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  1. The cargo ship arrived to the Starbase 118 port in the scheduled time, as always, giving me about three free hours until I have to present myself to the holodeck for briefing. Of course, I knew that beforehand so I called an old friend of mine who was working in the Promenade as some kind of client manager for the local companies. It took me less than 20 minutes to reach the meeting point and only five seconds to spot her, sitting in a table in one of the restaurants of the area, always messing around with her hand held device, touching the screen and talking to the air. As I approach to the table she notices me and with a wide smile in her face she gets up and hugs me. “Aaron! It's been so long!” Said her in a soft voice. The truth is that it's been almost two years since the last time I saw her, in a shore leave during the academy, and she was still as beautiful as always. “Oh my, Aaron! You have changed a lot since the last time we meet!” Yeah, I was barely 21 years old when I went to the academy and now, four years later, here I am, ready to take the next step in the military career. Between hugs and nice words we sat down and as she turns to call for the waiter, I grab her hand held device and try to discover something about that technology. As Sandra notices it she laughs softly. “What are you trying to do?” I look back at her. “How does this work?” I reply. She stretches her arm and I give her the device. “Still technologically impaired, do you?” Said Sandra with a smile. The truth be said, I've never been any good with the computers. She spent the next minutes trying to teach me how that, for me, magic device worked, but as always, I didn't understood anything. “See, here you can configure the interface... Are you even listening to me?” Said Sandra. “Sorry, I'm trying, I swear, but I just can't understand!” Both of us laughed. After some seconds of silence she looked at the hand held device and asked me how much time do I had before having to left again. “About two hours” She got up and whispered something to my ear, but I just understood room and near. Enough to know what she wanted. She payed the drinks and gently pushed me outside the bar and trough the wide streets to a near modest hotel. Once we were in the room she tossed me onto the bed. “I'm going to make sure you don't forget about me” Said Sandra taking of her clothes. What happened there is for me and Sandra only. “[...]! I'm late!” I dressed my self as fast as I could and rushed out of the room. I checked my pockets, [...]! Where is the... “Aaron! Here.” From inside the room she trowed at me my Id's. As I was running trough the hallways of the hotel Sandra could be heard yelling from the door of the room. “Don't take two years to come back again!” I ran as fast as I could, and luckily, made it in time to the holodeck in time, and with everything I needed to continue my journey. Catching my breath again a image of Sandra appeared in my mind, and a unconscious smile was drawn in my face. Aaron Riley Sanderson /---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Character summary Name: Aaron Riley Sanderson Race: Human, Male Height: 180 cm Weight: 79 kg Young and brave, of unbreakable will and courage. Known as “Tritsteel”, his methods are usually reckless and excessive, but he gets the things done and always respects the chain of command. His inability with computers and high end technologies caused him some troubles in the past, but nothing he wasn't able to solve with, and I quote: “Enough explosives” Extremely good working with people, his leadership skills appear to noticeably affect the people around him. Contrary to what the people may think, he is a very logical person, he will never refuse a fight, but he will know when to retreat and he will accept a defeat as a way to improve his skills, so he will not repeat the same mistakes again.
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