her expected future laid out in front of her: house, marriage and kids and she didn't want it. She'd always been impulsive, doing an apprenticeship at 18 instead of going to university as expected and now she set her mind to it she was going to join the academy. Over the next year she trained and studied and finally she was accepted.:: ::But at the academy she had found it hard, practically she was quite talented but she struggled with all the study (she'd been out of school for 7 years) and all the rules, she missed her freedom. But somehow she had managed to stick at with a bit of encouragement from her peers and tutors.:: ::The shuttle rocked as it landed. She looked up at the clock at the front of the vessel, she still had a few hours to kill before she was due to report in. She could head to her quarters and rest but she'd slept on the shuttle and now was wide a wake. So she decided that maybe a walk and drink somewhere nice unfortunate nothing alcoholic with the impending test. She could party later.:: Laura Baxter Cadet Starbase 118
  2. Amy was being shepherded of the transport ship by the crowd of people her mind elsewhere. Before she had left Earth she had gone back to visit her parents. She was reliving those finally moments; as she stepped onto transporter pad, the look of fear on her mothers face and tears dripping down her face as her father hugged her. She played the scene over and over in her mind. “You don’t have to go,” she’d said. “I do,” Amy had responded she did want to have this argument again. “There are other ways to explore the galaxy” “I know, but this is what I want” It was the same old argument every since she’d said she wanted to join the academy at the age of 15. She wanted to see other places than this small town, this planet that she’d spent all her life. Her parents’ particularly her mother didn’t understand her desire and really didn’t understand her desire to do it through Starfleet. She shook of the thought she was 22, outside the solar system and about to start her first training mission why did she care what her parent’s thought. She’d made it, all that hard work had paid off and she was here. She was ready to serve, ready to explore, ready to see what the galaxy had to hold. Or so she thought, she was young and naïve, not aware of the dark reality of the galaxy outside Earth and that small town where she had been raised.
  3. Hello, my name is Louise. I live in the UK. I am currently a university student but start a job in software test development in September. I have been a fan of Star Trek since a young age. I did some simming many years ago when I was at high school and wanted to give it another try. I searched Google and looked at a few websites, but yours looked the most impressive.
  4. Welcome to Starbase 118!

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